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Madrid court rules against Catalonia bull-fighting ban

Saturday, 22 october 2016 | FINANCIAL TIMES
FINANCIAL TIMES   20-10-2016.-   By TOBIAS BUCK   Spain’s constitutional court has lifted a six-year-old ban on bull-fighting in Catalonia, sparking an angry backlash in the region and opening a sensitive new front in the escalating conflict between Madrid and the secession-minded Catalan government.   In a ruling published on Thursday, the court said that Catalonia’s regional parliament lacked the competency to impose a bull-fighting ban. It pointed out that Spanish law defines the traditional corrida as part of the country’s “national heritage” which meant it fell under the competency of the central government in Madrid. [+]

Why one American wants Catalonia to be Europe’s new nation

Saturday, 22 october 2016 | PRIs The World
Foto: Liz Castro presents her book "Many Grains of Sand" at Barcelona’s Institute for Catalan Studies, on Sept. 12, 2016.

Let's go ahead. For democracy, for our institutions, and in support to Carme Forcadell today we gather at the Catalan Parliament a 19h.

Thursday, 20 october 2016
Let's go ahead. For democracy, for our institutions, and in support to Carme Forcadell today we gather at the Catalan Parliament a 19h. [+]

Catalonia presses its case

Sunday, 9 october 2016 | FdiIntelligence
Artur Mas was president of Catalonia from 2010 to 2015. On a visit to London he spoke to fDi about the region’s continued push for independence from Spain and what parallels could be drawn with Brexit and Scotland’s status within the UK. [+]

Democracy in Catalonia, a chance for Europe

Wednesday, 5 october 2016
The Institute of the European Regions (IRE) with head quarters in Salzburg, has awarded his prize for journalism 2016 to the German author Krystyna Schreiber for her book on the Catalan independence movement „The translation of independence“ („Die Übersetzung der Unabhängigkeit“). This is the speech the author gave during the ceremony in front of the numerous representatives of European cities, regions, companies and institutions. Krystyna Schreiber also collaborates with Col·lectiu Emma in its task to inform objectively about the political situation in Catalonia.

Mark McNaught: Catalans to have independence referendum in 2017, with or without Madrid’s consent

Monday, 3 october 2016 | COMMON SENSE
Dr Mark McNaught of Demos Scotland outlines the political landscape in Catalonia as the independence movement marches forward [+]

Catalan leader sees two options: referendum or referendum

Thursday, 29 september 2016 | FINANCIAL TIMES
Carles Puigdemont insists he is ready to negotiate with Madrid but says matter must be put to a vote

[Foto: Reuters]

Catalonia to hold independence referendum with or without Spain's consent

Thursday, 29 september 2016 | REUTERS
[Foto: Albert Gea/Reuters]

Catalonia sees itself as the nation-state of the future

Wednesday, 21 september 2016 | THE WASHINGTON POST
THE WASHINGTON POST   By ISHAAN THAROR   20-09-2016.-     In the northeastern corner of Spain, Sept. 11 has a different meaning than elsewhere in the world. It marks the "Diada," the national day of Catalonia, dating back to 1714 when Catalan forces in Barcelona surrendered to the conquering armies of the Bourbon monarch. Last week, as has been the case in recent years, hundreds of thousands of people marched in Barcelona and Catalonia’s other main cities on Sept. [+]

Catalan independence is peaceful, popular and national — which is why the Spanish state hates it

Monday, 19 september 2016 | IBTimes
IBTimes   FRANCESC SERÉS   16-09-2016.-   Spain's Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel García Margallo, said on the eve of Catalonia's National Day that one can get over crises, that one can get over a terrorist attack, but that the one thing that's really irreversible is the dissolution of Spain.   I'm not sure if he was expressing a fear, an opinion, or both, but what is certain is that the thing that is tearing Spain apart is that the country can't get over ministers like him in government. [+]

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