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14.10.2018. | ARA

Catalan government will report to Brussels Madrid’s massive cash withdrawal from Catalan banks on October 2

ARA 11-10-2018   MIREIA ESTEVE / ANNA MASCARÓ    The Catalan government

6.09.2018. | ARA

What The Economist isn’t saying

ARA   24/08/2018 |   ALBERT CARRERAS   It is a good idea to listen to what

27.04.2018. | ARA

Freie Männer und Frauen auf freiem Grund

ARA 11.04.2018   Prof. Dr. Xavier Antich (Universität Girona, Katalonien) „Die

18.02.2018. | ARA

The tensions of a Catalan independence supporter

ARA 14 FEB 2018 JOAN B. CULLA   Let's imagine that you rise one morning

14.01.2018. | ARA

Unir fuerzas y restituir el autogobierno

ARA   SUSO DE TORO Escritor 10-01-2018   Escribir sobre lo que vive la sociedad

28.12.2017. | ARA

España tiene un problema

ARA   21-12-2017   SUSO DE TORO Escriptor     España tiene

21.08.2017. | ARA

Dos países, dos realidades

ARA    Por SUSO DE TORO   20-08-2017.-   Hace falta que pase tiempo

21.08.2017. | ARA

Dos països, dues realitats

ARA   Per SUSO DE TORO   20-08-2017.-   Cal que passi temps perquè

20.08.2017. | ARA

Spain thinks it is lumbago

ARA     SUSO DE TORO   12-08-2017.-     A few months ago

6.07.2017. | ARA

63,961 innocent victims of the Franco regime

ARA EDITORIAL   01-07-2017.-     Yesterday, the Parliament of

14.05.2017. | ARA

Forcadell: "We refuse to bow to the censorship of those who seek to curtail parliamentary debate"

ARA   NÚRIA ORRIOLS / GERARD PRUNA   09-05-2017 "With my head held

2.04.2017. | ARA

Un juicio político contra una votación democrática

 ARA   EDITORIAL   15-03-2017   El tribunal del TSJC dictó ayer una

2.04.2017. | ARA

A political ruling against a democratic vote

ARA   EDITORIAL   15-03-2017   Catalonia’s High Court handed down a guilty

5.03.2017. | ARA

The ashes of the State

ARA   ESTHER VERA   27-02-2017.- Spain is a state whose institutions are decaying.

21.12.2016. | ARA

'A Parliament with all its voices' (by Carme Forcadell)

ARA   20-12-2016.-   Carme Forcadell     Last Friday we were witness to

21.12.2016. | ARA

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: Spain is putting democracy on trial

ARA 16-12-2016.-   Antoni Bassas   The Speaker of the Catalan parliament, Carme Forcadell,

15.11.2016. | ARA

Crowds rally against legal action on Catalan independence leaders: “We won’t allow attacks on our representatives”

ARA   15-11-2016.-     GERARD PRUNA / LAIA VICENS   On Sunday thousands

10.11.2016. | ARA

"Sensitivity towards Catalonia"

ARA   05-11-2016.-   Antoni Bassas   Catalonia is not a special-needs student.

2.09.2016. | ARA

The Catalan language and the unending refrain

ARA   31-08-2016.-   ESTER FRANQUESA Rushing to learn the language of the territory

14.08.2016. | ARA

Government calls for "unified and forceful" demonstrations if TC disqualifies Forcadell

ARA   13-08-2016.-   Neus Munté, Minister of the Presidency and government spokesperson,

3.08.2016. | ARA

Separatists prepare to ignore Constitutional Court

ARA   02-08-2016.-     Pending a ruling by the Constitutional Court (TC) on the

31.07.2016. | ARA

El poder oculto que gobierna España

ARA   ÀLEX FONT MANTÉ 16-07-2016.-   Conversación con uno de los

26.07.2016. | ARA

You in the Vatican, me in court

ARA   CARLES CAPDEVILA   23-07-2016.- The former director of Catalonia’s Anti-Fraud

20.07.2016. | ARA

The hidden power that governs Spain

ARA   ALEX FONT MANTÉ 19/07/2016  I had a conversation with one of the Catalan

11.07.2016. | ARA

July 8th: a shocking lack of outrage

ARA   09-07-2016.-   VICENÇ VILLATORO   The most shocking aspect of the

10.07.2016. | ARA

Villarejo confirms “Operation Catalonia”

ARA   08-07-2016.-   Núria Orriols   The so-called “Operation Catalonia”

