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Arthur C. Brooks: ‘Una Catalunya independent podria ser un exemple de vitalitat i dinamisme econòmic’

Tuesday, 23 may 2017 | VILAWEB
Entrevista a l'economista nord-americà i president del 'think tank' conservador American Enterprise Institute

Stifling Debate on Catalonia

Thursday, 18 may 2017 | NEW YORK TIMES
Letter to the Editor by Mark Jeffery (Barcelona)

PHOTO: Lluís Gené / AFP /Getty Images


Forcadell: "We refuse to bow to the censorship of those who seek to curtail parliamentary debate"

Sunday, 14 may 2017 | ARA
ARA   NÚRIA ORRIOLS / GERARD PRUNA   09-05-2017 "With my head held high and with the peace of mind of knowing that the members of the Parliamentary Bureau acted correctly and in accordance with our duties". These were the words of the Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, in a public appearance following her statement before the High Court of Justice of Catalonia [TSJC in Catalan] on charges of disobedience. "We will accept neither censorship nor self-censorship," she declared, adding that if they have been indicted by the TSJC it is for having stood up for the MPs’ "freedom of expression". [+]

Governo da Catalunha condena “criminalização das ideias e da liberdade de expressão e opinião”

Wednesday, 10 may 2017 | EXPRESSO
Carme Forcadell, presidente do Parlamento regional catalão, foi chamada a depor esta manhã no Tribunal Superior de Justiça da Catalunha no âmbito de um processo judicial em que é acusada do crime de desobediência, por ter autorizado a votação de resoluções soberanistas na assembleia parlamentar

Foto: Josep Lago

Catalan independence referendum conforms to Spanish constitution, say 600 lawyers

Wednesday, 10 may 2017 | CNA
Around 600 jurists signed a manifesto in favor of holding a referendum on independence in Catalonia in accordance with the Spanish government. The signers of the text, which was presented on Wednesday at the Bar Association, gave “full support” to the celebration of such a vote. Furthermore, they stated that the referendum is “legitimate and legal” and that “it fits” within the Spanish Constitution. They also warned that “continuous opposition” from Madrid to coming to an agreement about the referendum justifies “other options” for Catalonia’s citizens to be able to express themselves on how they want to decide their future. Catalonia's Minister of Justice, Carles Mundó, was also present at the signing of the manifesto.

La carta que los diputados británicos han enviado a Rajoy en defensa de Forcadell

Tuesday, 9 may 2017 | ELNACIONAL.CAT
ELNACIONAL.CAT   02-05-2017   Esta es la transcripción de la carta que un grupo de diputados británicos han enviado al presidente del gobierno español, Mariano Rajoy, y a la que ha tenido acceso El Nacional, para pedir que se detenga el proceso judicial contra la presidenta del Parlament, Carme Forcadell. Estimado Presidente, En nuestra condición de miembros del Parlamento del Reino Unido, le escribimos para expresarle nuestra preocupación respecto a la citación de la Sra. [+]

Artur Mas, président déchu

Sunday, 7 may 2017 | LE TEMPS
Président de la Catalogne pendant six ans, Artur Mas a été condamné à 2 ans d’inéligibilité pour avoir organisé un référendum consultatif d’autodétermination. Un temps messianique, le leader conservateur attend désormais «en seconde ligne pour la République»

Buch, Rose und Unabhängigkeit

Sunday, 7 may 2017 | JungeWelt
Katalonien beharrt auf der Durchführung eines Referendums über die Abspaltung von Spanien

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Sunday, 20.9.2015 21:00

A new kind of rally on September 11 – and a new kind of vote on September 27

On September 11, hundreds of thousands again took to the streets of Barcelona in what has become a yearly ritual of peaceful national affirmation and democratic resolve. The Catalans' persistent ... [+]

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