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Friday, 20 february 2015 | ARA


Mas names two commissioners to promote state structures and new transparency measures

Carles Viver Pi-Sunyer and Núria Bassols will be appointed next week, according to the President of the Generalitat. He has established his ten key projects until the proposed elections of 27-S to define the economic and social profile before facing the new round of elections

The President of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, has disclosed, after last Tuesday's government meeting, the ten axes that his actions will revolve around up until the dissolution of Parliament at the beginning of August. The appointment of two commissioners stands out among the new measures he announced. One is for the development of state structures and the other for the implementation of new transparency measures. Their nomination will take place next Tuesday and, according to Mas, will not involve any additional costs as they will call on people from the Generalitat's own administration.
Specifically, the commissioner in charge of transparency will be Núria Bassols, who is already responsible for the transparency programme and is a magistrate on leave for the Catalan High Court of Justice (TSJC). She will report to the department led by the Government's vice-president, Joana Ortega. The commissioner for national transition will be Carles Viver Pi-Sunyer the Constitutional Court's ex vice-president and the current president  of the Advisory Council for the National Transition (CATN). They will be appointed next Tuesday and will be allowed, on occasion, to attend government meetings.
Mas admitted that the two nominations have not been agreed on by ERC, as it is a government matter. However, he confirmed that, from now on, he is open to agreeing with Oriol Junqueras the name of the experts assigned to the commissioners. The President has assured that, at present, the relationship with the Republicans is "on a better footing", as can be seen in Parliament and in public statements. 

The commissioner for national transition, who report to the President’s office, will be in charge of designing, planning and coordinating all measures that will guarantee a firm development of state structures. One of his jobs will involve the creation of an executive plan that allows him to evaluate which state structures are available within the current legal framework, as well as those that are necessary for an independent state. Other tasks will include implementing preliminary proceedings for these state structures, planning departments' future proceedings and coordinating with the Advisory Council for the National Transition (CATN). He will also have to promote the White Paper on the National Transition of Catalonia.

Furthermore, the commissioner for national transition will also have to promote the development of a Catalan Tax Office, as well as design a Social Security model for the new state.
The commissioner for transparency, who will report to vice-president Joana Ortega, must serve as a way of developing all necessary proceedings to comply with the new law on transparency, access to public information and good governance. Her objective will be to implement strategies to carry out this law, which the President has said is "extremely complex and tremendously demanding". The executive wants to implement it as quickly as possible. The commissioner’s tasks will be to draw up a strategic legal plan, to approve a decree to regulate the register of interested parties, to approve a specific training programme to apply this law and to make the service charters available to all.

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