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8.10.2017. | BLOOMBERG

Catalonia’s Split With Spain Is About Identity, Not Just Money

BLOOMBERG   05-10-2017.-     By Peter Coy   As recently as July,

22.06.2016. | BLOOMBERG

Spanish Minister Under Pressure as Leak Suggests Smear Campaign

    BLOOMBERG   22-06-2016.-   By Maria Tadeo Spain’s acting

8.02.2016. | BLOOMBERG

Catalan Boss Says ‘Brexit’ Deal Sign EU Can Flex for Separatists

BLOOMBERG   05-02-2016.-   ESTEBAN DUARTE   Donald Tusk’s proposal for

3.10.2015. | BLOOMBERG

Alex Salmond to Catalonians: Keep Calm and Carry On

BLOOMBERG   29-09-2015.-   ALEX SALMOND   I do not know if Artur Mas, the President

6.09.2015. | BLOOMBERG

Catalonia Attacks ‘Infinite Cynicism’ as Spain Curbs Powers

BLOOMBERG   27-08-2015   By ESTEBAN DUARTE    Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

10.04.2015. | BLOOMBERG

Catalan Leader Hopes EU Will Convince Spain to Discuss Split

Bloomberg Business 9-04-15 Sangwon Yoon, Esteban Duarte Catalan President

28.02.2015. | BLOOMBERG

Catalan Tax Rebels Dig In for Battle to Escape From Spain

BLOOMBERG   27-02-2015   By ESTEBAN DUARTE     A doctor, a graphic designer

30.01.2015. | BLOOMBERG

Independent Catalonia Would Have Investment Grade: Study

BLOOMBERG 28-01-2015 By ESTEBAN DUARTE     Catalonia would recover its investment-grade

14.01.2015. | BLOOMBERG

Catalan Leader Calls Early Vote in Push for Independence

BLOOMBERG 14-01-2014   By Esteban Duarte   Regional President Artur Mas said Catalonia

26.11.2014. | BLOOMBERG

Catalonia’s Mas urges single pro-secession list for election

BLOOMBERG By Esteban Duarte 26-11-2014   Catalan President Artur Mas said a possible regional

21.11.2014. | Bloomberg

Mas prepares for early vote in Catalonia boosted by polls

By Esteban Duarte 21 November 2014     Catalan President Artur Mas is shaping up for an

17.11.2014. | Bloomberg

Quebec and Scotland said no to secession, but Catalonia is still going to try

  Ben Sills, Esteban Duarte Novembre 13, 2014    "Like

4.11.2014. | Bloomberg

Spain Investors Told Catalans Offer Best Chance of Repayment

Oriol Junqueras, leader of the separatist group Esquerra Republicana, has identified Spain’s public

The Catalan Parliament vote in the media

On Thursday, January 16th, the Catalan Parliament voted to seek the right to hold a referendum on independence,

6.10.2009. | Bloomberg

International repercussion of municipal referendums on independence

As we did after the referendum held at Arenys de Munt, Col.lectiu Emma would like to emphasize the calm

6.10.2009. | Bloomberg

Catalan Mayors Plan Independence Vote in Challenge to Zapatero

By Emma Ross-Thomas Oct. 5 (Bloomberg) – More than 100 towns in Catalonia voted to hold referendums

6.10.2009. | Bloomberg

Ressò internacional de les consultes sobre la independència als municipis

Tal com vam fer arran de la consulta d´Arenys de Munt, des del Col•lectiu Emma volem remarcar

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We aim to be recognized as a trustworthy source of information and ideas about Catalonia from a Catalan point of view.
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