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Spanish water rights fight raises fears for Ebro delta

Wednesday, 10 february 2016 | BBC
Environmentalists say one of Europe's most important wetland areas is under threat as Spain and Catalonia argue about the future of the Ebro river.

I declare myself seditious…

Monday, 8 february 2016 | VILAWEB
“If in Madrid some people think that by pursuing the ANC they will make the country go quiet, they haven’t understood anything, which is something we already knew, but above all they do not understand democracy nor where power comes from or how it works”

Catalan Boss Says ‘Brexit’ Deal Sign EU Can Flex for Separatists

Monday, 8 february 2016 | BLOOMBERG
BLOOMBERG   05-02-2016.-   ESTEBAN DUARTE   Donald Tusk’s proposal for avoiding a so-called Brexit shows the European Union can accommodate major shifts in the continent’s political situation, said Carles Puigdemont, who as regional president aims to lead Catalonia to independence next year. The EU president’s plan to limit benefits for Europeans who move to Britain and shield the City of London from bank regulators in Frankfurt aims to help Prime Minister David Cameron win a vote on staying in the 28-nation bloc. [+]

Statehood is Catalonia's 'only option'

Friday, 5 february 2016 | EUobserver
EUobserver   04-02-2016.-   HELENA SPONGENBERG     The new Catalan government installed last month under Carles Puigdemont has promised to adopt a constitution and organise a referendum on independence in about 18 months. One part of this strategy is to boost the region’s profile and influence in Europe. To this end, a foreign affairs department has been created in Barcelona to replace the previous secretariat. The new portfolio was entrusted to Raul Romeva, a former Green MEP who led the separatist coalition in the last election in September 2015. [+]

Catalonia’s debt to Twitter

Thursday, 4 february 2016 | MEDIUM.COM
IMAGE:  Catalonia on Twitter, clockwise from top left: a conference on Catalonia’s economic and business power, President Carles Puigdemont, former Icelandic Foreign Minister who told Catalans not to worry about scaremongers, and an advertising for the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. MEDIUM.COM   03-02-2016.- LIZ CASTRO.-   How do you change the world peacefully and democratically in the 21st century? By connecting, educating, and getting the outside world to listen. [+]

How Catalonia is the Key to Spain’s Current Political Deadlock

Thursday, 28 january 2016 | COUNTERPOUNCH
COUNTERPOUNCH   27-01-2016.-     By ADRIÀ ALSINA – KRYSTYNA SCHREIBER   176: This is the magic number in Spanish politics. Half+1 members of Congress, which is a 350-seat semicircle now plagued with as many as 12 different political groups. Or even 15, if you dare to count in the three regional-based confluences finally included within the Podemos “Confederal” brand that couldn’t struck a deal to obtain a separate group of their own. Spain used to be a game of two. [+]

Catalonia seeks foreign support for breakaway from Spain

Tuesday, 26 january 2016 | FINANCIAL TIMES
Government looks to foreign governments, EU and financial markets to press Madrid

In Far-Flung Corners of the World, Catalan Secessionists Push for Support for Independence From Spain

Sunday, 17 january 2016 | The Wall Street Journal
Madrid tries to counter message, lobbying governments and dogging separatist events

The Wall Street Journal


Catalonia leader sworn in without declaring loyalty to King

Sunday, 17 january 2016
Carles Puigdemont, a fervent secessionist, sworn in as Catalonia's regional president - carefully avoiding swearing loyalty to Spain

Puigdemont provides new twist in Catalonia’s separatist drama

Tuesday, 12 january 2016 | FINANCIAL TIMES
Pressure grows on Spain’s mainstream parties to form common front against new Catalan government

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