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Recommended article: "Madrid in duel with regions for aid" by David Gardner

Tuesday, 24 july 2012 | Financial Times
We want to recommend the article "Madrid in duel with regions for aid" by David Gardner published in the Financial Times. Some excerpts: The liquidity problem is rapidly turning into a political duel between Madrid and the most assertive regions, such as Catalonia. This is partly because Mr Rajoy is reserving the breathing space agreed by Brussels for Spain to reduce its deficit entirely for central government, imposing more stringent targets on the regions. (...) Between six and eight of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions may seek emergency aid, according to analysts and press reports. [+]

Recommended article: "As Spain Protests Austerity, Catalonia Pushes for Independence", by Nicholas Siegel

Friday, 20 july 2012 | The German Marshall Fund
(Recommended article: "As Spain Protests Austerity, Catalonia Pushes for Independence", by Nicholas Siegel, published in The German Marshall Fund of the United States)  As Spain Protests Austerity, Catalonia Pushes for Independence WASHINGTON—Thousands of miners entered Madrid last week, singing loudly, setting off fireworks, and waving signs and banners. Some walked as far as 250 miles from the mining regions along Spain’s northern coast. The marcha negra (black march) ended with a violent clash with police in front of Spain’s Industry Ministry building. [+]

The Economic, Political and Social Reasons for Founding a Catalan State (by Fundació Catalunya Estat, July 2012)

Tuesday, 17 july 2012 | Fundació Catalunya Estat
You can find this presentation by clicking here. More information: Fundació Catalunya Estat. [+]

La Padània o Escòcia?

Monday, 16 july 2012 | ARA, Premsa, Salvador Garcia
(Article publicat al diari ARA per Salvador Garcia, promotor del Col·lectiu Emma) Fa uns anys la Lliga Nord es va inventar una nació que agrupava diferents regions del nord d'Itàlia, la Padània, que es volia independitzar pel maltractament econòmic que rebia del govern italià. El missatge exterior que es va transmetre era el d'unes regions que volien més diners i això, afegit a les excentricitats del seu líder, Umberto Bossi, va fer que és percebés a escala internacional només com un problema intern italià. [+]

Too Bleak Vision of Catalan Secession: Reply to Professor Pankaj Ghemawat’s “To Secede or Not to Secede: The Case of Europe”

Monday, 9 july 2012 | The Globalist
(Resposta de Xavier Cuadras-Morató i Modest Guinjoan a Pankaj Ghemawat pel seu article “To secede or not to secede: The case of Europe” publicat a The Globalist). Professor Pankaj Ghemawatpresents a rather bleak vision of what might happen to the Catalan economy after a secession from Spain (“To secede or not to secede: The case of Europe”, July 02, 2012). An 8 per cent reduction of GDP is not a minor bruise. Nevertheless, he is not giving the whole picture because he fails to mention that Catalonia’s net fiscal transfer to the rest of Spain also stands at 8 per cent of Catalan GDP (this is the estimated average for the last 25 years, coming from official sources). [+]

Recommended article: "Spain's woes and Europe's" by Joan Ramon Resina

Tuesday, 3 july 2012 | FSI Stanford, Joan Ramon Resina
(Col·lectiu Emma recommends the following article: "Spain's woes and Europe's" by Joan Ramon Resina, published in FSI Stanford, The Europe Center News) Some excerpts: Spain’s troubles go back to the origin of its current regime in the late 1970s. They are rooted in a faulty transition that was expected to convert a country without democratic traditions into a full-fledged western democracy. But today all of Spain’s core institutions have fallen into disrepute: after years of covering its scandals, the monarchy has finally disgraced itself irreparably; the Supreme Court is affected by corruption at its core; the president of Madrid's regional government (a militant and vocal member of the extreme right wing of the Partido Popular) is calling for the dissolution of the Constitutional Court (i. [+]

Recommended article: "Catalonia Leader Artur Mas Forging a Turkish-Style Foreign Policy Amid Debt Crisis" by Olga Aymerich

Saturday, 30 june 2012 | PolicyMic
(Col·lectiu Emma recommends the following article: "Catalonia Leader Artur Mas Forging a Turkish-Style Foreign Policy Amid Debt Crisis", by Olga Aymerich, published in PolicyMic; via our friend Miquel Ros). A biotechnology convention in Boston, meetings with multinational companies in New York, interviews with top media channels, a planned tour to several European states to explain the fiscal deficit: it looks like a pretty tight agenda for Artur Mas, the president of Spain's Catalonia region. [+]

ANSA, l'agenzia della solita minestra

Sunday, 24 june 2012 | Catalogna Oggi
(publicat a CATALOGNAoggi - gran feina la que fa l'amic Marco Giralucci) Dispiace dover spesso citare i media italiani per la visione catalanofoba che diffondono, ma anche questa volta, da quello che si legge in questa nota, sembra che sia la Catalogna ad avere la responsabilità. Non è cosí. Prima di tutto si deve sapere La Catalogna è una comunità autonoma con due lingue riconosciute dalla costituzione: la propria e quella del resto dello stato, lo spagnolo. [+]

Entrevista recomanada al professor Carles Boix

Saturday, 23 june 2012 | ARA, Carles Boix
Recomanem l'entrevista a Carles Boix publicada al diari ARA ("Carles Boix: "Europa ha comès un error de desmesura"").  I agraïm també al Carles el que diu del Col·lectiu Emma i, sobretot, el suport que sempre ens ha donat. Reproduïm una part de l'entrevista: El govern català sí que ha fet els deures, però no se l'ha premiat, fins i tot se l'ha criminalitzat a fora. El panorama és horrorós. [+]

Reply to the Financial Times, by Toni Strubell

Wednesday, 20 june 2012 | Financial Times
Col·lectiu Emma would like to recommend the letter sent to the Financial Times by our good friend Toni Strubell, arguing against some of the notions expressed in Simon Kuper´s article about the Spanish football team ("Spain’s football unity shows regions the way"). Recomanem la carta adreçada al Financial Times pel nostre bon amic Toni Strubell, on es rebaten algunes de les idees expressades a l'article de Simon Kuper sobre l´equip espanyol de futbol ("Spain’s football unity shows regions the way"). [+]

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We aim to be recognized as a trustworthy source of information and ideas about Catalonia from a Catalan point of view.
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