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Artur Mas: ‘Catalonia is called to become an anchor of stability in Europe and the Mediterranean

Tuesday, 7 july 2015
Artur Mas (Barcelona, 1956) is the President of the Catalan government, the Generalitat de Catalonia. He is also the leader of Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya (CDC).

Oriol Junqueras: ‘I want independence because we have every right to it’

Friday, 3 july 2015 | VILAWEB
Oriol Junqueras (Barcelona, 1969), the president of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, is the opposition leader in the Catalan parliament and the mayor of Sant Vicenç dels Horts. Between 2009 and 2012 he served as MEP for the Greens / EFA coalition. He is a professor of history at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

 He answers to the questions of the ‘Faces of independence’ series, in which well-known figures from around the country explain why they want independence and what an independent Catalonia might bring the world.

Núria de Gispert, President of the Parliament of Catalonia: ‘Independence is necessary for the survival of Catalonia’

Tuesday, 30 june 2015 | VILAWEB
Núria de Gispert (Barcelona, 1949). President of the Parliament of Catalonia and former Minister for Justice, Interior and Governance of the Government of Catalonia from 1995 to 2003. She was a speaker in drawing up the Catalan Statute of Autonomy in 2006 and militates with Unió Democràtica de Catalunya, the party in which she has held several posts.

The independence process and investment

Sunday, 28 june 2015 | ARA
ARA 23-06-2015 NÚRIA BOSCH   There are those who say that the Catalan independence process is like the ten plagues of Egypt, and that, as a consequen ce (and from an economic point of view), GDP will decrease, nobody will invest in Catalonia, businesses will flee, and so on and so forth until Catalonia is completely impoverished.

 Therefore, any data that point towards this catastrophe are used immediately by opponents of Catalan independence to support their position. [+]

Mas boasts about new government’s “solid commitment” to independence

Thursday, 25 june 2015 | ARA
  ARA   22-06-2015 ROGER MATEOS   On Monday Catalan president Artur Mas boasted about his new government’s “solid commitment” to the goal of independence, as he faces the elections of September 27 without the cracks in his armour caused by Unió’s doubts. Still, Mas thanked the outgoing Unió ministers for their “loyalty” and vice president Joana Ortega for her “courage” leading up to the unofficial referendum of November 9 last year. [+]

Mas confirms end of CiU, accelerates his plan for 27-S

Thursday, 25 june 2015 | ARA
ARA   19-06-2015   ROGER MATEOS / ORIOL MARCH   Only 48 hours ago, the word "separation" couldn’t be found in the public vocabulary of CDC and Unió leaders when referring to their relationship. The use of expressions as dramatic as this were confined to private confessions, where talk of an eventual breakup had become rather more common. Suddenly, the collision of recent days between the members of the federation regarding the debate over independence broke the taboos to which they had become accustomed during 37 years of political marriage. [+]

Happy St. John’s Day

Tuesday, 23 june 2015
The Revetlla de Sant Joan, the St. John’s Eve celebrations, are held across the country and take many forms. In Barcelona everyone celebrates in their own way, with neighbours, friends and families getting together for an evening meal, to play music and light bonfires. In the afternoon of 23rd June the Canigó Flame reaches Plaça de Sant Jaume, where it is received by representatives of the municipal authorities, along with City’s Eagle and Giants, to a rendition of the Muntanyes del Canigó. [+]

Spain's new old politics

Monday, 15 june 2015 | EDITORIAL
The latest reports from Spain have tended to focus on two newcomers to the political scene, Podemos and Ciudadanos, and their challenge to the comfortable status quo that the Socialist PSOE and the rightist Popular Party had settled into since the end of Franco's dictatorship in the 1970s. Exploiting the general indignation with the handling of the economic crisis and the distrust of a political establishment tainted by corruption – and with the invaluable assistance of certain media organizations – those two populist groups made a good showing in the local and regional elections of May 24. [+]

Mas: ‘The plebiscitary character of 27-S is reinforced by the ruling of the Constitutional Court against the 9-N independence vote’

Saturday, 13 june 2015 | VILAWEB
The President of the Catalan Government has made a statement explaining that the Spanish constitution has become a dead end for the democratic aspirations of the Catalans

“Spain, no rule of law?”

Tuesday, 9 june 2015
Conference - European Parliament - Brussels - 2 June 2015    I am Isabel-Helena Martí, the president of Sobirania i Justícia (Sovereignty and Justice), which is responsible for today’s presentation, together with Drets (Rights), an organisation of lawyers, whose president Sergi Blàzquez is also here, sat in the audience.   On behalf of the promoters of the event I would like to thank MEP Ramon Tremosa for his words of welcome and also for his support. [+]

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