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Thursday, 25 june 2015 | ARA


Mas boasts about new government’s “solid commitment” to independence

At the ceremony where the new cabinet ministers were sworn in, president Mas thanked the outgoing Unió ministers for their “loyalty”, praised vice president Ortega’s “courage” on 9N, remarked upon the promotion of the Welfare Minister and tasked Homs with


On Monday Catalan president Artur Mas boasted about his new government’s “solid commitment” to the goal of independence, as he faces the elections of September 27 without the cracks in his armour caused by Unió’s doubts. Still, Mas thanked the outgoing Unió ministers for their “loyalty” and vice president Joana Ortega for her “courage” leading up to the unofficial referendum of November 9 last year.

In Saló de Sant Jordi, at the Palau de la Generalitat, Artur Mas presided over the ceremony where the new ministers were sworn in. Former Welfare and Family Minister Neus Munté was appointed vice president. Meritxell Borràs is the new Minister for the Administration and Institutional Relations, Jordi Ciuraneta took over the job of Minister of Agriculture and Jordi Jané is the new Home Secretary. 

On Monday morning Mas signed the presidential decrees appointing the new cabinet members that have replaced the three Unió ministers who resigned following CiU’s split: Joana Ortega, Ramon Espadaler and Josep Maria Pelegrí.

Mas emphasised that, after the “painful but necessary separation” from Unió, now his government is “solidly committed to its ultimate goal”; that it, to show its unabashed support for a Yes-Yes answer to November 9’s double question. In other words, to pursue Catalan independence.

Mas stated that his government will remain “at everyone’s service”, although its main commitment will be with the elections of September 27, when “the Catalan people will have their final say on their emancipation and freedom”.

In a short, ten-minute speech once the new ministers had been sworn in, Mas explained that Munté’s promotion to vice president aims to symbolise the relevance that he gives to social policies. In addition, Munté will take over from Minister for the Presidency Francesc Homs as government spokesperson. Mas himself indicated that he wants Homs to be able to devote more attention to the campaign strategy for the elections of September 27.


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