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The business community with the Parliament of Catalonia

Tuesday, 1 september 2015
La Pedrera in Barcelona is the place that the Catalan Chambers of Commerce and many Trade and Business Associations have chosen to offer their unconditional support to the process launched by the Parliament of Catalonia. The event will take place on Thursday, September the 3rd, at 11:30am.   Thus, they reaffirm the commitment which was acquired on 8th May 2014 by all 13 Chambers of Commerce and 17 trade and business associations when they signed the Lighthouse Manifesto at San Sebastian’s Lighthouse (Palafrugell). [+]

"The Catalan desire" by Suso de Toro

Tuesday, 1 september 2015
ARA   31-08-2015     SUSO DE TORO   Analyses based exclusively on the economy, sociology, or the struggle between ideologies and parties cannot explain history. This is the case with the current political process in Catalonia. The driving force behind the debate in Catalan society on its future was born of the sudden release, like a spring, of a desire that was repressed. I’m not talking about a part of society; I’m talking about a part inside of people that for many years, even for entire lives, repressed the awareness and the desire to be simply, fully, and exclusively Catalan. [+]

Thousands attend rally in support of pro-independence coalition ‘Junts pel Sí’ (Together For Yes)

Saturday, 29 august 2015 | CNA
CNA (Catalan News Agency) 28-08-2015. Thousands of people attended on Friday a rally in Barcelona in support of the pro-independence coalition ‘Junts pel Sí’ (Together for Yes). It was the first big event of this cross-party coalition, which brings together members of the Catalan civil society and politicians from both right and left that favour independence. The Catalan President Artur Mas, who is fourth in the list, delivered a speech in which he defended ‘Junts pel Sí’ as an example of the determination of the Catalan people to achieve independence. [+]

The Uruguayan parliament receives the Catalan government to talk about the independence of Catalonia

Friday, 28 august 2015 | VILAWEB
VILAWEB   27-08-2015 Since Denmark approved a motion on the Catalans’ right to decide, now it is an American parliament, that of Uruguay, that has shown interest in the process of Catalonia’s independence. The Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Roger Albinyana, today appeared with the secretary general of the Diplocat, Albert Royo, before the Commission for International Affairs of the Uruguayan Parliament. The purpose of the meeting, which was requested by the legislative chamber of the American country, was to get first-hand information on the Catalan sovereigntist process, the reasons for it and the stages following the 27-S elections. [+]

The vote abroad, a test for democracy

Thursday, 20 august 2015 | ARA
ARA   17-08-2015   EDITORIAL     In the 2012 Catalan elections the turnout among the Catalan community living abroad dropped to 7%, a figure that is rather poor. The reason was the change in the electoral law and the negligence of some civil servants in facilitating procedures, a combination of circumstances that resulted in a flood of complaints and a certain organizational chaos. With this learning experience behind them, Catalan institutions have gone on the alert well in advance so that the same thing doesn´t happen again on 27-S, and at the moment it seems that the procedures are working better, probably because the Foreign Ministry does not want any doubt about the cleanliness of the elections, even in an area that, quantitatively, might seem unimportant. [+]

Catalonia and the United States: Two Lockean Revolutions 240 Years Apart

Saturday, 15 august 2015 | CATALUNYA: Per què Espanya?
The following is a slightly modified version of the presentation made by the author (Oriol Vidal-Aparicio) at Georgetown University (Washington, DC) on April 16, 2015, as part of a conference entitled “The Case of the Catalans, 300 Years On”, which sought to explain the ongoing independence process in Catalonia to an American audience. 

An Unofficial Plebiscite

Thursday, 13 august 2015 | GERMAN-FOREIGN-POLICY.COM
GERMAN-FOREIGN-POLICY.COM  (07-08-2015)   BERLIN/BARCELONA (Own report) - The German establishment is sending mixed signals in reaction to the announcement of an unofficial plebiscite on Catalonia's secession from Spain. Catalan Prime Minister Artur Mas has declared the September 27 regional elections a de facto plebiscite on the region's secession. Should his alliance secure the absolute majority, he will proclaim independence from Spain within 8 months. In the past, Germany had repeatedly supported Catalan secession. [+]

Ireland 1918. Catalonia 2015

Saturday, 8 august 2015 | ARA
ARA    03-08-2015   ANTONI VIVES   In 1918 all of Ireland was part of the United Kingdom. While the specifically British parties were the liberals and the conservatives, from the last third of the 19th century Irish nationalism had been nudging its way into the politics of the island, until it became one of the key players. So much so, that of the 105 members of the British Parliament who came from Ireland, most were members of the Irish Parliamentary Party (IPP), which advocated home rule or the political autonomy of the island from the British Crown. [+]

Catalan President officially calls elections, cautious of potential Spanish Government ban

Tuesday, 4 august 2015 | CNA
The President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, has signed this Monday evening a decree officially calling Catalan Parliament elections for this coming 27 September. [Foto by R. Moreno (CNA)]

These elections are expected to be transformed into a ‘de facto’ plebiscite on independence from Spain, after the Spanish Government has rejected for the last 3 years any negotiation over organising a mutually-agreed self-determination vote, ignoring the clear democratic mandate from the previous Catalan elections that took place in November 2012. These elections are “very similar to the previous ones in their form, but very different in their substance”, stated Mas after the signing. The decree is ultimately very similar to the previous documents calling Catalan Parliament elections. It has been signed this Monday evening in order not to give Spanish authorities any time to appeal against it before it is published on Tuesday morning in the Catalan Government’s Official Journal, entering into force in that moment. The official electoral campaign will start on the night of 10 September and the newly elected Parliament should hold its first session by mid-October. The election of the President of the Catalan Government should be then scheduled within the next 15 days.

Catalan Leader Calls Elections Aimed at Breaking With Spain

Tuesday, 4 august 2015 | NEW YORK TIMES
NYT   04-08-2015     By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS     Catalan regional government President Artur Mas has officially called early elections for Sept. 27, a poll he intends to use as a referendum on independence from Spain. Mas signed the election bill late Monday saying Spain's decision not to allow the region hold an independence referendum last year left it with no choice but to call elections and use them as a test of public opinion. Mas' ruling Convergence party and the region's second party, the Republican Left of Catalonia, are running joint candidates and say they will unilaterally leave Spain if they obtain a majority. [+]

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