5.05.2016. | ARA

Language and culture

ARA   01-05-2016.-   Joan M. Tresserras    In historical expressions of what

5.03.2016. | ARA

Spain without a project

ARA   01-03-2016.-   FERRAN SÀEZ MATEU   Even though Felipe González’s

5.03.2016. | ARA

España sin proyecto

ARA   01-03-2016.-   FERRAN SÀEZ MATEU A pesar de que, a día de hoy,

24.02.2016. | ARA

February 23: The coup of 1981 was a success

ARA 23-02-2016.- VICENÇ VILLATORO Every year on February 23 someone reminds us that,

30.12.2015. | ARA

Edward Hugh, economist who foresaw the crisis, dies

ARA   29-12-2015.-   XAVIER GRAU (Enllaç de la versió en català

27.12.2015. | ARA

Suso de Toro: 'Will Spain learn to compromise?'

ARA   22-12-2015   SUSO DE TORO One thing is for sure: Rajoy is on his way out.

6.12.2015. | ARA

Minister Montoro’s punishment

ARA   02-12-2015   ANTONI BASSAS     In two weeks’ time, on December

5.12.2015. | ARA

Poor infrastructures choke economic growth

ARA   02-12-2015.-   ALBERT SOLÉ Miquel Valls, chairman of Barcelona’s

12.11.2015. | ARA

Rajoy bewildered by Del Bosque on Catalan independence process

ARA   11-11-2015.-   "They proposed a referendum on something that belongs to all

7.11.2015. | ARA

The declaration

ARA   04-11-2015   CARLES BOIX The declaration. The declaration proposed by pro-independence

6.11.2015. | ARA

“Estelades” rule in Barça’s Camp Nou

ARA   04-11-2015   A.LLIMÓS / R. REQUENA   The truce between Barcelona

28.10.2015. | ARA

Forcadell: “Long live democracy, the sovereign people and the Catalan Republic”

ARA   26-10-2015.-   ORIOL MARCH   On Monday Carme Forcadell was elected

17.10.2015. | ARA

Why is Mas’ trial a political one?

ARA   13-10-2015   ANTONI BASSAS   Irene Rigau and Joana Ortega appeared in court

12.10.2015. | ARA

On the 75th anniversary of the execution of Catalan president Lluís Companys

ARA   11-10-2015   IGNASI ARAGAY   Today in ARA we discuss Lluís Companys

12.10.2015. | ARA

Commission for Dignity: Spain’s military authorities should pay homage to Companys

ARA   06-10-2015.-  SÍLVIA MARIMON   Catalonia’s Comissió

9.10.2015. | ARA

A reply to Alex Salmond

ARA   08-10-2015.-     LIZ CASTRO   Ever since I've known what Catalonia

6.10.2015. | ARA

Artur Mas before Spanish judicial leadership: "Politicized Justice diminishes the quality of democracy"

ARA   05-10-2015.-   GERARD PRUNA   On Monday Catalan president Artur Mas warned

23.09.2015. | ARA

Internationally renowned Catalan scientists support independence and Together for Yes

ARA   22-09-2015.-   A prestigious group of Catalan scientists announced its support

22.09.2015. | ARA

The myth of the transition period

ARA   18-09-2015.-     MIQUEL PUIG   I am surprised to see that the independence

6.09.2015. | ARA

Business groups and chambers of commerce stand together for Catalan sovereignty

ARA   03-09-2015.-   By COLOMER/ A. FONT     On Thursday the Catalan business

1.09.2015. | ARA

Suso de Toro: "El deseo catalán"

ARA   31-08-2015   SUSO DE TORO     Los análisis basados exclusivamente

20.08.2015. | ARA

The vote abroad, a test for democracy

ARA   17-08-2015   EDITORIAL     In the 2012 Catalan elections the turnout

8.08.2015. | ARA

Ireland 1918. Catalonia 2015

ARA    03-08-2015   ANTONI VIVES   In 1918 all of Ireland was part of the

2.08.2015. | ARA

Elections against fear

ARA   01-08-2015   SALVADOR CARDÚS   On Monday, Artur Mas, the 129th

1.08.2015. | ARA

National security

ARA 28-07-2015 CARLES BOIX Last week the Spanish legislature’s constitutional commission

26.07.2015. | ARA

The 27-S Yes ticket: what we know and what unknowns remain

ARA   24-07-2015 ORIOL MARCH    Where do we stand with the preparation of the

19.07.2015. | ARA

Raül Romeva, a man made in Europe with a career dedicated to peace

ARA   15-07-2015   Raül Romeva i Rueda (born in Madrid on March 12, 1971) will lead

