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Spain’s Dictator Is Dead, but the Debate About Him Lives On

Thursday, 9 august 2018 | FOREIGN POLICY
Francisco Franco ran Spain with an iron fist for decades—and created myths about his rule that are only now starting to come undone.

IMAGE: People make the fascist salute at La Basilica The Valley of Fallen in San Lorenzo del Escorial near Madrid on July 15, 2018, as they protest against the removal of Franco's remains from The Valley of Fallen. (JAVIER SORIANO / AFP)

Old order is on way out, in Spain and Scotland

Tuesday, 10 july 2018 | THE NATIONAL
THE NATIONAL 9th July 2018     GEORGE KEREVAN   THE Socialist Workers’ Party, or Partido Socialista Obrero Espanol (PSOE), is Spain’s oldest extant political organisation, founded as far back as 1879. Under its youthful new leader Pedro Sanchez, it has miraculously returned to power in Madrid, though only as a (very) minority government, following the downfall of the right-wing Popular Party (PP) administration of Mariano Rajoy. At the last Spanish general election (in 2016) the PSOE only managed a derisory 85 seats out of 350 and was being written off – very much like the Labour Party before Jeremy Corbyn. [+]

Cathal MacSwiney Brugha: ‘Jailing Catalan pro-independence leaders is a stupid move by Madrid, a sign that they are losing’

Saturday, 7 july 2018 | VILAWEB
The Irish Professor proposes a “Europe Cares” about Catalonia campaign
Picture by Lluís Brunet

AP Interview: Catalan chief to ask Spain for secession vote

Saturday, 30 june 2018 | APNEWS
APNews By JOSEPH WILSON   26-06-2018   BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Catalonia’s new separatist chief plans to deliver one message to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in their highly-anticipated meeting next month: an authorized ballot over Catalan secession from Spain is the only solution to the country’s worst political crisis in decades. “We will go to the meeting with the Spanish Prime Minister ready to discuss the major issue ... which is the right to self-determination for Catalonia,” Catalonia’s regional president Quim Torra told The Associated Press in an interview on Monday. [+]

Sánchez and the Catalan Crisis

Saturday, 30 june 2018
JACOBINMAG 18-06-2018   By LUKE STOBART   "It’s the best thing for me and for the Popular Party, or to put in another way, it is the best for the Popular Party and for me, and I think also for Spain and the rest doesn’t matter." With these typically bumbling words Mariano Rajoy said goodbye to his seven years of presidency after losing a no-confidence motion in Congress. After many depressing months in which the new Spanish right — Ciudadanos (C’s) — had helped push mainstream politics rightwards, a more interesting political phase has begun. [+]

Self-determination and Catalonia

Thursday, 28 june 2018 | Alfred de Zayas Human Rights Corner
The change of government in Madrid gives hope that negotiations in good faith may now be possible with the government of the Generalitat of Catalonia.  A modicum of historical knowledge should help outsiders understand that Catalonia has its own distinct culture and traditions and that the only way forward is through a new referendum.  The legal aspects of the issue are explained in the memorandum below.

Catalonia is an inclusive country, a civic republic

Monday, 11 june 2018 | EUobserver
euobserver 6. JUN, 2018   By JORDI SOLÉ Recent allegations have tried to paint the broad Catalan pro-independence movement as one with racist and xenophobic undertones, comparing it with far-right populist movements that remind us of a different era. 

 Thankfully, in Catalonia this kind of identity politics was overcome decades ago by those in favour of building an independent Catalan Republic. Catalonia has historically been, and still is to this day, a land where different cultures have met, mixed, and lived together. [+]

Clara Ponsatí accuses Spain of illegal vendetta against Catalan nationalists

Sunday, 10 june 2018 | THE GUARDIAN
Academic tells SNP conference Catalan independence referendum was entirely legal

A Matter of Time

Tuesday, 22 may 2018 | LA VANGUARDIA
Published in "LA VANGUARDIA" on 20th April 2018. By FERRAN REQUEJO When judges meddle in politics, they distort semantics, forget “the spirit of the laws” and display their ignorance. When judges meddle in politics they become bad judges and even worse politicians. It is said that there is “a lack of politics” in Spain, but there is also an excess of judges practising it. While the Llarena affair is by no means unique, it does exemplify the myriad structural problems that characterize the Spanish political system. [+]

Why Are So Many Democracies Breaking Down?

Monday, 14 may 2018 | NEW YORK TIMES
NEW YORK TIMES May 8, 2018   By Michael Albertus and Victor Menaldo   Italy, Poland, Hungary and even Spain: European democracy is in shambles. Critical threats to democracy have also surfaced in countries like Turkey, Brazil and the Philippines. Under President Trump’s “America First” orientation, leaders with authoritarian tendencies in places as disparate as Egypt, Honduras, Russia and Venezuela have trampled their political opponents without concern for anything more harmful than a tongue lashing from the United States. [+]

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