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Vídeo de presentació de les eleccions catalanes per al públic italià

Sunday, 21 november 2010 | Spaghetti BCN, Vídeo
Marco Giralucci, responsable del blog CATALOGNAoggi i bon amic del Col·lectiu Emma, ha preparat un vídeo sobre les eleccions catalanes per a la pàgina de la comunitat italiana a Barcelona, SpaghettiBCN. La notícia ha estat represa pel portal LIQUIDA amb el títol "Elezioni 2010 in Catalogna", que recull informacions dels millors blogs en italià. [+]

A Public Reply to The Guardian (III)

Sunday, 21 november 2010 | The Guardian
Sirs, The Guardian readers might easily draw the wrong conclusions from the November 17, 2010, piece about immigration in the context of the forthcoming regional elections in Catalonia (“Spanish party website drops game featuring candidate wiping out illegal immigrants”). In the article, the description of a despicable act by the regional subsidiary of a Spanish party is juxtaposed with a selective quote on immigration from a representative of the Catalan CiU coalition. Throw in a burqa and a niqab and you get another picture of Catalans as a provincial and bigoted lot. [+]

Fotos de la xerrada a l'ESCI

Sunday, 21 november 2010 | Conferències, Emma Dialogues
Moltes gràcies a l'Associació d'Alumnes de l'ESCI per la seva invitació! [+]

Resposta de Toni Strubell a The Guardian

Tuesday, 16 november 2010 | The Guardian
To the Editor of the Guardian Dear Sir, The smear campaign against ex-FCB chairman Joan Laporta However much distaste Madrid-based reporter Giles Tremlett might feel for Catalan politics, I do think his attack on Joan Laporta, ex-FCB chairman, in the Nov 14 issue, was excessive. Indeed, it's significant that the article should quote from sources in which the smear campaign against Laporta (porno actress included!) is most enthusiastically fueled by Spanish extreme right-wing press (who is the editor of Marca after all?). [+]

A Public Reply to The Guardian (II)

Monday, 15 november 2010 | The Guardian
Sirs, In relation with your article of November 14 (“Barcelona’s former chairman Joan Laporta adds sex to Catalan separatism”), we feel that The Guardian has done a disservice to its readers by depicting “Catalan separatism” as a mere freak show run by a former football-club chairman suspected of shady financial dealings and a luscious porn star. Leaving aside Mr. Laporta’s undoubted accomplishments, it is a matter of record that the idea of a political project that wouldn’t necessarily involve Spain has been steadily gaining favour in Catalonia in the last few years, especially among the younger and better educated sectors of society. [+]

Close-Up: Catalonia's human towers

Monday, 15 november 2010 | BBC
("Close-Up: Catalonia's human towers" at BBC)     14 November 2010 Last updated at 03:01 GMT This BBC News series focuses on aspects of life in countries and cities around the world. What may seem ordinary and familiar to the people who live there can be surprising to those who do not. It is one of Catalonia's more unusual spectacles - and now the region has applied for the tradition of building a Castell, or human tower, to be inscribed on Unesco's list of examples of "intangible cultural heritage". [+]

Emma Dialogue: "La visió de Catalunya a la premsa internacional", a l'Escola Superior de Comerç Internacional (ESCI)

Saturday, 13 november 2010 | Conferències, Emma Dialogues
Nou Emma Dialogue a l'Escola Superior de Comerç Internacional (ESCI).   Dades de l'acte:   Salvador Garcia: "La visió de Catalunya a la premsa internacional" Dia i hora: Dimecres 17 de novembre, a les 17:00 Lloc: Escola Superior de Comerç Internacional (ESCI), al Passeig Pujades 1 de Barcelona   Orgnitzat per l'Associació d'Alumnes de l'ESCI (moltes gràcies en nom del Col·lectiu Emma!) [+]

Le quattro colonne di Puig i Cadafalch restituite a Montjuïc

Thursday, 4 november 2010 | Spaghetti BCN
(publicat a Spaghetti BCN) C’erano 4 imponenti colonne ai piedi del Montjuïc, all’inizio del XXº secolo. L’idea e la costruzione era stata affidata nel 1919 all’architetto e urbanista modernista Puig i Cadafalch, autore di opere maestre a Barcellona e dintorni. Il monumento delle quattro colonne faceva parte del progetto di urbanizzazione del Montjuïc affidato all’architetto. Forse perché erano il simbolo della catalanità (le 4 barre della bandiera) o forse semplicemente perché con i dittatori “non si discute”, il generale Miguel Primo de Rivera le aveva fatte abbattere nel 1928. [+]

L'independentisme catalan presentat al jornal de Montpelhièr

Sunday, 31 october 2010 | France 3 Montpelhièr, Vídeo
(France 3 Montpelhièr va emetre recentment un reportatge sobre l´independentisme català, amb entrevistes a diverses persones, fetes a Figueres, Vic i Barcelona. Posem l'enllaç al video del reportatge, en francès) [+]

How Spain's Catalonia Region has Remade Itself Into Thriving Film Hub

Sunday, 31 october 2010 | The Hollywood Reporter
(publicat a The Hollywood Reporter; ens felicitem pel reconeixement internacional de la producció cinematogràfica de Catalunya) A glance at the roster of Spanish films making international waves makes it clear that Spain's northeastern region of Catalonia has established itself as a film production hub. Guillem Morales' much-anticipated "Julia's Eyes," Andrucha Waddington's biopic "Lope," Rodrigo Cortes' mystery "Buried," Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's Oscar hopeful "Biutiful," Woody Allen's second Spanish production "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" and Emilio Estevez's father-son drama "The Way" all hail from Catalonia. [+]

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