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Que visca Dinamarca!

Friday, 22 may 2015 | L1Dex
L’1dex ( 20-05-2015 STEPHANE RIAND Le droit à l’autodétermination demandé par les Catalans s’invite dans le Parlement danois, qui demande à  l’Espagne d’initier un dialogue avec la Catalogne. L’Assemblée Nationale Catalane danoise a réussi à convaincre les députés danois de se pencher sur la question catalane. L’appel au débat a été initié par le député du parti Endhedslisten (Alliance rouge et verte), Nicolaj Villumsen, par le biais de la question suivante: «Comment le gouvernement danois demandera que soit respecté le droit des peuples à l’autodétermination, considérant la large majorité du Parlement catalan, de la société catalane et du gouvernement catalan, qui veulent que soit organisé un référendum sur l’indépendance?». [+]

Danish Parliament passes motion supporting democratic solution for Catalonia

Wednesday, 20 may 2015
VILAWEB 19-05-2015 The majority of the Danish parliament and its government is in favor of supporting a democratic dialogue between Catalonia and Spain. Six out of the eight parties that form the chamber have shown their support in finding a solution for the independence of Catalonia. 64 members of the Danish parliament voted for the motion and 41 abstained. Any member voted against the motion. The question was debated last Tuesday in a 45 minute debate, all of the parties took a stance about the Catalan case as a result of the question posed by the left wing Enhedslisten Party (The Red and Green Alliance). [+]

Fernández Díaz, irresponsible

Saturday, 16 may 2015 | ARA
ARA   EDITORIAL (14-05-2015)   There is an adjective that defines Spain’s Home Secretary Jorge Fernández Díaz with absolute clarity: irresponsible. One must be extremely vigilant when it comes to Islamic terrorism. You cannot play good cop/bad cop; you cannot drag the requisite cooperation between police forces down to the political battlefield; you cannot plant the seed of doubt among the public when the efficacy of the police is at stake; you cannot make security subservient to your political agenda; again, such blatantly partisan policies are simply unacceptable. [+]

Denmark asks for a democratic and peaceful solution through dialogue between Catalonia and Spain

Thursday, 14 may 2015 | DIPLOCAT
First debate on the right of self-determination of Catalonia in a European Parliament [+]

The Need for Necessity

Monday, 11 may 2015 | ARA
ARA   08-05-2015   LIZ CASTRO     Often, when people find out I'm American, they say "Wow, I'd love to learn how to speak English, I've been taking classes for years but I still can't get by." They look at me and my kids with envy since we learned English naturally, without classes. I always give the same answer: to learn a language, you have go where it's spoken so that you NEED to speak it. There's nothing like having someone right in front of you hanging on your every word. [+]

Barcelona ist für Schweizer viel wichtiger als Madrid

Sunday, 10 may 2015 | HANDELS ZEITUNG
HANDELS zeitung   05.05.2015 INTERVIEW VON  GABRIEL KNUPFER [Foto: Jordi Milian] Die katalanische Regierung unterhält eine eigene Vertretung in Frankreich und der Schweiz. Was ist Ihre Funktion? MARTÍ ANGLADA*: Unser Ziel ist die Förderung der katalanischen Wirtschaft und Kultur. Wir wollen auf allen Ebenen den Austausch zwischen der Schweiz und Katalonien vorantreiben. Unsere Vertretung ist vergleichbar mit einer Botschaft. Und Sie sind gewissermassen der Botschafter von Katalonien?
 Genau. [+]

Convegno Internazionale di Catalanistica a Sassari ed Alghero

Thursday, 7 may 2015 | LA VOCE DI ALGHERO
LA VOCE DI ALGHERO   06-05-2015 Il Dipartimento di Scienze Umanistiche e Sociali (DUMAS) dell’Università di Sassari, in collaborazione con l’Institució de les Lletres Catalanes, il CERii, l’Espai Llull de l’Alguer, l’AISC e l’Ateneu Alguerès, si fa promotore di un importante incontro internazionale nell’ambito della catalanistica.   Le giornate dell’8 e del 9 maggio, infatti, saranno dedicate ad incontri volti ad analizzare l’importanza della letteratura catalana e le connessioni stabilite, nel corso dei secoli, con quella italiana. [+]

Wert, the ignorant minister

Thursday, 7 may 2015 | ARA
ARA 06-05-2015 CARLES CAPDEVILA Here we go again. Minister of Education, Culture and Sport José Ignacio Wert, the "hispanicizer" of Catalan children (1), strikes back and now wants to require, by law, that schools inform all parents about their right to request Spanish-medium teaching for their children in Catalonia. Wert, the provoker. Wert, the agitator. Wert, the enemy of peaceful co-existence. Wert, the minister for ignorance. Wert, the man who hopes to be remembered for creating a conflict in schools where none existed. [+]

Every possible impediment

Wednesday, 6 may 2015 | ARA
The excellent electoral prospects that all the polls and surveys suggest are causing Albert Rivera and his party, Ciudadanos, to become overly confident. Only this could explain why yesterday MP Carina Mejías, candidate for mayor of Barcelona, dared to announce that her party "will strive to use every possible impediment" to stop the pro-independence demonstration next 11 September on Barcelona’s Avinguda Meridiana. [+]

O l’indipendenza oppure Rivera che fa da Berlusconi

Thursday, 30 april 2015 | VILAWEB 20.04.2015 VICENT PARTAL Una sera di febbraio del 1992, il magistrato Antonio Di Pietro telefonava all’avvocato di Mario Chiesa, un socialista italiano arrestato nell’ambito dell’operazione Mani Pulite che scoperchiò la trama monumentale della corruzione politica italiana. Mani Pulite frantumò la classe politica nata dopo la Liberazione e catapultò Silvio Berlusconi al centro della scena, con le conseguenze nefaste che oggi tutti conoscono. [+]

quadre Editorial

Wednesday, 23.7.2014 10:30

The clock keeps ticking in Catalonia

With less than four months to go until November 9th, the scheduled date for a referendum on independence in Catalonia, those advocating for a negotiated solution – the so-called "third way" ... [+]

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