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Suso de Toro: “After the referendum, the interlcutor will be Angela Merkel”

Wednesday, 16 august 2017 | EL NACIONAL
EL NACIONAL    NICOLAS TOMÀS   13-08-2017.-    Read in Catalan Defending the right of self-determination for the people of Spain has closed many doors for him. In Spain, but also in his own land. The 'Galicianism' of the II Republic has been crushed by the PP (Popular Party), which flourished since the end of the Franco regime, with the exception of brief lapses. But the writer, Suso de Toro (born in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, in 1956), remains firm: he writes and says what he thinks, to his own cost. [+]

How do you start a country?

Sunday, 13 august 2017 | BBC News
Two forthcoming referendums, in Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan Region and in Catalonia, the autonomous region of Spain, will ask whether they should become  [+]

‘Madrid can’t overcome our democracy’ Catalan Speaker says independence vote WILL go ahead

Friday, 4 august 2017 | ESPRESS
EXCLUSIVE: THE independence referendum will go ahead as planned even if Madrid enacts the nuclear option in the Spanish constitution, the Speaker of the Catalan Parliament has insisted.

The Catholic Monarchs and the myth of the oldest 'nation' in Europe

Tuesday, 1 august 2017 | EL NACIONAL
EL NACIONAL   By Marc Pons   06-05-2017.-   Read in Catalan It was the year 1469 and Ferran and Isabel, princelings to the royal houses of Catalonia-Aragon and Castile-Leon, were married privately. Neither pomp nor ceremony. While it is true that Europe was still crippled by the terrible effects of the plague, it is surprising that the two alleged crafters of Hispanic union —sacred symbols for contemporary Spanishness, known as the Catholic Monarchs— should be hurriedly married in secret. [+]

The Puigdemont factor

Saturday, 29 july 2017 | POLITICO
The Catalan president has proved he is serious about independence, but many obstacles remain in his way.

Intimidations for free

Saturday, 29 july 2017 | EL NACIONAL
EL NACIONAL EDITORIAL José Antich   28-07-2017.-   Although at this stage of the dispute between Catalonia and Spain, after first having had news of the 'Operation Catalonia' - the shameful use of officials from the State's security forces manufacturing false evidence against Catalan independentism - and later, the documentary that could be seen on TV3, Spain's Secret Cesspit, produced by Mediapro and directed by Jaume Roures, nothing, or almost nothing, could come as a shock, but for some reason or another, that's not completely true. [+]

Guardia Civil questions more officials about Catalan voters abroad

Saturday, 29 july 2017 | CATALAN NEWS AGENCY
Head of promotion and exterior communications director the latest government representatives to be interviewed by Spanish police in relation to October 1 referendum

Spanish steps: On the secession vote in Catalonia

Tuesday, 25 july 2017 | THE HINDU
Madrid pulls out all the stops ahead of the secession vote in Catalonia


Monday, 24 july 2017 | LET CATALANS VOTE
This is the manifesto signed by 6 Nobel Prizes & 50 int'l figures such as Yoko Ono, Peter Gabriel, Hristo Stoitxkov, Éric Cantonà.

Photo: Yoko Ono Lennon

You don't need to be a Catalan separatist to support the referendum on self-determination

Monday, 24 july 2017 | THE PARLIAMENT MAGAZINE
While the Spanish government chose to bury its head in the sand, the pro-independence movement in Catalonia blossomed, writes Jordi Solé.

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