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Raül Romeva: W Katalonii chodzi o demokrację

Sunday, 23 october 2016
Istotna część katalońskiego społeczeństwa doszła do wniosku, że aby rozwijać państwo opiekuńcze, zachować spójność społeczną i utrzymać swoją tożsamość kulturową w całej jej różnorodności, potrzebuje swojego własnego państwa. Doszła do wniosku, że obecne państwo hiszpańskie nie gwarantuje realizowania jej obywatelskich i demokratycznych celów.

Madrid court rules against Catalonia bull-fighting ban

Saturday, 22 october 2016 | FINANCIAL TIMES
FINANCIAL TIMES   20-10-2016.-   By TOBIAS BUCK   Spain’s constitutional court has lifted a six-year-old ban on bull-fighting in Catalonia, sparking an angry backlash in the region and opening a sensitive new front in the escalating conflict between Madrid and the secession-minded Catalan government.   In a ruling published on Thursday, the court said that Catalonia’s regional parliament lacked the competency to impose a bull-fighting ban. It pointed out that Spanish law defines the traditional corrida as part of the country’s “national heritage” which meant it fell under the competency of the central government in Madrid. [+]

Why one American wants Catalonia to be Europe’s new nation

Saturday, 22 october 2016 | PRIs The World
Foto: Liz Castro presents her book "Many Grains of Sand" at Barcelona’s Institute for Catalan Studies, on Sept. 12, 2016.

Let's go ahead. For democracy, for our institutions, and in support to Carme Forcadell today we gather at the Catalan Parliament a 19h.

Thursday, 20 october 2016
Let's go ahead. For democracy, for our institutions, and in support to Carme Forcadell today we gather at the Catalan Parliament a 19h. [+]

"La Catalogne votera sur son indépendance"

Wednesday, 19 october 2016 | LA TRIBUNE
Carles Puigdemont, président de la Generalitat (gouvernement) de Catalogne, de passage à Paris, explique à La Tribune sa stratégie pour parvenir à un référendum d'autodétermination, affirme sa volonté de négocier avec l'Espagne et se montre convaincu du "réalisme européen".

(Par Propos recueillis par ROMARIC GODIN)


Catalunha: trata-se de democracia

Wednesday, 19 october 2016 | DIARIO DE NOTÍCIAS
Ministro dos Negócios Estrangeiros, Relações Institucionais e Transparência do Governo da Catalunha [+]

Quel avenir pour la Catalogne? Rencontre avec Carles Puigdemont, Président de la Catalogne

Monday, 17 october 2016 | SciencesPo
SciencesPo: 17/10 | 19h15-21h00
Amphithéâtre Jacques Chapsal, Bâtiment A


És bruta i és mediàtica

Sunday, 16 october 2016 | NÚVOL
La «guerra bruta» contra l’independentisme és una guerra informativa, comunicativa i mediàtica que té per objectiu destruir la reputació i la credibilitat de l’enemic. Un article d’opinió del periodista Francesc-Marc Álvaro dins la seva secció de «Mals pensaments», al número d’octubre de «Serra d’Or».

«Мы — отдельный народ!». Почему Каталония мечтает о независимости?

Tuesday, 11 october 2016
Нежелание Мадрида слышать мнение народа только пополняет ряды непримиримых сторонников независимости Каталонии.

Фото: Филипп V. 

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Sunday, 20.9.2015 21:00

A new kind of rally on September 11 – and a new kind of vote on September 27

On September 11, hundreds of thousands again took to the streets of Barcelona in what has become a yearly ritual of peaceful national affirmation and democratic resolve. The Catalans' persistent ... [+]

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