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Mas prepares for early vote in Catalonia boosted by polls

Friday, 21 november 2014 | Bloomberg
By Esteban Duarte 21 November 2014     Catalan President Artur Mas is shaping up for an early regional election targeting independence from Spain within two years. Mas is setting up an ad-hoc platform to bring together pro-independence voters across the ideological spectrum, said Josep Rull, the secretary for Convergencia Democratica de Catalunya, one of the two parties that comprises Catalonia’s ruling CiU coalition. That broad support would allow him to call an early election regardless of whether he can persuade separatist rival Oriol Junqueras to sign up to a joint ticket. [+]

Prosecutors in Spain to charge Catalonian leader Mas

Wednesday, 19 november 2014 | BBC News
Spanish prosecutors are to file criminal charges against Catalan President Artur Mas in response to a 9 November unofficial independence vote. The non-binding vote went ahead despite fierce opposition by the Spanish government and a ruling by Spain's constitutional court. Catalan officials say more than 80% of those who voted backed independence. Charges will also be laid against Mr Mas's deputy, Joana Ortega, and Catalan Education Minister Irene Rigau. The three politicians face accusations ranging from disobedience and perverting the course of justice to misuse of public funds. [+]

Una consulta illegalmente legittima

Tuesday, 18 november 2014 |
di Andrea Geniola  10 novembre 2014 "Cuando más de dos millones de personas señalan la Luna, el tonto mira a Artur Mas." Mentre cercavo un titolo da dare a queste righe, un caro amico e collega ha postato queste parole su Facebook, in castigliano perché gli spagnoli le capiscano. All’istante vi ho trovato fotografata la situazione attuale e parte del nocciolo della questione. Il problema delle interpretazioni sulla questione catalana che popolano la rete (in italiano) non è quello delle risposte o interpretazioni che si offrono bensì quello delle domande che si formulano. [+]

Quebec and Scotland said no to secession, but Catalonia is still going to try

Monday, 17 november 2014 | Bloomberg
  Ben Sills, Esteban Duarte Novembre 13, 2014    "Like Quebec, like Scotland, Catalonia also wants to decide its political future,” the Spanish region’s secessionist president, Artur Mas, said after about 1.9 million of his compatriots turned out to vote yes to independence in a nonbinding ballot on Nov. 9. Never mind that both Quebec and Scotland decided to stay in their respective unions with Canada and Britain when they were given the chance to leave. [+]

Catalonia’s push for independence

Monday, 17 november 2014 | ABC Radio National (Australia)
Keri Phillips 12 November 2014   In Barcelona the government of Catalonia—one of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities—planned an independence referendum for November 9. Although Spain’s Constitutional Court declared it illegal, the non-binding poll went ahead, with 80 per cent of voters reportedly backing independence. How did Catalonia become part of Spain in the first place? The full story dates back to 711, when Arabs and Berbers from North Africa invaded the Iberian Peninsula. [+]

Catalunya 9N

Saturday, 15 november 2014 | Público
Pedro Miguel Cardoso Observador do 9N, investigador na área das Alterações Climáticas e Políticas de Desenvolvimento Sustentável na Universidade de Lisboa e mestre em Ciência Política e Relações Internacionais pela FCSH-UNL   Nove de Novembro de 2014. A consulta alternativa ou “processo participativo” sobre a independência avançou mesmo na Catalunha, apesar da suspensão decretada pelo Tribunal Constitucional espanhol, das incertezas relacionadas com a actuação da “Fiscalía” e algumas tentativas de boicote. [+]

Catalogna: Podemos? (Radio3 Mondo)

Saturday, 15 november 2014 | RAI Radio3
Link del sito del programma radiofonico di Rai Radio3 Mondo, in cui si può ascoltare, in pop-up, il programma  Catalogna: Podemos? Quale futuro per la Spagna? Lunedì  10 novembre  alle 11.00  Luigi Spinola ne ha parlato con Elena Marisol Brandolini giornalista, vive a Barcellona, autrice di “Morire di non lavoro. La crisi nella percezione soggettiva” edizioni Ediesse e Andrea Nicastro, inviato del Corriere della Sera. Domenica 9 novembre le urne catalane si sono aperte perché i cittadini con più di 16 anni potessero esprimere la propria opinione sull’indipendenza della Catalogna. [+]

The people of Catalonia have voted. Let democracy take its course (Artur Mas)

Friday, 14 november 2014 | The Guardian
ARTUR MAS, Catalonia’s regional President 12 November 2014   On Sunday, 2,305,290 people voted at 1,317 polling stations across Catalonia, in addition to 13,573 Catalans who voted worldwide. This was a similar turnout to May’s European elections. A cross-party international delegation of observers, which included members of different European and national parliaments, stated that the vote was “conducted successfully in challenging circumstances” and they emphasised the calm that dominated every aspect of the vote. [+]

Mario Vargas Llosa, a Threat to Liberalism

Thursday, 13 november 2014 | Joan Ramon Resina
Joan Ramon Resina   -   Stanford University   On November 7, two days before the unofficial referendum on Catalonia’s future was scheduled to take place, the New York Times published an op-ed article titled “A Threat to Spanish Democracy” signed by Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, Núria Amat, and Mario Vargas Llosa. The timing was chosen to counter the impression on U.S. opinion of a people going to the polls despite its government’s interdiction. [+]

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Wednesday, 23.7.2014 10:30

The clock keeps ticking in Catalonia

With less than four months to go until November 9th, the scheduled date for a referendum on independence in Catalonia, those advocating for a negotiated solution – the so-called "third way" ... [+]

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