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Elections against fear

Sunday, 2 august 2015 | ARA
ARA   01-08-2015   SALVADOR CARDÚS   On Monday, Artur Mas, the 129th president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, will sign a decree calling the elections on 27 September. Despite following the standard procedure so as to afford them full democratic guarantees, everyone knows that these elections are the last resort available for the people of Catalonia to express, as clearly as possible, what kind of relationship they want with Spain. As such, the vote will be akin to a plebiscite, from a political point of view, and this is understood as much by those who are in favor of independence as by those who --in an even more radical way-- oppose it. [+]

Fiscalité: la Catalogne affirme sa volonté d'indépendance

Sunday, 2 august 2015 | Le Depeche
LE DEPECHE 30-07-2015 Le président de la Catalogne, Artur Mas a présenté lundi dernier un modèle de fisc propre à sa région. Ce modèle pourrait voir le jour en cas de déclaration d'indépendance. On le croyait étouffé par les récents échecs. Malgré l'opposition de Madrid au référendum sans validité légale sur l'indépendance, organisé le 9 novembre dernier, la Catalogne est loin d'abandonner ses envies de se détacher de l'Espagne. [+]

National security

Saturday, 1 august 2015 | ARA
ARA 28-07-2015 CARLES BOIX Last week the Spanish legislature’s constitutional commission approved --with the backing of the PP and the PSOE-- the national security bill put forward by the Spanish government. Considering the two fundamental consequences that stem from this text --a further step backwards in terms of civil liberties and, above all, a lethal blow to the system of political decentralization in Spain-- it is surprising to see the media silence and lukewarm criticism with which it has been met. [+]

El escritor Suso del Toro exhorta con sarcasmo al Gobierno español a encarcelar a los catalanes que votaron el 9-N:

Tuesday, 28 july 2015 |
«Este bombardeo de descalificaciones contra esos malos vecinos ya nos tiene derrotados también a los demás habitantes de este democrático Estado. ¡Aplíquenles la Ley Mordaza, métanlos presos y acaben de una vez

Sweden and Australia to be models for Catalonia's own Treasury

Tuesday, 28 july 2015
"This is the most serious attempt to build our own Treasury in the last 300 years", stressed Mas.
"We are ready after two years of work" to launch and Catalans should not waste "this great opportunity", he stressed.
"Without our own Treasury, there is no real self-government", the Catalan President stated.

The 27-S Yes ticket: what we know and what unknowns remain

Sunday, 26 july 2015 | ARA
The broad-based candidacy has already picked candidates for Barcelona (Raül Romeva), Girona (Lluís Llach), and Tarragona (Germà Bel)

Barcelona é multado após torcida exibir bandeiras pela independência da Catalunha

Friday, 24 july 2015 | HOJE EM DIE
HOJE EM DIE   23-07-2015 O Barcelona terá de pagar 30 mil euros (R$ 108 mil) para a Uefa pelo fato de que seus torcedores exibiram bandeiras pedindo a independência da Catalunha na final da Liga dos Campeões diante da Juventus, realizada no mês passado, em Berlim, na Alemanha.

A entidade que controla o futebol europeu anunciou a decisão em seu site nesta quinta-feira (23) seguindo o seu código disciplinar, que proíbe uso de "gestos, palavras, objetos e qualquer coisas que tentem transmitir qualquer mensagem que não combine com o evento esportivo, particularmente, mensagens políticas, ideológicas, religiosas, ofensivas e de natureza provocativa". [+]

Guardiolas Tanz auf zwei Hochzeiten

Friday, 24 july 2015 | DIE WELT
DIE WELT   23-07-2015   FLORIAN HAUPT   Jetzt ist Pep Guardiola also endgültig ein Politikum. Selbstgewollt, daran besteht kein Zweifel. Er kandidiert ja aus freien Stücken bei den Wahlen zum katalanischen Regionalparlament Ende September. Zwar nur auf dem letzten Platz der gemeinsamen Liste aller sezessionistischen Gruppierungen, die das Votum zu einer Abstimmung über die Unabhängigkeit von Spanien erklärt haben. Guardiola ist aussichtslos auf ein Mandat. [+]

La Catalogne est prête à sortir du tête-à-tête malheureux avec Madrid...

Thursday, 23 july 2015 | SPUTNIK NEWS
Le spectre d'indépendance hante à nouveau l'Europe. Les Catalans se sont dit prêts à aller jusqu'à la proclamation unilatérale de sécession si le gouvernement de Madrid bloque la campagne de la séparation de la Catalogne du reste de l'Espagne. [+]

Calcio, Elezioni Catalogna: Guardiola conferma candidatura

Thursday, 23 july 2015 | REPUBBLICA.IT 23-07-2015 "Tutto cio' che facciamo nella nostra vita e' sempre politica. Perche' non posso difendere la mia opinione?". Con queste parole Pep Guardiola conferma che fara' parte della lista unica dei candidati (il suo sara' comunque l'ultimo nome nell'elenco) che verra' presentata dai due principali partiti catalani, Convergenza Democratica e Sinistra Repubblicana, alle elezioni del prossimo 27 settembre. "Quanta piu' gente andra' a votare meglio sara' per la Catalogna, per la Spagna e per l'Europa - aggiunge il tecnico del Bayern Monaco -. [+]

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Monday, 15.6.2015 23:45

Spain's new old politics

The latest reports from Spain have tended to focus on two newcomers to the political scene, Podemos and Ciudadanos, and their challenge to the comfortable status quo that the Socialist PSOE and the rightist ... [+]

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