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Catalan leaders angry at Madrid’s tightened financial control

Wednesday, 25 november 2015 | FINANCIAL TIMES
FINANCIAL TIMES   24-11-2015   TOBIAS BUCK   The Catalan government accused Spain on Tuesday of committing an act of “institutional aggression” by moving to tighten its financial supervision over the independence-minded region. Artur Mas, the Catalan regional president, said Madrid was trying to “humiliate” Catalonia for political reasons. He told a press conference in Barcelona: “The Spanish government wants to punish us because of what we voted for, and they are making people suffer without reason. [+]

No Labels for Occupied Catalonia?

Monday, 23 november 2015 | COMMENTARY MAGAZINE
COMMENTARY MAGAZINE   19-11-2015   EVELYN GORDON   Back in June, Connecticut College philosophy professor Andrew Pessin proposed going on the offensive against the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement by responding to every BDS proposal with a similar proposal targeting the Palestinian Authority’s terrorism, corruption, and human rights violations. I think it’s time to expand this terrific idea to the European Union following last week’s atrocious decision to apply special labeling requirements to Israeli produce of the West Bank, Golan Heights, and East Jerusalem. [+]

Civil War Legacy Continues to Divide Spain’s Politics and Its Streets

Sunday, 22 november 2015 | NYT
NYT   19-11-2015.-   By RAPHAEL MINDER   In Valencia, Spain’s third-largest city, the accuser and the accused of the Spanish Civil War are still honored side by side, at least on its street map. One of the avenues here is named after Joan Baptista Peset Aleixandre, a prominent doctor, university rector and left-wing politician who helped manage regional hospitals during the civil war. Running parallel to the avenue is a smaller street named after another doctor, Marco Merenciano, a Fascist who pressed charges and testified against Peset Aleixandre, who was killed in 1941 by a firing squad outside a cemetery. [+]

Spain feels Franco's legacy 40 years after his death

Sunday, 22 november 2015 | BBC
Spain's Gen Francisco Franco fought a brutal war against democracy with the aid of Hitler and Mussolini and thereafter presided over a regime of state terror and national brainwashing through the controlled media and the state education system.

Keep calm Catalonia: We are on the brink of liberation from Spain

Sunday, 15 november 2015 | INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES   14-11-2015.-    By LIZ CASTRO     This week, Catalonia's determination to do the impossible has finally reached parliament, with a vote by a majority of the MPs in favour of a resolution which marks the "start of the process to create an independent Catalan state in the form of a republic". The resolution declares its democratic mandate, initiates drafting of a Catalan Constitution whilst calling on the future Catalan Government to implement the resolution. [+]

Catalonia crisis forces Spain into unknown territory

Friday, 13 november 2015 | BBC News
Is it really possible that part of a Western European country could break away, without a legally recognised referendum or the consent of that country's government?

[FOTO: Andreu Dalmau (EFE)]

Rajoy bewildered by Del Bosque on Catalan independence process

Thursday, 12 november 2015 | ARA
When the Spanish national soccer team coach questioned him on SER radio about his "inaction", the Spanish president merely replied that sovereignty belongs to all Spaniards and it cannot be split

Spain’s News Media Are Squeezed by Government and Debt

Thursday, 12 november 2015 | NEW YORK TIMES
NEW YORK TIMES   05-11-2015   By RAPHAEL MINDER     Newspapers almost everywhere have struggled to adjust to digital technology and declining advertising revenues. But in Spain, the rapid restructuring of a shrinking industry — more than 11,000 journalists have lost their jobs here in seven years — has also prompted mounting concerns over whether Spain’s most established papers have lost their editorial independence amid the financial squeeze. The industry here has faced a perfect storm that has included huge debts and the assertiveness of a conservative government under Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his Popular Party that has aggressively countered public criticism. [+]

Spain threatens to impose direct rule on Catalonia

Wednesday, 11 november 2015 | HERALD SCOTLAND
HERALD SCOTLAND   10-11-2015   DAVID LEASK   Spain has threatened to impose direct rule on Catalonia. For years the ruling rightist Popular Party in Madrid has taken an uncompromisingly legalistic stance on Catalan independence. Now its leader, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, has formally raised the prospect of suspending devolution in Catalonia as the would-be breakaway nation takes its first tentative steps towards full sovereignty.   The Catalan parliament - dominated by a new alliance of independentistes - on Monday approved resolutions beginning a "road map" to independence. [+]

Catalonia MPs vote for secession as Spain looks to block plans in court

Monday, 9 november 2015 | THE GUARDIAN
Resolution passes calling for legislation to create separate institutions, but Spanish prime minister insists there will be no split

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