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The reasons behind Catalonia's financial difficulties (Notes on the bailout request from the Catalan government)

Wednesday, 29 august 2012 | press
The reasons behind Catalonia's financial difficulties Notes on the bailout request from the Catalan government The 5 billion euro bailout that Catalonia formally requested from the Spanish government yesterday quickly made the front pages of the financial press all over the world. It is sad news for all that what is probably the most dynamic and productive region in the south of Europe should find itself in such dire straits. One reason for the calamitous state of Catalan public finances is the overspending of the last several years. [+]

Resposta pública a Le Monde (II)

Thursday, 23 august 2012 | Le Monde
Quelques précisions au sujet de l´article "Les régions espagnoles épinglées comme ´principal facteur de risque´ pour le déficit", paru dans Le Monde du 21 août dernier Chers messieurs, De même que dans d'autres informations fournies précédemment par l'Agence France Presse, dans celle-ci on retrouve la grave erreur de ne pas distinguer entre les "régions" qui (comme la Catalogne) sont contribuables nettes au budget de l'État, et celles qui (comme l'Andalousie) vivent grâce aux sommes que l'État leur verse après les avoir prélevées aux premières. [+]

"Esportare la Catalogna" di Vicent Sanchís

Tuesday, 21 august 2012 | El Punt Avui
(Traducció de l'article de Vicent Sanchís "Exportar-nos al món" realitzada per Marco Giralucci, bon amic del Col·lectiu Emma, que ha publicat aquí i aquí, ) Exportar-nos al món (Esportare la Catalogna) El Punt - Avui 19-08-2012 La questione catalana, caso, problema o riferimento, a seconda di chi la guarda, sta diventando internazionale. Finalmente. Fino ad ora la Catalogna aveva questa bilancia dei pagamenti sbilanciata. [+]

"Exportar-nos al món" de Vicent Sanchis

Sunday, 19 august 2012 | El Punt Avui
(Article publicat per Vicent Sanchís a El Punt Avui: gràcies per la menció al Col·lectiu Emma: "Exportar-nos al món")  La qüestió catalana –qüestió, cas, problema o referència, segons qui la miri– s'internacionalitza. Enhorabona. Fins ara Catalunya tenia aquesta balança de pagaments desnivellada. Importava models i reflexions –la basca, la quebequesa, l'escocesa o qualsevol altra que se li posés a tir– i no s'exportava a ella mateixa. [+]

Recommended article: "March for independence"

Saturday, 18 august 2012 | BeyondThePale
We would like to bring to your attention a blog post about Catalan independence written by an American. It's a fine expression of what many non-Catalans who have a first-hand knowledge of Catalonia feel about the present political situation there: "March for Independence".  You can visit the blog "BeyondThePale" by clicking here.  March for independence The movement for Catalan Independence from Spain is growing. I thought that would be a good idea soon after I first moved here in 2001 when the movement was much smaller than it is today. [+]

Recommended article: "Spain: Autonomy under fire" by David Gardner

Thursday, 16 august 2012 | Financial Times
We want to recommended the article "Spain: Autonomy under fire" by David Gardner published in the Financial Times. Some excerpts: The Spanish government, trapped in crossfire at the frontline of the battle for the euro, looks as if it is opening a second front – by using the crisis as pragmatic justification and political cover to roll back a highly devolved system of regional government that the ruling Partido Popular ideologically detests. (...) Yet the architectural design of devolution was flawed from inception. [+]

The world should be paying attention to hate speech in Spain (Notes on the recent death threats against a Catalan Olympian)

Friday, 10 august 2012 | hate
"Àlex Fàbregas, I want you dead". "We should kill him slowly, to make him suffer". "Gas chamber for Àlex Fàbregas". The target of these threats, and of at least one thousand other offensive messages, is a Catalan field hockey player in Spain's Olympic team. There were milder ones too: "It would be so good if in the next match you'd get a hard blow with a stick right across your face so you'd have to go back to your fucking Catalonia". [+]

Catalunya mira al món

Monday, 6 august 2012 | El Punt Avui, Premsa
(Article publicat a El Punt Avui: "Catalunya mira al món" de Marc Bataller) Catalunya mira al món El col·lectiu Emma vetlla perquè els mitjans internacionals expliquin la “veritat” sobre Catalunya i la seva relació política amb l'Estat L'entitat considera que el govern hauria de potenciar més la imatge internacional 06/08/12 - Barcelona - Marc Bataller Any 2009. Neix el col·lectiu Emma, una organització que té com a repte evitar que els mitjans internacionals difonguin una visió “esbiaixada” de Catalunya. [+]

Recommended article: "Only Mario Draghi's ECB can avert global calamity before the year is out" by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Monday, 30 july 2012 | Daily Telegraph
We want to recommend the following article: "Only Mario Draghi's ECB can avert global calamity before the year is out" by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, published in The Daily Telegraph. An excerpt: Nobody knows where the point of political revulsion lies but monetary and fiscal suffocation has already brought Barcelona and Madrid to the point of blows, since the Catalans have been forced by the perversities of Spain’s tax system to request a "rescue" even though they subsidize the rest of the country. [+]

What's really going on in Catalonia (Notes on the present financial crisis in Spain and the political options for Catalans)

Wednesday, 25 july 2012
A full-fledged bailout of Spain is now taken for granted by most observers. In the meantime, Mr. Rajoy's government has grudgingly agreed to submit its finances to external oversight and to implement some overdue reforms. It is unlikely, however, that the measures it has taken can actually put the country's economy on the right track. So far, they seem to be designed to raise money for the state's operation rather than to stimulate growth and create jobs. And while the need for austerity is unquestionable, there are serious doubts about the focus of the spending cuts and about the selective way in which they are applied. [+]

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