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Letter from Estremera prison: “We can’t trust Madrid to oversee Catalonia’s election — the EU must step in”

Sunday, 3 december 2017
The people’s votes must not just be counted. They must count, argues Oriol Junqueras from Estremera prison, in Madrid.

"L'Espagne viole des droits humains, mais Juncker et le CD&V ferment les yeux"

Sunday, 3 december 2017 | LÉCHO
Paul Bekaert, l’avocat de Carles Puigdemont, plaidera le "procès politique"

Portugals Position im Katalonien-Konflikt: Solidarität vom Nachbarn?

Sunday, 3 december 2017
Portugiesen und Katalanen teilen einen entscheidenden Moment in der Geschichte der iberischen Halbinsel: Den Aufstand gegen Madrid im Jahr 1640. Mit dem Unterschied, dass Portugal damals wieder unabhängig wurde und Katalonien im spanischen Königreich verblieb. Die Portugiesen sind deshalb gespalten, wenn es um eine Unabhängigkeit Kataloniens geht.

Viele geschichtsbewusste Portugiesen wissen um die gemeinsame politische Erfahrung mit den Katalanen aus dem 17. Jahrhundert. (dpa/Kiko Huesca)

PEN International concerned about deteriorating climate for freedom of expression in Catalonia

Sunday, 26 november 2017 | IFEX25
IFEX.ORG   23-11-2017   Pen International   PEN International is extremely concerned about increasing restrictions on the right to freedom of expression and opinion in Catalonia during and following the referendum on independence of 1 October 2017. As the upcoming regional election on 21 December draws near, the organisation is particularly alarmed by reports of unprecedented levels of harassment and violence against journalists.   "For any election to be free and fair, it is vital and self-evident that journalists should be able to work without harassment, intimidation, and undue interference, so that they can operate freely, talk to anyone they want, and write what they wish. [+]

Indépendance ou pas: la Catalogne a mauvaise presse

Sunday, 26 november 2017 | ENBATA INFO
Pour beaucoup d’observateurs, le processus d’indépendance catalan révèle un décalage flagrant entre le traitement journalistique et les faits tels qu’ils se déroulent réellement. Inexactitudes, commentaires paniqués et contrevérités d’autant plus regrettables qu’en se positionnant contre l’indépendance catalane, les rédactions françaises défendent aveuglement la royauté et l’autoritarisme de la droite espagnole. 

Sezession muss möglich sein

Sunday, 26 november 2017 | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Katalonien, Schottland, Belgien, der Brexit: Ein Sezessions-Beben erschüttert die Europäische Union. Denn je zentralistischer ein Herrschaftsgebilde wird, desto stärker werden die Fliehkräfte.

For some, Catalonia crackdown evokes memories of the dark days of Spain’s dictatorship

Sunday, 12 november 2017 | THE WASHINGTON POST
THE WASHINGTON POST   By Michael Birnbaum November 9, 2017       BARCELONA — As Spanish leaders and Catalonia's separatists battle over the fate of the would-be breakaway region, a shadow from the past is looming over the conflict: Francisco Franco, the dictator who held his nation in an iron grip from 1939 to well into the 1970s. With Catalan leaders exiled and locked behind bars, Catalan media outlets under threat and national police using truncheons to break up last month's independence referendum, many here in Catalonia say that their repressive history is making an ugly return. [+]

Crise politique en Catalogne: la honte!

Sunday, 12 november 2017 | rtbf
Photo: Jules Gheude - © RTBF [+]

Catalogna: l’insostenibile follia dello status quo

Sunday, 12 november 2017 |     08-11-2017.-    Alessandro Sahebi   Cinismo e pugno di ferro. La ricetta di Mariano Rajoy per la Catalogna sembrerebbe, agli occhi di un osservatore esterno, avere avuto i suoi effetti: l'incarcerazione di sette ministri e la ritirata strategica di Carles Puigdemont in Belgio appaiono infatti ai più come il tramonto di una vicenda che per qualche giorno ha tenuto con il fiato sospeso l'intera Europa e i suoi assetti. Ciò nonostante la strategia del governo centrale spagnolo tutto può rivelarsi fuorché il frutto di un abile ingegno diplomatico e quella che sul campo di battaglia sembrerebbe poter essere letta come una travolgente vittoria potrebbe trasformarsi, in poco meno di due mesi, in un temibile autogol. [+]

Carles Puigdemont: This is not just about Catalonia. This is about democracy itself

Sunday, 12 november 2017 | THE GUARDIAN
Spain has imposed a political agenda that goes against the will of the majority of Catalans. We will defend our rights to the end

quadre Editorial

Sunday, 17.9.2017 20:15

One last chance for Spain in Catalonia

Any doubts about the Catalans´continued resolve to have a say in their collective future should have been dispelled by the September 11 demonstration in Barcelona. Year after year hundreds ... [+]

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