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Catalonia is an inclusive country, a civic republic

Monday, 11 june 2018 | EUobserver
euobserver 6. JUN, 2018   By JORDI SOLÉ Recent allegations have tried to paint the broad Catalan pro-independence movement as one with racist and xenophobic undertones, comparing it with far-right populist movements that remind us of a different era. 

 Thankfully, in Catalonia this kind of identity politics was overcome decades ago by those in favour of building an independent Catalan Republic. Catalonia has historically been, and still is to this day, a land where different cultures have met, mixed, and lived together. [+]

Clara Ponsatí accuses Spain of illegal vendetta against Catalan nationalists

Sunday, 10 june 2018 | THE GUARDIAN
Academic tells SNP conference Catalan independence referendum was entirely legal

Fatale Signale vom neuen spanischen Regierungschef an Katalonien

Saturday, 9 june 2018 | TELEPOLIS
Pedro Sánchez erklärt, "Konsens gegen Zuspitzung" setzen zu wollen, doch mit dem Fortbestand spanischer Finanzkontrolle und Borrell als Minister, der Katalonien "desinfizieren" will, wird das Gegenteil gezeigt

Mariano Rajoy, ou le syndrome autoritariste de la droite espagnole

Saturday, 9 june 2018 | LE FIGARO
Marc Crapez reproche à l'ancien chef du gouvernement espagnol, destitué vendredi par une motion de censure des parlementaires, sa gestion très rigide de la crise catalane.

Marc Crapez est chercheur en science politique associé à Sophiapol (Paris X). Il est l'auteur des Antagonismes Français (éd. du Cerf, 2017).

A Matter of Time

Tuesday, 22 may 2018 | LA VANGUARDIA
Published in "LA VANGUARDIA" on 20th April 2018. By FERRAN REQUEJO When judges meddle in politics, they distort semantics, forget “the spirit of the laws” and display their ignorance. When judges meddle in politics they become bad judges and even worse politicians. It is said that there is “a lack of politics” in Spain, but there is also an excess of judges practising it. While the Llarena affair is by no means unique, it does exemplify the myriad structural problems that characterize the Spanish political system. [+]

Tiempo al tiempo

Tuesday, 22 may 2018 | LA VANGUARDIA
LA VANGUARDIA 20-04-2018.-   Por FERRAN REQUEJO   Cuando los jueces hacen política, estrujan la semántica, olvidan “el espíritu de las leyes” y muestran sus ignorancias. Cuando los jueces hacen política, se convierten en malos jueces y pésimos políticos. “Falta política”, se dice, pero también sobran jueces haciéndola. El caso Llarena no supone una seta aislada. Más bien ejemplariza el bosque de problemas estructurales del sistema político español. [+]

Violences lors du référendum en Catalogne: l'ONG Amnesty International accuse le parquet d'entraver les enquêtes

Saturday, 19 may 2018 | LINDÉPENDANT
Amnesty International a accusé jeudi le parquet espagnol d'entraver les enquêtes sur les violences policières présumées lors du référendum d'autodétermination interdit du 1er octobre en Catalogne.

Why Are So Many Democracies Breaking Down?

Monday, 14 may 2018 | NEW YORK TIMES
NEW YORK TIMES May 8, 2018   By Michael Albertus and Victor Menaldo   Italy, Poland, Hungary and even Spain: European democracy is in shambles. Critical threats to democracy have also surfaced in countries like Turkey, Brazil and the Philippines. Under President Trump’s “America First” orientation, leaders with authoritarian tendencies in places as disparate as Egypt, Honduras, Russia and Venezuela have trampled their political opponents without concern for anything more harmful than a tongue lashing from the United States. [+]

INDIPENDENTISMO E LIBERTÀ D’ESPRESSIONE. Spagna: una questione di giustizia irrisolta e multiforme

Sunday, 13 may 2018 | AFFARI INTERNAZIONALI
AFFARI INTERNAZIONALI 3 Maggio 2018   ELENA MARISOL BRANDOLINI   Da alcuni mesi, in Spagna la giustizia occupa la scena mediatica. È successo con la vicenda catalana, in cui il ricorso ai tribunali e alla legalità ha sostituito la politica fin dal principio. Poi si è compreso che si trattava solo della punta dell’iceberg e quello che c’era sotto è venuto a galla un po’ alla volta. Si è visto allora che la giustizia spagnola presenta vari problemi. [+]

Anna Gabriel, retirada

Sunday, 13 may 2018 | LIBÉRATION
Féministe et anticapitaliste, la militante catalane indépendantiste a dû s’exiler en Suisse pour continuer la lutte.

quadre Editorial

Sunday, 17.9.2017 20:15

One last chance for Spain in Catalonia

Any doubts about the Catalans´continued resolve to have a say in their collective future should have been dispelled by the September 11 demonstration in Barcelona. Year after year hundreds ... [+]

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