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Ressó internacional de l'abolició de les curses de braus a Catalunya

Thursday, 29 july 2010 | General, món
(font: Vilaweb) BBC: Catalonia orders bullfighting ban Le Monde: La Catalogne vote l'interdiction des corridas CNN: Spain's Catalonia bans bullfighting El País: Cataluña prohíbe los toros De Volkskrant: Catalaans parlement verbiedt stierenvechten Der Spiegel: Katalonien: Stierkampf verboten Público: Parlamento da Catalunha acabou hoje com as corridas de toiros Die Welt: Katalonien verbietet Stierkämpfe Corriere della Sera: Barcellona ha deciso: vietata la corrida Al Jazzera: Spain's Catalonia bans bullfighting (vídeo) The New York Times: Spanish Region Bans Bullfighting The Wall Street Journal: Catalonia Votes to Ban Bullfighting Libération: La Catalogne interdit les corridas Los Angeles Times: After heated debate, Catalonia bans bullfighting Berria: Zezenketak debekatzea erabaki du Kataluniako Legebiltzarrak Het Nieuwsblad: Geen stierengevechten meer in Catalonië TF1: La Catalogne interdit la corrida ! France Soir: La fin des corridas en Catalogne TSR. [+]

Carta al President Obama

Wednesday, 28 july 2010 | USA
(de Susan M. DiGiacomo, Ph.D., Professora a la Universitat Rovira i Virgili; pots trobar l'original de la carta aquí: "Letter to President Obama") President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20500-0004 United States of America Benvolgut President Obama: Em dirigeixo a vostè no només en la seva qualitat de president dels Estats Units, sinó també en la seva qualitat d’antic professor de dret constitucional. [+]

Letter to President Obama

Wednesday, 28 july 2010 | USA
(from Susan M. DiGiacomo, Ph.D., Professor at Universitat Rovira i Virgili) President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20500-0004 United States of America Dear President Obama: I write to you not only in your capacity as president of the United States, but also in your capacity as a former professor of constitutional law. In The Audacity of Hope, you propose shifting the metaphor through which we understand democracy in order to see it “not as a house to be built, but as a conversation to be had. [+]

Comunicat a la premsa internacional sobre la reacció espanyola a l'opinió del Tribunal Internacional de Justícia

Friday, 23 july 2010 | General
El Col·lectiu Emma ha explicat la reacció espanyola a l'opinió del Tribunal Internacional de Justícia sobre Kosovo ("Spanish reactions to the ICJ's opinion on Kosovo").   Després de reproduir alguns aspectes de la sentència que conclou que un estat no es pot declarar indivisible d'acord a la legalitat internacional, constatem com el Tribunal Constitucional espanyol ha quedat en evidència en la recent sentència sobre l'Estatut, quan repeteix fins a vuit vegades la "indisoluble unitat de la nació espanyola". [+]

Spanish reactions to the ICJ's opinion on Kosovo

Friday, 23 july 2010
We would like to bring to your attention some interesting reactions in Spain to the recent advisory opinion given by the International Court of Justice on the matter of Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence. The Court has recalled in its opinion that “during the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries there were numerous instances of declarations of independence, often strenuously opposed by the State from which independence was being declared”. It also states that the scope of the principle of territorial integrity, invariably invoked by States trying to outlaw such declarations, “is confined to the sphere of relations between States”. [+]

Reply to the New Statesman

Thursday, 22 july 2010 | New Statesman
(Reply from Col·lectiu Emma's good friend Tony Strubell to a New Statesman article).     More on Catalonia Dear NS Editor,   As a satisfied subscriber to the New Statesman, I'm happy that the vast Catalan demonstation held in Barcelona (10th July 2010) got coverage in the July 19th edition. I happened to be in Barcelona that day and witnessed the event. It was truly impressive. One million people out there to counter the decision made by a seedy Madrid court -studded with Franco nosaltgics- against the Catalan Statute. [+]

L’Europa e la questione catalana: perché non si può sottovalutarla

Friday, 16 july 2010 | Giornalettismo
(Recomanem aquest article en italià escrit pel periodista italià Daniele Germani, publicat al Giornalettismo el 14 de juliol del 2010: "L’Europa e la questione catalana: perché non si può sottovalutarla". Si tens cap amic, conegut o saludat italià, envia-li l'article!)   La Catalogna reclama l’indipendenza e nei prossimi mesi si potrebbe aprire una importante crisi diplomatica che rischia di mutare il tessuto sociale e territoriale europeo; per ottenerla è pronta ad inasprire la lotta politica interna ed internazionale. [+]

Catalans should disregard rulings by Spanish judiciary (reply to the Financial Times)

Wednesday, 14 july 2010 | Financial Times
(Reply from Col·lectiu Emma's good friend Gustau Alegret to the Financial Times article "Catalans struggle to reconcile loyalties")   Catalans should disregard rulings by Spanish judiciary Sir, With reference to “Catalans struggle to reconcile divided loyalties” (July 12): the Spanish constitutional court recently ruled on the statute of autonomy of Catalonia. This statute was ratified by the people of Catalonia by referendum in 2006 after a long legal path that followed the democratic process to the letter. [+]

Articles recomanats al Irish Times

Wednesday, 14 july 2010 | General, Irish Times
El diari Irish Times publica avui un editorial ("Catalan conundrum") i un article del periodista especialitzat en temes espanyols Paddy Woodworth ("World Cup win will only paper over Spanish cracks"). En un moment en que sembla haver-hi certa confusió en la premsa internacional a l'hora d'interpretar els esdeveniments a Catalunya és refrescant veure opinions com aquestes, i hem considerat oportú reproduir-les aquí. Catalan conundrum World Cup win will only paper over Spanish cracks [+]

Reply to the Irish Times

Tuesday, 13 july 2010 | friends
(Reply from Heather Hayes -a good friend of Col·lectiu Emma- to the article "Protesters call for Catalan autonomy and reject ruling" published in the Irish Times; this is not a Col·lectiu Emma article, just a post from a good friend of ours)   Ms. Walker, I must take issue with several points in your recent article on the massive protest march in Barcelona. I'm afraid that you are not fulfilling one of the most important duties of the press: to remain neutral. [+]

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