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Media: Wall Street Journal

5.04.2014. | Wall Street Journal, WSJ

A European Nation Within Spain (WSJ, Andreu Mas-Colell)

We would like to draw your attention to the following article published in the opinion section of The

Zum Vergleich der Krim mit Katalonien - 2 Ansätze

Am 20. März 2014 erschienen zwei Artikel über den Vergleich der Vorgänge auf der Krim

3.12.2013. | Wall Street Journal

Highly Recommended: Franco's Legacy Rattles Spain (WSJ)

We highly recommend the article Franco's Legacy Rattles Spain by Matt Moffett and David Roman published

7.11.2012. | Wall Street Journal

"Catalonia Wants to Leave Spain, Stay in EU" (Wall Street Journal)

Recommended article in the Wall Street Journal: "Catalonia Wants to Leave Spain, Stay in EU". Some

29.10.2012. | Wall Street Journal

Recommended: "Europe's Crisis Spawns Calls for a Breakup—of Spain" (Wall Street Journal)

We recommend the "Europe's Crisis Spawns Calls for a Breakup—of Spain" by Matt Moffett

29.04.2012. | Wall Street Journal

Perché la Spagna non farà nessuna riforma

Publicat pel bon amic del Col·lectiu Emma Marco Giralucci (link aquí)   “I

26.04.2012. | Wall Street Journal

Recommended article at the Wall Street Journal: "Why Spain Won't Reform" by Raymond Zhong

We want to recommend the following article by Raymond Zhong: "Why Spain Won't Reform" An

26.04.2012. | Wall Street Journal

Espanya no es reformarà, ho sabem els catalans i ho sap el Wall Street Journal

Recomanem l'article "Why Spain Won't Reform" de Raymond Zhong publicat al Wall Street

18.07.2011. | Wall Street Journal

Catalonia's President Aims to Lead in Taming Spain's Deficit

(Recommended article in the Wall Street Journal: "Catalonia's President Aims to Lead in Taming

Col·lectiu Emma - Explaining Catalonia

Col·lectiu Emma is a network of Catalans and non-Catalans living in different countries who have made it their job to track and review news reports about Catalonia in the international media. Our goal is to ensure that the world's public opinion gets a fair picture of the country's reality today and in history.

We aim to be recognized as a trustworthy source of information and ideas about Catalonia from a Catalan point of view.
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Col·lectiu Emma - Explaining Catalonia