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Saturday, 29 august 2015 | CNA


Thousands attend rally in support of pro-independence coalition ‘Junts pel Sí’ (Together For Yes)

CNA (Catalan News Agency)


Thousands of people attended on Friday a rally in Barcelona in support of the pro-independence coalition ‘Junts pel Sí’ (Together for Yes).
It was the first big event of this cross-party coalition, which brings together members of the Catalan civil society and politicians from both right and left that favour independence. The Catalan President Artur Mas, who is fourth in the list, delivered a speech in which he defended ‘Junts pel Sí’ as an example of the determination of the Catalan people to achieve independence. “Catalonia is not divided and it won’t be”, he said, arguing that Catalans that support separation from Spain have been able to put ideological differences aside in order to achieve their common goal.

The Catalan President argued that the cross-party list proves that those who expected pro-independence Catalans to be divided “were wrong”. “Now they say: ‘It’s impossible for you to win, you won’t have a majority’. They will be wrong again. On the 27th of September we will win, and we’ll have a majority”, he said. Mas urged undecided voters to support ‘Junts pel Sí’ because with them, he said, “they will have a better future”.

The event in Barcelona was the official presentation of the candidates of the ‘Junts pel Sí’ ticket. The cross-party coalition, led by former Green MEP Raül Romeva, has also achieved the support of up to 56.000 citizens that have signed up as symbolic “candidates”. The list includes personalities such as Bayern manager Pep Guardiola, singer Lluís Llach or actress Montserrat Carulla. The poll in September is considered by many as a ‘de facto’ referendum on independence.

Romeva said to those gathered in Barcelona that Europe is “watching” Catalonia while Spain “threatens” supporters of independence. The former Green MEP asked citizens to reject “the insults and threats” of the Spanish government led by Mariano Rajoy. “We need to need to hang in there, because we believe in what we are doing and we are doing a campaign for dialogue”, said Romeva. According to the leader of the ‘Junts pel Sí’ list, these could be the last regional elections in Catalonia. “We are not voting to reform the Constitution, but to create a Constitution for Catalonia. Without sovereignty we can only chose who is in government; with sovereignty we can actually decide how to govern”, he added.

The leader of the left-wing pro-independence party ERC, Oriol Junqueras, who is fifth in the list, said that independence is the only way to achieve equal rights for everyone. “It is an opportunity for dignity, an opportunity for justice”, he pointed out. “Let’s make use of this opportunity to create the country that we need and we deserve”, he stated.

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