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Recommended article "Catalonia Presses Spain on Autonomy Even as Financial Crisis Simmers" in the New York Times

Friday, 14 september 2012 | New York Times
We want to recommended the article "Catalonia Presses Spain on Autonomy Even as Financial Crisis Simmers" published in the New York Times. Some excerpts: Xavier Carbonell, the chief executive of Palex, a medical device supplier, might not seem to be a businessman willing to risk a political confrontation between his home region, Catalonia, and the central government in Madrid. Multimedia After all, Palex, based in Barcelona, receives about 90 percent of its $150 million of annual revenue from customers in the rest of Spain. [+]

Recommended article: "Crisis fuels Catalan independence push" in the Financial Times

Thursday, 13 september 2012 | Financial Times
We want to recommend the article "Crisis fuels Catalan independence push" published in the Financial Times.  Some excerpts: (...) the relatively rich Catalans are outraged that they have to contribute up to 9 per cent of annual economic output to the central pot in Madrid, but then go cap-in-hand for a bailout to meet their debt and payroll commitments.   (...) Yet Spain, where prime minister Mariano Rajoy is agonising over whether to seek a full eurozone bailout, needs Catalan fiscal transfers to meets its pensions and welfare liabilities. [+]

Recommended article: "Rally Brings Strong Call for Catalan Fiscal Sovereignty" published in The New York Times

Thursday, 13 september 2012 | New York Times
We want to recommended the article "Rally Brings Strong Call for Catalan Fiscal Sovereignty" by Raphael Minder published in The New York Times. Some excerpts: The leader of Catalonia on Wednesday urged the national government in Madrid to grant his region fiscal sovereignty, perhaps his strongest demand yet for more independence a day after hundreds of thousands of Catalans held a surprisingly large separatist rally in central Barcelona. Recalling Spain’s return to democracy, after the death of Gen. [+]

1.5 million people demonstrate peacefully for Catalonia’s independence from Spain

Wednesday, 12 september 2012 | Catalan News Agency
(Recommended article: "1.5 million people demonstrate peacefully for Catalonia’s independence from Spain" by Gaspar Pericay Coll in the Catalan News Agency) 1.5 million people demonstrate peacefully for Catalonia’s independence from Spain Barcelona (ACN).- The largest demonstration ever made in Catalonia has univocally called for the Catalan independence from Spain and ended by asking to start the secession process. This Tuesday evening, coinciding with Catalonia’s National Day, 1. [+]

For the Catalan Republic

Wednesday, 12 september 2012 | Vilaweb
(Article published in Vilaweb by Vicent Partal) It will take a few days for us to digest what we lived through on this September 11th in the city of Barcelona. But there are some things that don't require discussion. Like the fact that this was the biggest demonstration ever in Catalonia. Or that it was definitively independentist. Or that the demands of the people have progressed a lot farther than that which the politicians, in general, were ready to accept. Those who would say this is just another demonstration and that it could be manipulated for partisan gain are wrong. [+]

Article recomanat: "DIADA 2012 - On prévoit une mobilisation historique: une véritable rupture avec l'Espagne?" de Vincent Garnier

Tuesday, 11 september 2012 | Le Petit Jornal
Recomanem l'article "DIADA 2012 - On prévoit une mobilisation historique: une véritable rupture avec l'Espagne?" de Vincent Garnier publicat a Le Petit Jornal (hi ha una dada que no és exacta al final, quan diu que Catalunya paga 40.000€ milions en impostos a Madrid) Les souverainistes catalans sont en effervescence, pour la célébration d'une fête nationale qui augure un rassemblement massif. A l'image du Collectif Emma, chargé de divulguer une pensée alternative au discours officiel madrilène, ils sont de plus en plus nombreux au sein de la société civile catalane, à réclamer l'indépendance. [+]

Отличительная манифестация в Национальный День Каталонии (Заметки о движении, запланированном на одиннадцатое сентября в Барселоне)

Saturday, 8 september 2012 | Каталонии
10 июля 2010 года сотни тысяч каталонцев, нечасто выражающих свой протест, вышли на улицы с массовой манифестацией. Непосредственной причиной был отказ Испании оформить Положение Статуса Каталонии, утверженного автономным парламентом и ратифицированном референдумом четыре года назад. [+]

Inny rodzaj manifestacji w Dzień Katalońskiego Święta Narodowego (Notatki Ugrupowania Emma dotyczące demonstracji zaplanowanej w Barcelonie na 11 września tego roku)

Saturday, 8 september 2012 | Katalonia
10 lipca 2010r. w Barcelonie odbyła się masowa polityczna demonstracja, w której setki tysięcy Katalończyków, tradycyjnie pokojowo nastawionych, wyszło na ulice. Bezpośrednią przyczyną marszu było odrzucenie przez Hiszpanię statutu Autonomii, który cztery lata temu został zatwierdzony przez Parlament Kataloński i ratyfikowany w referendum. W tamtym czasie ten zrewidowany akt prawny był postrzegany w Katalonii, jako uczciwa propozycja politycznego porozumienia w ramach struktury państwa. [+]

A different kind of march on the Catalan National Day (Notes on the demonstration planned for September 11 in Barcelona)

Friday, 7 september 2012
On July 10, 2010, the traditionally reticent Catalans turned up in hundreds of thousands in central Barcelona for a truly massive political demonstration. The immediate cause was Spain's virtual rejection of the self-rule charter that had been passed by their Parliament and endorsed in a referendum four years before. At the time, this revised Estatut had been seen in Catalonia as an honest proposal for a commonly acceptable political arrangement within the state's framework. By 2010, however, many had despaired about the possibility of ever reaching such an agreement, and although the official theme for the march was not independence, this was exactly the word that most people were chanting that day on the streets of Barcelona. [+]

Eine andere Art von Marsch am katalanischen Nationalfeiertag (Notizen zur Demonstration am 11.September in Barcelona)

Friday, 7 september 2012
Am 10.Juli 2010 versammelten sich im Zentrum von Barcelona Hunderttausende der eher zurückhaltenden Katalanen zu einer grossen politischen Demonstration. Der unmittelbare Anlass dazu war die eigentliche Absage Spaniens zu dem Selbstverwaltungsstatut, das vom katalanischen Parlament angenommen und durch eine Volksabstimmung vier Jahre vorher gebilligt worden war. Zu jenem Zeitpunkt wurde das revidierte Estatut in Katalonien als ein ehrlicher Vorschlag für ein allgemein akzeptierbares politisches Zusammenleben im Rahmen des Staates wahrgenommen. [+]

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