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Letter to the Editor (New York Times)

Tuesday, 7 february 2012 | New York Times
In relation to the New York Times editorial of February 4th ("Truth on Trial in Spain"), we would like to recommend professor Susan Digiacomo´s comments about Mr. Garzón´s conduct in other cases. We also believe, however, that by clearly denouncing the fact that Franco´s regime has never been put on trial the NYT put the finger on a fundamental flaw that still taints the present political system in Spain. To the Editor: "Truth on Trial in Spain" (editorial, February 4) rightly notes that the trial of Judge Baltasar Garzón is a "disturbing echo" of the Franco dictatorship, but also oversimplifies a more complex story. [+]

Recommended article in the Financial Times: "Catalonia demands new deal from Spain"

Monday, 16 january 2012 | Financial Times
We want to recommend Victor Mallet's article in the Financial Times "Catalonia demands new deal from Spain". Some excerpts from the article, mostly based on an interview to President Mas: “Catalonia cannot carry on supporting the fiscal drainage that we have at the moment, which is roughly equal to 8 or 9 per cent of gross domestic product [some €17bn] every year,” Mr Mas said. “So our project in the short term is fiscal sovereignty ... In the longer term, we’ll see. [+]

Regional governments are responsible for less than 20% of Spain’s debt and for 33% of its 2011 deficit

Saturday, 14 january 2012 | Catalan News Agency
(Recommended article published at the Catalan News Agency) Barcelona (ACN).- In the last number of weeks, the Autonomous Community governments have been blamed even further for Spain’s deficit, even at an international level, and therefore agreeing with the Spanish Government and Spanish nationalists. However, simple and transparent data show that regional governments are not the only ones responsible for Spain’s deficit and debt, quite the contrary. 62% of the 2011 deficit depends on the Central Government as well as 75% of Spain’s public debt. [+]

Catalogna in pillole

Friday, 13 january 2012 | Spaghetti BCN
El bon amic i col·laborador del Col·lectiu Emma Marco Giralucci ha publicat a Spaghetti BCN, la pàgina web dels italians a Barcelona, una entrevista amb el professor venecià Patrizio Rigobon, que parla de literatura catalana. Aprofitem per recomanar molt especialment tota la sèrie de Catalogna in pillole, unes entrevistes en vídeo molt curtes que són una magnífica introducció a la realitat catalana per a la gent de fora. [+]

Lliçons al Financial Times? (II)

Thursday, 12 january 2012 | Financial Times, Salvador Garcia
(article publicat al blog de Salvador Garcia, membre del Col·lectiu Emma) Fa un temps vaig escriure sobre una entrevista de Manel Fuentes a Victor Mallet, corresponsal del Financial Times. Avui, sant tornem-hi.  Escolteu l’entrevista. Hi ha un tema de formes. I hi ha un tema de fons: és el Financial Times responsable de la imatge que s’està projectant de que les autonomies, i en especial Catalunya, són les principals responsables de la situació financera de l’estat espanyol? Algunes notes. [+]

Spain’s Debt: The View From Barcelona

Wednesday, 11 january 2012 | New York Times
(Minister Minister of Economy and Knowledge of Catalonia Andreu Mas-Colell reply published at the New York Times) To the Editor: “Regional Debts Add Woe in Spain” (front page, Dec. 31) placed excessive responsibility on the regions for the fiscal problems of Spain. In truth, the largest public budget and deficit and most of the regulatory power over fiscal and expenditure issues lie with the central Spanish administration. The matter is a sensitive one, as not everyone in Spain is reconciled to the post-Franco transformation of the country. [+]

L'Emma busca amics

Sunday, 8 january 2012 | El Temps, Premsa
(article de Josep Gifreu publicat a El Temps) Un article m’ha servit de consol per a cloure aquest fatídic 2011 i curiosament parla d’economia. No m’agraden els economistes quan volen explicar les causes de la crisi, ni els polítics quan atribueixen a la mà negra dels mercats totes les culpes de l’estat del malestar. En canvi, l’article en qüestió comença amb un citació d’André Gide que fa: “M’agraden les nacions petites. [+]

A Public Reply to the Financial Times (VII)

Thursday, 5 january 2012 | Financial Times
Sirs, Your correspondent is right to point up the "centralising instincts" of the new Spanish government ("Madrid targets regions in austerity drive", January 4, 2012). Tellingly, the economy minister himself is quoted saying that the present financial difficulties are "an opportunity to impose hard conditions" on the regions. You can be sure that these conditions will not be just financial but largely political. Relating in particular to Catalonia, a productive community which makes a huge contribution to the state and to the welfare of other regions, even to the detriment of some its own basic needs, and finds itself choked by Spain's discriminatory fiscal policies. [+]

Recommended article: "The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On The Journalists, It Seems", by Edward Hugh

Sunday, 1 january 2012 | Edward Hugh
Following his Facebook notes about the NYT's article, Edward Hugh has written a post that we recommend: "The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On The Journalists, It Seems". The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On The Journalists, It Seems by Edward Hugh Things in Spain are never exactly what they seem to be. This is a painful lesson that even Angela Merkel must have learnt in recent days, especially since she put her credibility so much on the line in backing the country’s deficit reduction efforts. [+]

Some interesting notes on the New York Times article from Edward Hugh

Sunday, 1 january 2012 | New York Times
Col·lectiu Emma's good friend, Edward Hugh, has also comented the NYT's article "As Spain Acts to Cut Deficit, Regional Debts Add to Woe" in his Facebook wall. We reproduce his interesting remarks here. ******* I'm not really sure that Suzanne Daly of the New York Times may not have been been inadvertently taken for a ride with the article she wrote yesterday, which was purportedly on regional extravagance in Spain. Not that examples of such extravagance don't abound, its just that the example she choses to highlight in her article - the prison at Puig de Les Bases, Figueres (which just happens to be only a few kilometres from where I live) - is NOT an example of something that isn't needed, like a phantom airport, or a golf course where no one will ever play golf. [+]

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