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Wednesday, 20 september 2017 | EL MÓN


"Legal" threats

"Don't worry Mr. Prosecutor, I'll come whenever you want to explain to you, as often as necessary, what democracy consists of"

By Montserrat Candini, mayor of Calella.

My name is Montserrat Candini and I'm the mayor of Calella, in the Maresme region. I am the mayor because I won an election. Many citizens voted for me; others didn't. But every morning I go to work for all of them. I'm the mayor in my office, in plenary sessions, but also at home, in the street, at parties, at weddings, christenings, funerals .... Mayors are asked to fix a street, provide more parking spaces, more police, improve sanitation, and now I'm also being asked to allow people to vote.
And mayors, who govern for those who voted for them and also for those who didn't, look for a way to make sure that all their fellow citizens --those who voted for them and those who didn't-- have access to a ballot box on the appropriate day. And to do so, I wake up every morning thinking whether, when I arrive at my office, I will find a summons from the Prosecutor's office with a court date to testify and explain why I have listened to my fellow citizens instead of the Constitutional Court that prohibits me from being involved in a referendum. They will remind me that I could be charged with neglect of duty, disobedience, and embezzlement of public funds, and that I could be condemned to loss of freedom, which is a kind of euphemism that they use so as not to say "prison". And they tell me that, if I refuse to go to testify they'll come and arrest me. And I ask myself, "Where"? At home? At the office? While I'm officiating at a wedding, receiving a visit from school children? And who will come to arrest me? The local police officer who gives me my daily morning report on incidences in the city? One of the Mossos or the Guardia Civil that I meet with at municipal security meetings? Don't worry Mr. Prosecutor, I'll come whenever you want to explain to you, as often as necessary, what democracy consists of.
My name is Montserrat Candini, and, just like all the mayors being threatened by the Prosecutor's Office, I was appointed by the people, and I am only accountable to them. My office is at number 9 Plaça de l’Ajuntament in Calella. If I'm not in when you send someone with the summons, I won’t be long. I might have stepped out to listen to the people.

Montserrat Candini, Amenaces “legals” , “EL MÓN”, 19-09-2017


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