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A reply to Alex Salmond

Friday, 9 october 2015 | ARA
If we follow Salmond's advice and 'calm souch' until Spain gets around to behaving democratically and allowing a negotiated referendum, there won't be anything left of Catalonia to self-determin

The Catalan people have spoken. Will the Spanish government listen?

Wednesday, 7 october 2015 | THE GUARDIAN
THE GUARDIAN   05-10-2015.-    ARTUR MAS On 27 September Catalonia’s voters went to the polls and with a record 77.4% turnout gave a win in every single electoral district to the political forces whose campaign promise was, if elected, that they would follow a “roadmap” towards Catalan independence from Spain. Pro-independence lists obtained 48% of the votes and 72 seats out of 135, whereas unionist lists got 39% of the votes and 52 seats. These plebiscitary elections were the only way possible to give the Catalan people the vote on the political future they have long called for, after the Spanish government’s longstanding refusal to allow an independence referendum. [+]

Die Unabhängigkeit Kataloniens aus deutscher Sicht. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin am 8. Oktober 2015

Tuesday, 6 october 2015

Der Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT) organisiert, zusammen mit dem Katalanisch-Lektorat des Instituts für Romanistik der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, und mit der Unterstützung der ANC Deutschland sowie der Druckerei und Verlag Hille, die Debatte „Die Unabhängigkeit Kataloniens: eine deutsche Sichtweise“ am 8. Oktober 2015 um 18.30 Uhr im Auditorium des Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrums (Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 1/3, 10117 Berlin).


18:30 Uhr  – Begrüßung
- Anna Betlem Borrull, Dozentin für Katalanisch, Institut für Romanistik, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
- Trini Juncosa, Vorsitzende ANC-Deutschland
Vorstellung „Die Übersetzung der Unabhängigkeit“ Wie die Katalanen es erklären, wie wir es verstehen
- Krystyna Schreiber, Autorin und freie Journalistin
18:50 Uhr – Die aktuelle Situation in Katalonien
- Kai-Olaf Lang, Senior Fellow, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik Berlin (SWP)
- Klaus-Jürgen Nagel, Professor für Politikwissenschaften, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
- Albert Royo, Generalsekretär, Public Diplomacy Counsil of Catalonia
- Tilbert Dídac Stegmann, Professor für Romanistik, Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main
19:50 Uhr – Debatte mit Fragen aus dem Publikum


Artur Mas before Spanish judicial leadership: "Politicized Justice diminishes the quality of democracy"

Tuesday, 6 october 2015 | ARA
During the opening session of the 58th annual meeting of the International Association of Judges (IAJ) the Catalan president warned that "any partisan use of Justice could diminish its democratic sustenance anywhere in the world".

MEPs ask for “dialogue” rather than “legal procedures” to deal with Catalonia’s push for independence

Tuesday, 6 october 2015 | ACN
   CNA (Catalan News Agency) .- 02-10-2015.- SARA PRIM Social Democrat, Conservative and Reformist, Liberal, Green and Eurosceptic Members of the European Parliament have lamented President Mas’ summons announced this week and urged “European solutions” to the situation. Conservative MEP Ian Duncan, who was invited as an international observer to the 9-N symbolic consultation, considered “illogical and irrational” the Spanish government’s attitude regarding Catalonia’s push for independence and defined the 9-N as “an attempt to be democratic”. [+]

Growing separatist challenge to Spain

Sunday, 4 october 2015 | POLITICO
Why holding a referendum on Catalonian independence would be the best way to solve the constitutional crisis.

Alex Salmond to Catalonians: Keep Calm and Carry On

Saturday, 3 october 2015 | BLOOMBERG
BLOOMBERG   29-09-2015.-   ALEX SALMOND   I do not know if Artur Mas, the President of Catalonia, deliberately chose the eclipse of the supermoon as the day on which to hold the most important election in Catalonia's democratic history. Traditionally a portent of historic things to come, the fact that the eclipsed moon bore a striking resemblance to the colours in the Catalan flag made it all the more powerfully symbolic. At any rate, Catalonia did not disappoint with its historic vote, delivering a clear majority for the independence coalition of Junts pel Sí ("Together for Yes") alliance and their allies in the radical left CUP. [+]

Independencia y revolución

Saturday, 3 october 2015 | PALINURO
PALINURO   28-09-2015   RAMÓN COTARELO   La participación ha sido la más alta de la historia en elecciones autonómicas. Somos libres de interpretar el hecho como queramos, pero no de obviarlo. Han sido de más de 10 puntos respecto a las de 2012 y veinte respecto a las de 2010. O sea, el interés aumenta y quienes recriminaban a Mas que tuviera al personal aburrido con la papeleta en la mano, encizañaban con mala fe. Sí, es verdad, tres elecciones autonómicas en cinco años y, sin embargo, el interés popular crece porque todos saben que en ellas se juegan mucho. [+]

Catalonia, Scotland and the fluid concept of democracy

Saturday, 3 october 2015 | OPEN DEMOCRACY
Unlike Scotland, Catalonia has not been given the chance to have a definitive say on its independence. Does this further the cause for secessionists?

Catalunha 27-S

Friday, 2 october 2015 | PUBLICO
É importante que a Catalunha possa decidir o seu futuro.

quadre Editorial

Sunday, 20.9.2015 21:00

A new kind of rally on September 11 – and a new kind of vote on September 27

On September 11, hundreds of thousands again took to the streets of Barcelona in what has become a yearly ritual of peaceful national affirmation and democratic resolve. The Catalans' persistent ... [+]

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