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Guardia Civil questions more officials about Catalan voters abroad

CATALAN NEWS   By ACN Barcelona   28-07-2017.-     Guardia Civil


'Any veto on the Catalan economy would go against Spain's own interest' says MEP Tremosa

CATALAN NEWS   By K. Schreiber / G. Jordan |   14-07-2017.-   Princeton


Full story on Spanish Guardia Civil demanding referendum event documents from TNC

CATALAN NEWS   By N.Stokes / K.Schreiber |   13-07-2017   The Together


International professors criticize Spain’s attitude towards Catalan self-determination

CATALAN NEWS   By Guifré Jordan   13-07-2017     International


Catalan Government warns about "extreme" liquidity situation and accuses Spanish Executive of financial "asphyxia"

CNA 27-05-2015 This situation started to occur when the Catalan Government began to support the


Agreement to declare independence 18 months after 27-S election

CNA (31-03-2015) The document states that the process leading to the creation of an independent

12.09.2012. | Catalan News Agency

1.5 million people demonstrate peacefully for Catalonia’s independence from Spain

(Recommended article: "1.5 million people demonstrate peacefully for Catalonia’s independence

14.01.2012. | Catalan News Agency

Regional governments are responsible for less than 20% of Spain’s debt and for 33% of its 2011 deficit

(Recommended article published at the Catalan News Agency) Barcelona (ACN).- In the last number of

18.08.2011. | Catalan News Agency

Catalan human towers embark on an educational trip to India

(Published at the Catalan News Agency) Vilafranca del Penedès (ACN).- The Catalan group, Castells

22.04.2011. | Catalan News Agency

Former IMF Chief Economist says Catalonia would be “one of the richest countries in the world” if it were independent

(From Catalan News Agency) CNA / F. Javier Rodríguez Baena Barcelona (ACN). “Catalonia,

12.04.2011. | Catalan News Agency

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11.03.2011. | Catalan News Agency

“Catalonia is not to be blamed for Moody’s downgrading of Spanish debt”

(From Catalan News Agency)   CNA / Laura Pous   London (ACN).- The day Moody’s

8.03.2011. | Catalan News Agency

“Spain”, a normal country?

(Article from Col·lectiu Emma's good friend Enric Bou, published at the Catalan News Agency)   A

15.02.2011. | Catalan News Agency

Foreign correspondents choose Barcelona as the Mobile World Congress’ permanent host city

(from Catalan News Agency)   CNA / J. Pueyo / JR Torné / L. Pous / A. Matamoros Barcelona

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