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For some, Catalonia crackdown evokes memories of the dark days of Spain’s dictatorship

Sunday, 12 november 2017 | THE WASHINGTON POST
THE WASHINGTON POST   By Michael Birnbaum November 9, 2017       BARCELONA — As Spanish leaders and Catalonia's separatists battle over the fate of the would-be breakaway region, a shadow from the past is looming over the conflict: Francisco Franco, the dictator who held his nation in an iron grip from 1939 to well into the 1970s. With Catalan leaders exiled and locked behind bars, Catalan media outlets under threat and national police using truncheons to break up last month's independence referendum, many here in Catalonia say that their repressive history is making an ugly return. [+]

Crise politique en Catalogne: la honte!

Sunday, 12 november 2017 | rtbf
Photo: Jules Gheude - © RTBF [+]

Catalogna: l’insostenibile follia dello status quo

Sunday, 12 november 2017 |     08-11-2017.-    Alessandro Sahebi   Cinismo e pugno di ferro. La ricetta di Mariano Rajoy per la Catalogna sembrerebbe, agli occhi di un osservatore esterno, avere avuto i suoi effetti: l'incarcerazione di sette ministri e la ritirata strategica di Carles Puigdemont in Belgio appaiono infatti ai più come il tramonto di una vicenda che per qualche giorno ha tenuto con il fiato sospeso l'intera Europa e i suoi assetti. Ciò nonostante la strategia del governo centrale spagnolo tutto può rivelarsi fuorché il frutto di un abile ingegno diplomatico e quella che sul campo di battaglia sembrerebbe poter essere letta come una travolgente vittoria potrebbe trasformarsi, in poco meno di due mesi, in un temibile autogol. [+]

Carles Puigdemont: This is not just about Catalonia. This is about democracy itself

Sunday, 12 november 2017 | THE GUARDIAN
Spain has imposed a political agenda that goes against the will of the majority of Catalans. We will defend our rights to the end

La Catalogne, rempart de la démocratie contre l’extrême droite

Sunday, 12 november 2017 | LE DEVOIR
LE DEVOIR     07-11-2017.-   Conseiller spécial de Jean-François Lisée     Dans son discours prononcé récemment à Bruxelles, Carles Puigdemont demandait à l’Europe d’intervenir devant la répression de la Catalogne, affirmant que « tolérer la violence de l’extrême droite, c’est rompre avec l’idée de l’Europe, une erreur que tous les Européens paieront cher ». [+]

The EU and Catalonia: A non-epic tale of hypocrisy, hand-wringing, and getting it wrong

Monday, 6 november 2017 | COUNTERFIRE
EU policy combines un-masterly inactivity with bias towards Madrid and contempt for international law

Image: Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission. Photo: Flickr/Euranet Plus

Carles Puigdemont à Bruxelles: une stratégie bien pensée

Sunday, 5 november 2017 | LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR
En s’enfuyant de Barcelone à Bruxelles, le président catalan a fait un coup dont il espère qu'il permettra d'aboutir à une indépendance pacifique.

Upholding the Rule of Law in the European Union

Sunday, 5 november 2017 | OpenDemocracy
An open letter concerning the upholding of the Rule of Law in the European Union, co-signed by 188 scholars, politicians, public intellectuals and members of the European Parliament and sent on November 3, 2017.

Catalogne: Défendre l’État de droit dans l’Union européenne

Sunday, 5 november 2017 | MEDIAPART
Dans une lettre ouverte au président de la Commission européenne Jean-Claude Juncker et au président du Conseil européen Donald Tusk, plus de 190 universitaires, politiques, intellectuels et élus européens et américains s'inquiètent de la situation politique et du laisser-faire européen, face à « la façon dont les autorités espagnoles ont répondu aux demandes d’indépendance exprimées par une partie significative de la population de Catalogne », qui constitue selon eux « une violation de l’État de droit ».

Catalonia Will Not Retreat

Friday, 3 november 2017 | NEW YORK TIMES
NYT   By ORIOL JUNQUERAS NOVEMBER 1, 2017   BARCELONA — The proclamation of independence by the Catalan Republic last week was a historic milestone. It demonstrated that the Catalan government, with the support of the public, has one priority — freedom for a people who are being prohibited from deciding their future. It didn’t seem to matter to the Spanish government, though, that most Catalans wanted a peaceful, democratic vote to establish their independence. [+]

quadre Editorial

Sunday, 17.9.2017 20:15

One last chance for Spain in Catalonia

Any doubts about the Catalans´continued resolve to have a say in their collective future should have been dispelled by the September 11 demonstration in Barcelona. Year after year hundreds ... [+]

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