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Catalogne : les indépendantistes en ordre de marche pour les élections du 27 septembre

Tuesday, 31 march 2015 | LA TRIBUNE

Les deux principaux partis souverainistes catalans se sont mis d'accord sur une "feuille de route" commune vers l'indépendance. Le but est de faire des élections régionales du 27 septembre un référendum de fait sur l'indépendance.

Agreement to declare independence 18 months after 27-S election

Tuesday, 31 march 2015 | CATALAN NEWS AGENCY
Barcelona (ACN).- Catalonia will be independent no later than 2017 if citizens back ‘Yes’ parties in the next election and then vote in favour of a Catalan Constitution in a binding referendum. This is according to the agreement reached on Wednesday between the two main pro-independence parties in Catalonia and the three civil society organisations that have been organising the large demonstrations of the last few years. Catalan President Artur Mas, leader of the party CDC, which is the Liberal and largest force within the two-party centre-right pro-Catalan State coalition CiU, and left-wing Catalan independence party ERC, led by Oriol Junqueras, have signed the agreement, together with the Association of pro-Independence Municipalities (AMI), the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Òmnium Cultural.

Presentació i lectura del llibre "Ambaixador de Catalunya a Alemanya" de Til Stegmann

Friday, 27 march 2015

Dimarts 31 de març de 2015, a les 19.00 hores
Òmnium Cultural
C/ Diputació, 276 Barcelona
Amb la col·laboració de:               
Òmnium Cultural          Kommunika CAT

The police identify seventeen Twitter profiles making anti-Catalan tweets against the victims of the air crash

Thursday, 26 march 2015 | VILAWEB
VILAWEB  25-03-2015     After seeing the news of the Germanwings plane crash and knowing that a large number of the passengers were Catalan, some anti-Catalan messages appeared on Twitter. The Catalan government has contacted the Drets association of jurists to work together to defend the honour of the victims of the accident following these Tweets which incite hatred and attempt against the honour of the Catalans who were travelling in it. The police unit against computer crimes, along with the government web services, has gathered all of the tweets considered offensive and has already sent this information to the state prosecution. [+]

Staatliche Falschmünzer in Spanien

Tuesday, 24 march 2015 | Neue Zürcher Zeitung
NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG   19-03-2015   ANDRES WYSLING     Metallgeld hat praktisch ausgedient, auch Papiergeld gerät zunehmend ausser Gebrauch, Plasticgeld ist der Münzstandard der Zeit. Und in Zukunft – sie hat schon begonnen – wird man wohl nur noch mit frei schwingenden Elektronen zahlen, die auf wundersame Weise im Internet zirkulieren und bei Bedarf vom WWW aufs Mobiltelefon hüpfen. Umso erfreulicher ist es, dass auch in Zeiten entmaterialisierter Geldströme und entfesselter Geldmärkte doch immer wieder Gedenkmünzen geprägt werden, Goldmünzen wie in alten Zeiten. [+]

Who told you a calf to be?

Friday, 20 march 2015 | ARA
ARA 20-03-2015   LIZ CASTRO   I went to see Joan Baez at Barcelona's incredible Palau de la Música last night. She and her music were a fundamental part of my growing up. I learned French partly to understand the words on Wildflower, I learned some piano to play the lovely intro to Both Sides Now. But mostly I remember my mom, an outspoken feminist in the 1970's, who worked long hours and then seemed always at a meeting to fix one thing or another, once in a while, to my delight, picking up a guitar and singing. [+]

Albert Royo: ‘Often we are not told about pressures from Spain for the sake of discretion’

Wednesday, 18 march 2015 | VILAWEB
VILAWEB  17-03-2015
‘The key to the success of the [secessionist] process is winning the battle for international public opinion’, says Albert Royo. ‘And I think we are on track’. In this interview with Vilaweb, the Secretary General of the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (Diplocat) talks about the task of explaining the Catalan independence process to the world. ‘Europe was amazed by the 9-N vote’, he says. And the work continues, ahead of the Catalan parliamentary election scheduled for 27 September. In recent days, for example, Diplocat has organized two days of debate in the United States, one at George Washington University, the other at Princeton University.

Katalonien: Die Demokratie lässt sich nicht aufhalten

Saturday, 14 march 2015 | DIE PRESSE
DIE PRESSE 14.03.2015 ARTUR MAS  (Premierminister der spanischen Region Katalonien)   Das spanische Verfassungsgericht hat vor Kurzem das Gesetz zu Volksbefragungen, das 2014 vom katalanischen Parlament verabschiedet wurde, für verfassungswidrig erklärt. 106Abgeordnete hatten für das Gesetz gestimmt, nur 28 dagegen – ein klares Zeichen für den breiten Rückhalt, den dieses Gesetz in der Politik und der Bevölkerung hat. Es hätte der Regionalregierung ermöglicht, ihre Bürger mittels nicht bindender Volksabstimmungen zu unterschiedlichsten Themen von allgemeinem Interesse zu befragen. [+]

Amadeu Altafaj: ‘I have witnessed bewilderment at Spain’s reaction to the Catalan issue’

Friday, 13 march 2015 | VILAWEB

VILAWEB   12-03-2015


A resident of Sabadell reported that they threw him out of the Spanish consulate in Brussels. He asked to process a document and they refused because it was in Catalan and not in Spanish.  The permanent representative of the Catalan government in the EU, Amadeu Altafaj, talked to the man following the publication of the case in VilaWeb. Now it will be reviewed by the government’s legal services.  In this interview, Altafaj supports the role of the delegation of the Government of Catalonia also in cases such as this.
‘I am almost convinced there has been abuse.  The consulate is a processing entity and they had not even read the declaration.  The only job they have to do is to check the identity of the sender and to receive, record and send the document,’ says Altafaj about the case. ‘I have informed the government secretary for foreign affairs, and the government will now consider the action to be taken.’
Altafaj defends the function of the Catalan Government delegation in its daily work, beyond its role in disseminating and explaining the Catalan political case to the community authorities and European states.  In this interview, we start by talking about the international impact of Catalan independentism.

Carles Viver Pi-Sunyer: ‘There will be no legal vacuum when we disconnect from Spain’

Tuesday, 10 march 2015 | VILAWEB
VILAWEB  09-03-2015

Carles Viver Pi-Sunyer, former chairman of President Artur Mas’s Advisory Council, was named Commissioner for National Transition a few weeks ago. In this interview with Vilaweb, Viver explains how the process of disconnecting from Spain should be carried out if a majority of the citizens of Catalonia vote pro-independence in the 27 September elections. President Mas’s most trusted legal advisor maintains that there will be no legal vacuum at the time independence is proclaimed because all of the necessary legislation is now being prepared. Viver is also in charge of readying the state structures that will make the Catalan state a viable and efficient project from the start. [+]

quadre Editorial

Wednesday, 23.7.2014 10:30

The clock keeps ticking in Catalonia

With less than four months to go until November 9th, the scheduled date for a referendum on independence in Catalonia, those advocating for a negotiated solution – the so-called "third way" ... [+]

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