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The tensions of a Catalan independence supporter

Sunday, 18 february 2018 | ARA
All the feedback coming from Spain reinforces intransigence

Hispaania kaotas Kataloonia kriisi tõttu punkte demokraatiaindeksis

Sunday, 18 february 2018
POSTIMEES MAAILM   AFP/BNS   31-01-2018   Mõttekoda Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) hoiatas täna, et võib langetada Hispaania demokraatia taseme oma reitingutabelis «täielikult demokraatialt» «vigasele», tuues põhjuseks Madridi tegevuse Kataloonia kriisi ajal.   Hispaania tase EIU 2017. aasta demokraatiaindeksis langes 8,30-lt 8,08-le, teatas uuringufirma, mis on osa ettevõttest, mis annab välja nädalakirja The Economist. [+]

Why your next read should be from Catalonia

Wednesday, 14 february 2018
OZY (THE DAILY DOSE  ) FEB 04 2018   By Lauren Cocking     Since the recent vote for Catalan independence resulted in an overwhelming cry to “leave,” the world’s gaze has been cast upon the Spanish region of Catalonia. But it’s slim pickings for English-language readers looking for literary insight into this fascinating, independent-minded culture, with translations of Catalan masterpieces woefully sparse. And for every regularly translated Montserrat Roig, Quim Monzó or Jaume Cabré — the latter of whom Catalan scholar Montserrat Lunati considers to be “possibly the best novelist in Catalan right now” — you’ve got a Max Besora, Albert Pijuan or Maria Guasch, who’ve been recognized for producing some of the best books of 2017, but have yet to see their works published in English. [+]

Verdeckter Ausnahmezustand: 100 Tage § 155 in Katalonien

Tuesday, 13 february 2018 | TELEPOLIS
Auch spanische Kommentatoren kommen zunehmend zu der Einschätzung, dass die Justiz aus politischen 

[Bild: Plakat für die Freilassung der Gefangenen von assamblea]


Amnesty calls for immediate release of jailed Catalan leader

Monday, 12 february 2018 | THW GUARDIAN
Group says continuing detention without charge is excessive and disproportionate

Die Wahl zwischen Freiheit und Knechtschaft, von Prof. Dr. Axel Schönberger

Sunday, 11 february 2018 | BlinkPuntKatalonien
BlinkpuntKatalonien 3 FEB 2018   Von AXEL SCHÖNBERGER     (Gastbeitrag) Dreihundertdrei Jahre und viereinhalb Monate kolonialer Unterwerfung vermochten zwar den Widerstandsgeist der katalanischen Nation zumindest im Kernland Kataloniens nicht zu brechen — im Land València sowie auf den Balearen zeigte die nach der alten Devise «divide et impera!» vorgenommene Assimilationspolitik Spaniens dagegen durchaus Erfolge —, führten aber dazu, dass sich die Katalaninnen und Katalanen allzu bereitwillig den Vorgaben ihrer spanischen Herren unterwerfen und einige von ihnen die Flinte ins Korn zu werfen bereit zu sein scheinen, obwohl ihr Kampf für selbstbestimmte Freiheit, Demokratie und korruptionslose Rechtsstaatlichkeit gerade erst begonnen hat. [+]

Elegir entre la llibertat i l’esclavatge

Sunday, 11 february 2018 | LUNILATERAL
FOTO: Prof. Dr. Axel Schönberger

“It is outrageous to have political prisoners in Europe,” says UN expert

Sunday, 11 february 2018 | ACN
Victims of Spain’s police violence, international experts and MEPs demand the EU to speak out over Catalan political situation

Catalan independence leaders to appeal to UN over 'unlawful imprisonment'

Sunday, 4 february 2018 | THE GUARDIAN
Lawyers for three men present submissions to UN working group on arbitrary detention

Spain risks downgrade to 'flawed democracy' over Catalonia: think tank

Thursday, 1 february 2018 | AGENCE FRANCE PRESS
AGENCE FRANCE PRESS   (31-01-2018)     Spain risks being downgraded from a "full democracy" to a "flawed" one over its handling of Catalonia's secession crisis, a research group that compiles an influential annual democracy ranking warned Wednesday. The country's score dropped from 8.30 to 8.08 in the Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) 2017 Democracy Index due to "its attempt to stop by force Catalonia's illegal referendum on independence on October 1 and its repressive treatment of pro-independence politicians. [+]

quadre Editorial

Sunday, 17.9.2017 20:15

One last chance for Spain in Catalonia

Any doubts about the Catalans´continued resolve to have a say in their collective future should have been dispelled by the September 11 demonstration in Barcelona. Year after year hundreds ... [+]

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