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Government calls for "unified and forceful" demonstrations if TC disqualifies Forcadell

Sunday, 14 august 2016 | ARA
Spokesperson Neus Munté says that those abroad "do not understand the Spanish government's attitude of stonewall reluctance, lack of understanding, zero dialogue, and persecution of a democratic process"

Separatists prepare to ignore Constitutional Court

Wednesday, 3 august 2016 | ARA
CUP’s Anna Gabriel warns if Forcadell is impeached Catalan process will have reached "point of no return"; Minister Neus Munté stresses government's commitment to mandate arising from 27-S polls.

Defiant Catalans to move step closer to independence

Thursday, 28 july 2016 | THE NATIONAL
NINE months after the Catalan parliament resolved to begin the process of creating an independent state, its government is vowing to do it with or without approval from Spain’s central government in Madrid.

(Image: Catalan foreign affairs minister Raul Romeva)  [+]

Separatist movement in Catalonia steps up battle with Madrid

Thursday, 28 july 2016 | THE GUARDIAN
In defiance of Spain’s constitutional court separatists hold controversial vote approving unilateral disconnection plan

Catalonia tells Spain it will push for secession with or without assent

Wednesday, 27 july 2016 | THE GUARDIAN
Government says hostility from Madrid has left it with no choice but to use democratic mandate to pursue independence

Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters

You in the Vatican, me in court

Tuesday, 26 july 2016 | ARA
ARA   CARLES CAPDEVILA   23-07-2016.- The former director of Catalonia’s Anti-Fraud Office, judge Daniel de Alfonso, is back in court. Back on the bench, to be precise. And Spain’s hitherto acting Home Secretary, Jorge Fernández, is a likely candidate to become the next Spanish ambassador to the Vatican City.   (And now please allow me to pause while I pinch myself —by all means, feel free to follow my lead— just to double-check that this is not a nightmare, but something even worse: reality; let’s move on, shall we?)   De Alfonso asked the governing body of Spain’s judiciary to resume his career as a judge and he has been given the thumbs up. [+]

22-07-2016: #PrayforMunich

Saturday, 23 july 2016

Homage to Catalonia: Spanish Civil War veterans honoured at 80th anniversary Barcelona concert

Friday, 22 july 2016 | IBTIMES
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES   DAVID SIM.- 20-07-2016     On 18 July 1936 a group of officers staged a military coup in Spain in an attempt to overthrow the left-wing Popular Front government. This sparked a civil war that resulted in victory for the Nationalists, who were supported by Adolf Hitler's Germany and Benito Mussolini's Italy. Historians estimate as many as 500,000 combatants and civilians were killed on the Republican and Nationalist sides in the war. Atrocities were committed on both sides. [+]

The hidden power that governs Spain

Wednesday, 20 july 2016 | ARA
ARA   ALEX FONT MANTÉ 19/07/2016  I had a conversation with one of the Catalan business leaders with influence in Madrid. His experience in the Spanish capital has allowed him to get to know its labyrinths as few Catalans do, and our chat meandered into an explanation of how the Spanish State works. "Politicians from Catalonia —he stated firmly— don’t have the slightest idea of how power works in Madrid. They're like innocent lambs. What rules there is an extraordinary technocracy. [+]

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