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È la festa di San Giorgio: rose e libri invadono Barcellona

Saturday, 25 april 2015 | Corriere della Sera
Nel giorno di Sant Jordi (San Giorgio) i catalani in tutte le città e paesi si scambiano libri e rose nel nome dell’amore: li comprano per i partner, i figli, i genitori.
Per Barcellona è una giornata speciale.


Spain’s Ominous Gag Law

Thursday, 23 april 2015 | New York Times
International New York Times   By THE EDITORIAL BOARD  APRIL 22, 2015   On April 10, a group called No Somos Delito or We Are Not a Crime, projected a hologram of protesting marchers filing in front of the Parliament building in Madrid. For the time being, virtual protests in the form of holograms are not illegal in Spain. Incredibly, however, almost every other kind of peaceful protest soon will be if a new law goes into effect as scheduled on July 1. The law on public security — dubbed the “ley mordaza” or “gag law” — would define public protest by actual persons in front of Parliament and other government buildings as a “disturbance of public safety” punishable by a fine of 30,000 euros. [+]

Catalonia exports its #BooksAndRoses tradition to the world

Wednesday, 22 april 2015 | DIPLOCAT
Catalonia’s Sant Jordi (Saint George) Day on 23 April is a unique festivity in the entire world and it is associated to certain universal values, symbolised in books and roses, which make it specially attractive. That is the reason why the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT) wishes to increase its international impact.

La Catalogna del “dopo Consulta” III

Tuesday, 21 april 2015 |
Andrea Geniola prosegue l’analisi sulla situazione catalana dopo il referendum informale del 9 novembre 2014.
L’autore è dottore di ricerca in Filosofie e Teorie Sociali  [+]

Three months to plan for the zero hour (towards the plebiscite elections on September 27th)

Sunday, 19 april 2015 | ARA
ARA   (15-04-2015)   ROGER MATEOS   "Everything will be ready for the disconnection; all that we will need to do is push a button." On February 27, three days after being named Commissioner for the National Transition by the Catalan government, Carles Viver Pi-Sunyer used these words to summarize his mission leading up to the September 27th elections (27-S). In the last few weeks, Viver Pi-Sunyer has met with Department heads of the Generalitat to coordinate the development of basic state structures, with the aim of advancing work if the result of the plebiscite ratifies the course towards independence. [+]

Catalonia's leaders plan secession from Spain

Friday, 17 april 2015 | PRI Public Radio International
The leaders of Catalonia, the autonomous region in northeastern Spain that includes Barcelona, have announced that they will put in place a roadmap to secession and independence if pro-independence parties win an upcoming referendum in September.  [+]

Homs: Fernández Díaz “jeopardises” State security when he tries to link Catalan separatism with Jihadism

Wednesday, 15 april 2015 | ARA
Catalan government spokesman Francesc Homs described the minister’s conduct as “hardly responsible” and “reckless” for suggesting a link between the Fundació Nous Catalans and islamic terror, a move which --according to Homs-- “goes against the State’s own interests”

Spanish Home Secretary Fernández Díaz is a stain on the history of democracy

Wednesday, 15 april 2015 | ARA
To suggest a link between Catalonia’s independence movement and Jihadism sets a new low in demagogy and malice [+]

Catalan Leader Hopes EU Will Convince Spain to Discuss Split

Friday, 10 april 2015 | BLOOMBERG
Catalan President Artur Mas said he will begin the process of separating from Spain if pro-secession parties win a majority in the Sept. 27 elections, even though the Spanish government calls any such moves illegal. [+]

Mas is back in the US after the sabotage of his last visit

Tuesday, 7 april 2015 | VILAWEB
VILAWEB   06-04-2015   The president of the Catalan government, Artur Mas, is traveling to the US for the third time since being elected, to explain Catalonia’s secession push and to promote cooperation between Catalonia and the US. Given the success of his previous diplomatic travels to the US, the announcement of this trip has stirred unease among those responsible for Spain’s foreign policy. Mas will visit New York, where he will give a lecture at Columbia University titled ‘Catalonia at the Crossroads’, discussing both the steps toward independence that have been taken following the 9-N unofficial vote on secession, and the significance of the 27 September parliamentary elections in Catalonia. [+]

quadre Editorial

Wednesday, 23.7.2014 10:30

The clock keeps ticking in Catalonia

With less than four months to go until November 9th, the scheduled date for a referendum on independence in Catalonia, those advocating for a negotiated solution – the so-called "third way" ... [+]

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