16.07.2015. | ARA

Raül Romeva to head joint list

ARA   16-07-2015 Raül Romeva, Carme Forcadell, and Muriel Casals. These are the three

16.07.2015. | ARA

Catalonia will hold a plebiscite on independence on 27 September

ARA   15-07-2015     The agreement reached by CDC and ERC with the support of pro-sovereignty

13.07.2015. | ARA

One list

ARA   08-07-2015   CARLES BOIX   On June 20 in Molins de Rei, president Mas made

28.06.2015. | ARA

The independence process and investment

ARA 23-06-2015 NÚRIA BOSCH   There are those who say that the Catalan independence

25.06.2015. | ARA

Mas boasts about new government’s “solid commitment” to independence

  ARA   22-06-2015 ROGER MATEOS   On Monday Catalan president Artur Mas boasted

25.06.2015. | ARA

Mas confirms end of CiU, accelerates his plan for 27-S

ARA   19-06-2015   ROGER MATEOS / ORIOL MARCH   Only 48 hours ago, the word

16.05.2015. | ARA

Fernández Díaz, irresponsible

ARA   EDITORIAL (14-05-2015)   There is an adjective that defines Spain’s Home

11.05.2015. | ARA

The Need for Necessity

ARA   08-05-2015   LIZ CASTRO     Often, when people find out I'm American,

7.05.2015. | ARA

Wert, the ignorant minister

ARA 06-05-2015 CARLES CAPDEVILA Here we go again. Minister of Education, Culture and Sport

6.05.2015. | ARA

Every possible impediment

ARA 04-05-2015     SEBASTIÀ ALZAMORA   The excellent electoral prospects

29.04.2015. | ARA

Financial Times criticizes manipulation of news by TVE

ARA 27-04-2015     Last Tuesday The Financial Times, the leading economic newspaper

19.04.2015. | ARA

Three months to plan for the zero hour (towards the plebiscite elections on September 27th)

ARA   (15-04-2015)   ROGER MATEOS   "Everything will be ready for the

15.04.2015. | ARA

Homs: Fernández Díaz “jeopardises” State security when he tries to link Catalan separatism with Jihadism

ARA  (14-04-2015)   MARC COLOMER / PAU CORTÉS     “It is extremely

15.04.2015. | ARA

Spanish Home Secretary Fernández Díaz is a stain on the history of democracy

ARA (Editorial)   09-04-2014     The fact that Jorge Fernández Díaz

8.04.2015. | ARA

Independence and 27S: The Role of the Left

ARA   29-03-2015   RAÜL ROMEVA   This week, the Leftist Campaign for Independence

20.03.2015. | ARA

Who told you a calf to be?

ARA 20-03-2015   LIZ CASTRO   I went to see Joan Baez at Barcelona's incredible

3.03.2015. | ARA

Complaint to Europe for rejection of self-determination

ARA   01-03-2015   ORIOL MARCH   Just after finding out about the Constitutional

21.02.2015. | ARA

Process to return bullfighting to Catalonia in "advanced stages", according to Spanish government

    ARA   13-02-2015   Europe Press     Fernando Benzo, Undersecretary

20.02.2015. | ARA

Mas names two commissioners to promote state structures and new transparency measures

ARA   17-02-2015   ROGER MATEOS / SARA GONZÁLEZ       The

13.02.2015. | ARA

Internal Revenue technicians alarmed by Montoro’s political use of tax data

ARA   11-02-2015 MARC COLOMER     "Minister Montoro is using, and bringing

9.02.2015. | ARA

Judge Vidal about to get the sack over draft Catalan Constitution

ARA 06-12-2015 On Thursday the promoter of the disciplinary action by Spain’s General Council

29.01.2015. | ARA

The Catalan Tax Authority: a step forward

ARA   24-01-2015   MARTA ESPASA   The Catalan government has announced 186 new

22.01.2015. | ARA

Guida per capire l’accordo tra il Presidente catalano Artur Mas e il capo dell’opposizione Oriol Junqueras

ARA 15-01-2015 ORIOL MARCH Pochi minuti dopo le tre di pomeriggio dello scorso mercoledì

21.01.2015. | ARA

Guide to understanding the Mas-Junqueras agreement

ARA 15-01-2015   ORIOL MARCH   It was just after 3 p.m. on Wednesday when the representatives

12.01.2015. | ARA

Mas appoints Amadeu Altafaj as Permanent Representative to EU

ARA 08-01-2015     FERRAN CASAS    On 4 December, at a Diplocat seminar held

9.01.2015. | ARA

Minutes of silence around Catalonia in solidarity for attack on "Charlie Hebdo"

