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Estado policial, ya está siendo

Monday, 19 march 2018 |
No se trata de un gobierno arbitrario y ladrón, que lo es, sino de un Estado que, además de corrupto, se basa en la inmoralidad y en el poder de la fuerza

Foto: Agentes de la Policía Nacional durante el 1-O. ROBERT BONET

Spanish anti-terror law has 'chilling effect' on satire, says Amnesty International

Monday, 19 march 2018 | THE GUARDIAN
Charity urges repeal of article 578, which they say has restricted freedom of expression

PHOTO: Cassandra Vera

Burning King’s Picture Is Free Speech, European Court Warns Spain

Sunday, 18 march 2018 | NEW YORK TIMES
Enric Stern, left, and Jaume Roura during their trial in Madrid in 2007. Spain fined them for insulting the monarchy, but a European Union court overturned that verdict on Tuesday.

IMAGE:  Fernando Alvarado/Reuters

Spain: Counter-terror law used to crush satire and creative expression online

Saturday, 17 march 2018 | AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL   13 March 2018   An exponential increase in the number of people falling foul of a draconian law banning the “glorification of terrorism” or “humiliating victims of terrorism” is part of a sustained attack on freedom of expression in Spain, a new report from Amnesty International has found. Tweet…if you dare: How counter-terrorism laws restrict freedom of expression in Spain reveals that scores of ordinary social media users as well as musicians, journalists and even puppeteers have been prosecuted on grounds of national security. [+]

Opinie op zondag: 'Catalanen verdienen onze steun, boycot Spanje'

Saturday, 17 march 2018 | VOLSKRANT
Prikkelende opinies op een dag dat u er tijd voor heeft: de Volkskrant presenteert elke zondag een bijdrage van een vaste club auteurs. Later vandaag historicus Geerten Waling, nu eerst classica Rosa van Gool.


Catalogna. Gli indipendentisti ancora in carcere. La Spagna torna al Franchismo?

Friday, 16 march 2018 | FARO DI ROMA
FARO DI ROMA 10-03-2018 Mario Castellano   Le ultime notizie dalla Catalogna riferiscono che neanche la sessione del Parlamento della Generalità programmata per lunedì prossimo eleggerà il nuovo Presidente, destinato a succedere a Puigdemont. E’ tuttavia importante considerare la candidatura avanzata dalla maggioranza indipendentista: si tratta di Jordi Sanchez, capo di uno dei due movimenti sorti nella società civile che, affiancando i Partiti favorevoli all’autodeterminazione, sono stati protagonisti della mobilitazione popolare culminata nel referendum dello scorso 1 dicembre. [+]

Exiled Catalan minister calls for support

Friday, 16 march 2018 | BBC News
A former Catalan minister who has returned to Scotland after fleeing Spain said "all democratic governments" should condemn the imprisonment of her former colleagues.

Exiled Catalan government minister moves to Scotland after fleeing rebellion and sedition charges in Spain

Friday, 16 march 2018 | INDEPENDENT
Clara Ponsati faces arrest if she returns to Spain following last year’s illegal independence referendum

The way we are

Friday, 16 march 2018 | CATALONIA TODAY
PHOTO: Lluís Romero. Arxiu

quadre Editorial

Sunday, 17.9.2017 20:15

One last chance for Spain in Catalonia

Any doubts about the Catalans´continued resolve to have a say in their collective future should have been dispelled by the September 11 demonstration in Barcelona. Year after year hundreds ... [+]

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