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10.06.2018. | THE GUARDIAN

Clara Ponsatí accuses Spain of illegal vendetta against Catalan nationalists

THE GUARDIAN 9 jun 2018   SEVERIN CARRELL     Clara Ponsati, the Catalan

15.04.2018. | THE GUARDIAN

Catalan academic's lawyer accuses Spain of abusing legal process

THE GUARDIAN 12.04.2018   LIBBY BROOKS   Lawyers for Clara Ponsatí,

19.03.2018. | THE GUARDIAN

Spanish anti-terror law has 'chilling effect' on satire, says Amnesty International

THE GUARDIAN   13-03-2018   By SAM JONES     Amnesty International

4.02.2018. | THE GUARDIAN

Catalan independence leaders to appeal to UN over 'unlawful imprisonment'

THE GUARDIAN (1 FEB 2018)   By OWEN BOWCOTT Legal affairs correspondent and SAM JONES

27.12.2017. | THE GUARDIAN

Catalonia’s hopes for peace stall as further wave of arrests feared

THE GUARDIAN 23-12-2017.-   STEPHEN BURGEN   The dramatic election in Catalonia

12.11.2017. | THE GUARDIAN

Carles Puigdemont: This is not just about Catalonia. This is about democracy itself

THE GUARDIAN   06-11-2017.-   By Carles Puigdemont Catalonia is right

14.10.2017. | THE GUARDIAN

I hope Catalonia stays with Spain, but I support its right to leave

THE GUARDIAN   By Owen Jones 11-10-2017.-   It is difficult to dissent

13.10.2017. | THE GUARDIAN

Spain and Catalonia can find a way forward. Here’s what they must do (by Gerry Adams)

THE GUARDIAN   09-10-2017.-   By GERRY ADAMS   The crisis in the relationship

7.10.2017. | THE GUARDIAN

‘We are with you Catalunya’ – the revolt in Spain is bigger than flags and language

THE GUARDIAN   02-10-2017.-   By Paul Mason   The first group that tried

5.10.2017. | THE GUARDIAN

The Guardian view on Catalonia’s referendum: the Spanish state has lost

THE GUARDIAN   01-10-2017   EDITORIAL     Spain is in crisis,

23.09.2017. | THE GUARDIAN

Spain and the Catalan referendum

THE GUARDIAN   Letters   21-09-2017.-      We, the undersigned

21.09.2017. | THE GUARDIAN

Spain’s attempt to block Catalonia’s referendum is a violation of our basic rights

THE GUARDIAN   Carles Puigdemont   21-09-2017     Democracy

24.08.2017. | THE GUARDIAN

Catalonia’s response to terror shows it is ready for independence

THE GUARDIAN   By Luke Stobart   24-08-2017.-   Horrific events like

11.06.2017. | THE GUARDIAN

Pep Guardiola joins call for referendum on Catalan

THE GUARDIAN   STEPHEN BURGEN and SAM JONES   11-07-2017.-    Pep Guardiola

25.03.2017. | THE GUARDIAN

Catalan ex-president Artur Mas barred from holding public office

THE GUARDIAN   SAM JONES   13-03-2017.-   The former Catalan president Artur Mas

7.02.2017. | THE GUARDIAN

Former Catalan president defiant before trial over secession vote

THE GUARDIAN   05-02-2017.-   SAM JONES   The former Catalan president Artur Mas

17.12.2016. | THE GUARDIAN

Spain politicising courts to block referendum, says Catalan minister

THE GUARDIAN   14-12-2016   Patrick Wintour   The Spanish judiciary is being systematically

15.11.2016. | THE GUARDIAN

Thousands of Catalan separatists protest against government's legal challenges

THE GUARDIAN   13-11-2016   ASSOCIATED PRESS IN BARCELONA   Thousands of Catalan

28.07.2016. | THE GUARDIAN

Separatist movement in Catalonia steps up battle with Madrid

THE GUARDIAN   SAM JONES   27-07-2016   The separatist movement in Catalonia’s

27.07.2016. | THE GUARDIAN

Catalonia tells Spain it will push for secession with or without assent

THE GUARDIAN   SAM JONES   27-07-2016.-   The Catalan government has intensified

23.06.2016. | THE GUARDIAN

Spanish minister accused of conspiring against political rivals

THE GUARDIAN   AFP, 22-06-2016.-     Spain’s interior minister is facing calls

23.04.2016. | THE GUARDIAN

Boys, girls, books and roses: a literary love affair in Catalonia

THE GUARDIAN   23-04-2016.-   Christopher Finnigan   In Catalonia, on Saturday,

3.03.2016. | THE GUARDIAN

Spain’s leadership vacuum is damaging Catalonia and Europe – it has to end

THE GUARDIAN   01-03-2016.-   CARLES PUIGDEMONT The continued lack of a new government