ARA EUROPA PRESS Barcelona 8-01-2014   The president of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, and

3.01.2015. | ARA

The cause of freedom

  ARA 30-12-2014   SALVADOR CARDÚS     As we enter the last stage of

29.12.2014. | ARA

King Felipe endorses PP’s discourse against Catalan process

ARA   JOAN RUSIÑOL   25-12-2014   Felipe’s accession to the Spanish

21.12.2014. | ARA

The first Christmas of the recovery

“The recession is past history [...] This will be the first Christmas of the recovery” (Spanish

19.12.2014. | ARA

Searching for a pact

ARA 16-12-2014   CARLES BOIX     There are three key differences between the proposals

18.12.2014. | ARA

Hold talks with whom?

ARA 14-12-2014   JOAN B. CULLA i CLARÀ   One of the most remarkable collateral

14.12.2014. | ARA

It’s not about nationalism, it’s about local priorities and local control

ARA   LIZ CASTRO   09-12-2014   Critics accuse Catalan nationalists of wrapping

10.12.2014. | ARA

Catalogne/Espagne : un différend entre deux nations

Publié par le journal catalan ARA, le 21 novembre 2014   Suso de Toro (adapté) Les

16.12.2013. | ARA

Recommended: "Five legal and democratic ways forward" (Carles Boix, Diari ARA)

The following article is a translation of an article by Carles Boix, a professor at Princeton University

5.10.2013. | ARA

Outside the euro? Impossible (ARA)

MIQUEL PUIG 21/09/2013  Joaquin Almunia’s statements to the effect that an independent

25.09.2013. | ARA

Hors de l'euro? Impossible (ARA)

Miquel Puig Quotidien ARA , 21/09/2013 Les déclarations de Joaquín Almunia affirmant

13.06.2013. | Ara

Recommended: “Small countries ...” (Carles Boix, diari ARA)

On 1 June 2013, in the closing speech of the 29th Jornades del Cercle d´Economia held in Sitges

12.06.2013. | Ara

Recommended: « Les petits pays… » (Carles Boix, diari ARA)

Ce 1 juin 2013, dans son discours de clôture des XXIXe Journées du Cercle d’Économie,

10.06.2013. | Ara

Recommended: "Los países pequeños..." (Carles Boix, diari ARA)

El 1 de junio de 2013, en el discurso de clausura de las XXIX jornadas del Círculo de Economía

10.06.2013. | Ara

Recommended: I paesi piccoli... (Carles Boix, diari ARA)

Il presidente del governo spagnolo, Mariano Rajoy, nel discorso di chiusura delle XXIX Giornate del “Círculo

26.04.2013. | ARA

"Effectiveness and legitimacy of unilateral secession" (ARA)

RICARD GENÉ The international community has no interest in adding the possible secession of

26.04.2013. | ARA

"Caractère effectif et légitimité d’une sécession unilatérale" (ARA)

RICARD GENÉ 16/04/2013 La communauté internationale n’a aucun intérêt

11.03.2013. | ARA

Recommended: "The great rail disaster" (ARA)

Recommended article by Miquel Puig, originally published in the Catalan daily ARA on February 16, 2013.

18.02.2013. | ARA

Recommended: « Le bricolage ferroviaire » (ARA)

Nous recommandons la lecture de cet article de l’économiste Miquel Puig, paru dans le quotidien

10.01.2013. | ARA

"They should keep their mouths shut " (ARA)

Recommended article by Miquel Puig, originally published in the Catalan daily Ara on December 15, 2012.

23.12.2012. | ARA

"Ce serait mieux s’ils ne parlaient pas" (ARA)

Traduction de l'article "Estarien millor callats" publié dans ARA le 15-12-12. Miquel

25.10.2012. | ARA, FemCat

"The Catalonia that business leaders want" by Carles Sumarroca

(The Barcelona daily ARA recently published an article by Carles Sumarroca, chairman of FemCat –a

16.07.2012. | ARA, Premsa, Salvador Garcia

La Padània o Escòcia?

(Article publicat al diari ARA per Salvador Garcia, promotor del Col·lectiu Emma) Fa uns

23.06.2012. | ARA, Carles Boix

Entrevista recomanada al professor Carles Boix

Recomanem l'entrevista a Carles Boix publicada al diari ARA ("Carles Boix: "Europa ha comès

11.03.2012. | ARA

Oferta del diari ARA pels amics del Col·lectiu Emma

El diari ARA ens ha fet arribar aquesta oferta pels membres del Col·lectiu Emma, en especial per

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