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We are a nation. We decide: Catalonia calling

Sunday, 19 february 2017 | COUNTERFIRE
The aftershocks of Franco's Spain are re-emerging and clashing with 21st-century tensions, notes Chris Bambery

Catalan independence protest in Times Square, New York City, 2013. Photo: Wikimedia/Liz Castro


The ballot box on trial

Saturday, 18 february 2017 | ARA in english
"They are putting on trial everyone that voted on 9-N. Those that voted 'yes', 'yes-no' and 'no'. Everyone"

Why Catalans want freedom from Spain

Saturday, 18 february 2017 | IBTimes
Liz Castro, a writer, publisher and pro-independence activist, speaks to IBTimes UK about the origins of the Catalan movement, its struggle and the prospects for Catalan independence going forward.
(AUDIO) IN THE FIELD is produced by Orlando Crowcroft and Alfred Joyner and edited by Sho Murakoshi.

'Britain had Brexit – now it is Catalonia's turn to decide its own future' by Liz Castro

Wednesday, 15 february 2017 | IBTIMES
Catalans could follow Quebec and hold a referendum on independence without Spain's permission.

Image: A protester wears a Catalan Estelada jumpsuit outside the court where former Catalan President Artur Mas is to go on trial in Barcelona, Spain, February 6, 2017  By REUTERS/Albert Gea


Artur Mas, Catalonia Ex-Leader, Stands Trial as Thousands Protest

Tuesday, 7 february 2017 | THE NEW YORK TIMES
Artur Mas, center, the former leader of Catalonia, after a court hearing in Barcelona, Spain, on Monday.

Alex Caparros/Getty Images


Former Catalan president defiant before trial over secession vote

Tuesday, 7 february 2017 | THE GUARDIAN
Artur Mas accused of criminal disobedience for holding symbolic independence referendum in Catalonia in 2014

Image: Ex-president Artur Mas could be banned from public office for 10 years if found guilty. Photograph: Lluis Gene/AFP/Getty Images


Artur Mas hopes trial will rouse Catalan separatist movement

Sunday, 5 february 2017 | FINANCIAL TIMES
Court appearance over non-binding poll could backfire on Madrid

Defending Freedom in Catalonia

Wednesday, 1 february 2017 | THE NEW YORK TIMES
THE NEW YORK TIMES   By CARME FORCADELL 30-01-2017.-   Are the interests of citizens in a democratic parliament debatable? This is what is at stake in Catalonia, where parliamentary deputies demand the right to exercise their freedom of speech, while the Spanish government says they must accept being censored.   Last July, the Catalonian Parliament debated a report on the road map to independence in Catalonia, and voted on it. Afterward, the state prosecutor filed a complaint that charged me with contempt of court and neglect of duty. [+]

MEPs urge the EU to find a “democratic solution” for Catalonia

Sunday, 29 january 2017 | CNA
Brussels (CNA).- The European Union has a role to play in resolving the current stalemate in Catalonia, according to some of the MEPs that attended on Tuesday the Catalan President’s talk in the European Parliament. “This is a European issue, I have no doubt about that. Maybe some people are in denial”, said Social Democrat MEP from Portugal Ana Gomes. “I hope that we will not be in denial, that we will help the Catalans settle this matter with the Spaniards in a democratic way”, she added. The Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont, urged Europe to “not look the other way” and be “part of the solution” to the Catalan question during his speech in Brussels.

Catalonia seeks EU support for secession vote

Friday, 27 january 2017 | EuObserver
Puigdemont: "This is a European problem. And Europe cannot look the other way"

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