10.01.2016. | THE GUARDIAN

Catalan separatists to form regional government after president steps aside

THE GUARDIAN   10-01-2016.-   Catalonia’s separatists on Saturday struck a last-minute

4.01.2016. | THE GUARDIAN

Catalonia plunged into uncertainty as leftwing CUP rejects Mas

THE GUARDIAN   03-01-2016.-   STEPHEN BURGEN   After months of wrangling, threats

9.11.2015. | THE GUARDIAN

Catalonia MPs vote for secession as Spain looks to block plans in court

THE GUARDIAN   09-11-2015.-    ASHIFA KASSAM   The Catalan parliament has

7.10.2015. | THE GUARDIAN

The Catalan people have spoken. Will the Spanish government listen?

THE GUARDIAN   05-10-2015.-    ARTUR MAS On 27 September Catalonia’s

20.09.2015. | THE GUARDIAN

Catalonia’s separatists: ‘The Spanish state has failed. We can change this’

  THE GUARDIAN 20-09-2015 ASHIFA KASSAM At the port of Tarragona recently, with the

21.07.2015. | THE GUARDIAN

Pep the politician: Guardiola lends name to Catalonian separatist party

THE GUARDIAN   20-07-2015 He has been hailed as one of the world’s top football

14.11.2014. | The Guardian

The people of Catalonia have voted. Let democracy take its course (Artur Mas)

ARTUR MAS, Catalonia’s regional President 12 November 2014   On Sunday, 2,305,290 people

4.03.2014. | The Guardian

One thing Spain can teach us: how not to spread the wealth in your country (The Guardian)

We recommend the following article, "One thing Spain can teach us: how not to spread the wealth

The Catalan Parliament vote in the media

On Thursday, January 16th, the Catalan Parliament voted to seek the right to hold a referendum on independence,

16.09.2013. | The Guardian

Scotland's campaign for independence must be Gandhian in its ambition (The Guardian)

Pat Kane The Guardian, Sunday 15 September 2013 What the no camp doesn't realise is that the real

8.06.2013. | The Guardian

Recommended article: Madrid's dangerous attempt to distort the history of the Spanish civil war (The Guardian)

We recommend the article "Madrid's dangerous attempt to distort the history of the Spanish civil

21.04.2013. | The Guardian

"Catalan human tower dazzles crowd in London" (The Guardian)

Friday 19 April 2013 Sam Jones 170 castellers, aged six to 75, clamber on top of each other as

5.01.2013. | The Guardian

Highly recommended: "Catalonia independence for business lights is best economic option all round" (The Guardian)

We recommend the article "Catalonia independence for business lights is best economic option all

7.12.2012. | The Guardian

Recommended video: "More than a club: FC Barcelona and Catalonia's road to independence" (The Guardian)

We recommend the video "More than a club: FC Barcelona and Catalonia's road to independence"

20.11.2012. | The Guardian

A Public Reply to The Guardian

Col·lectiu Emma has been commenting reports about Catalonia in the international press in

Recommended articles in The New York Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph

We to recommend the following articles: "Spain’s Leader Fails to Reach Deal With Catalonia"

22.10.2011. | The Guardian

Article recomanat a The Guardian: "Spanish centenarian Moisès Broggi sets sight on senate"

Recomanem l'article "Spanish centenarian Moisès Broggi sets sight on senate" publicat

23.04.2011. | The Guardian

St George's Day with a Catalan twist

(By Matthew Tree published at The Guardian)   The patron saint of the country in which I live

21.01.2011. | The Guardian

A Public Reply to The Guardian (IV)

The subject of The Guardian’s latest report from Spain (“Lost in translation? Spanish senators

21.11.2010. | The Guardian

A Public Reply to The Guardian (III)

Sirs, The Guardian readers might easily draw the wrong conclusions from the November 17, 2010, piece

16.11.2010. | The Guardian

Resposta de Toni Strubell a The Guardian

To the Editor of the Guardian Dear Sir, The smear campaign against ex-FCB chairman Joan Laporta However

15.11.2010. | The Guardian

A Public Reply to The Guardian (II)

Sirs, In relation with your article of November 14 (“Barcelona’s former chairman Joan

31.07.2010. | The Guardian

Bullfighting and Catalonia: recommended article from Colm Tóibín

After all the media attention that has been given to the recent decision by the Catalan Parliament to

13.10.2009. | The Guardian

A Public Reply to The Guardian / The Observer

Dear Sirs, We have noticed in your article on bullfights in Barcelona (“Bullfighting finds a

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