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Barcelona votes on Catalan Independence - Presentation in New York

Thursday, 17 march 2011 | independència
Members of the organization ‘Barcelona Decideix’ (Barcelona Decides) will provide details of the referenda for Catalan independence from Spain, which set off in Arenys de Munt in September 2009, spread all over Catalonia in 2010, and will end in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, on April 10th, 2011. “Barcelona Decideix” will present this initiative in New York, with the support of the Catalan Institute of America. Date: Saturday, March 19th, 2011 at 11:30 AM Location: Liederkranz Foundation Address: 6 East 87th Street (between 5th Ave and Madison Ave), New York So far, the results to the question "Do you agree that Catalonia should become a sovereign democratic country, member of the European Union?" have been consistently in favor of the Catalan independence from Spain, with over 90% support. [+]

Recommended readings about Catalonia ("The Commonwealth of the South") - InTransit newsletter

Tuesday, 15 march 2011 | InTransit
New InTransit newsletter: "The Commonwealth of the South". This new issue of InTransit includes many different articles that help us better understand this historical spririt of Europeanism, and also what an opportunity if would be if the Mediterranean Euroregion were to become an economic and cultural reality within a united Europe. In short, the Commonwealth of the South. We recommend this newsletter in order to know more about Catalonia's future and potential. [+]

“Catalonia is not to be blamed for Moody’s downgrading of Spanish debt”

Friday, 11 march 2011 | Catalan News Agency
(From Catalan News Agency)   CNA / Laura Pous   London (ACN).- The day Moody’s rating agency downgraded the Spanish Government’s long term debt, experts in regional fiscal redistribution met in London and discussed the Spanish case and, in particular, the Autonomous Communities’s self-governing . Their main conclusion is that Catalonia is not to be blamed for Spain’s public deficit, the accumulated public debt and the overall state of the finance sector. [+]

“Spain”, a normal country?

Tuesday, 8 march 2011 | Catalan News Agency
(Article from Col·lectiu Emma's good friend Enric Bou, published at the Catalan News Agency)   A childish controversy erupted a few weeks ago regarding the use of minority languages in the Spanish “Senate.” For the first time since the restoration of democracy (a mere 35 years ago...) a senator from the Catalan group Entesa [a left-wing “Catalanist” coalition], Ramon Aleu, used Catalan in a plenary session. This event brought out a nasty response (which was forseeable) from the two highest representatives of the People's Party, who came out with banal and insulting comments such as suggesting that this was not something that happened in any “normal country” and that this was an unnecessary expense because everyone already understood Spanish. [+]

"Barcelona, Catalonia" by Matthew Tree

Monday, 7 march 2011 | Matthew Tree
(via Elisabeth Castro) Soon to be published by Cookwood Press in digital and print editions, Barcelona, Catalonia is a collection of Matthew Tree's incisive essays and live video presentations about life, language, and politics in Catalonia, as told through the eyes of a Catalan-speaking Englishman, or an English-speaking Catalan, depending on your vantage point, and his. Matthew’s honesty and keen observations combined with his sharp wit and mastery of language (two languages!) give the reader a unique and compelling vision of Catalonia, rarely uncovered by the casual visitor, as he discusses what he promises is the next new state in Europe and its relationship with the state it currently belongs to. [+]

I simboli danno ancora fastidio

Sunday, 27 february 2011 | Catalogna Oggi
(publicat per l'amic del Col·lectiu Emma Marco Giralucci al seu blog CATALOGNAoggi) Una domenica di fine febbraio piena di sole, in mezzo ai turisti e ai barcellonesi a passeggio sulla salita del Palau Nacional, sede del MNAC, si è finalmente inaugurata la ricostruzione del monumento delle 4 colonne di Puig i Cadafalch. Era stato abbattuto solo per essere simbolo di identità catalana, da Miguel Primo de Rivera nel 1928 che, come tutti i dittatori, credeva di piegare un popolo con la forza delle armi e con la distruzione dei suoi simboli. [+]

Infants raised in bilingual environments can distinguish unfamiliar languages: UBC research

Friday, 25 february 2011 | Web Newswire
(Interesting article published at Web Newswire) Infants raised in households where Spanish and Catalan are spoken can discriminate between English and French just by watching people speak, even though they have never been exposed to these new languages before, according to University of British Columbia psychologist Janet Werker. Presented today at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, Werker’s latest findings provide further evidence that exposure to two native languages contributes to the development of perceptual sensitivity that extends beyond their mother tongues. [+]

Native Son Returns to Guide Catalonia's Research Through Spain's Troubled Economy

Thursday, 24 february 2011 | ScienceInsider
(Col·lectiu Emma recommends the following article about Conseller Mas-Colell from ScienceInsider: "Native Son Returns to Guide Catalonia's Research Through Spain's Troubled Economy") Noted mathematical economist Andreu Mas-Colell, who resigned his position as secretary general of the European Research Council (ERC) last September, is returning to his native Catalonia to help the region through the economic turmoil enveloping Spain. In January, he was appointed head of Catalonia's newly created economy and knowledge department, which will now have authority over the region's economic policies, its research and development strategies, and its universities. [+]

Foreign correspondents choose Barcelona as the Mobile World Congress’ permanent host city

Tuesday, 15 february 2011 | Catalan News Agency
(from Catalan News Agency)   CNA / J. Pueyo / JR Torné / L. Pous / A. Matamoros Barcelona (ACN).- The foreign correspondents covering the Mobile World Congress would prefer the congress to stay in Barcelona. The Mobile World Congress will finish its current contract with Barcelona’s Trade Fair (Fira de Barcelona) in 2012 and the decision on where to celebrate the congress in 2013 and onwards is to be taken in the next few weeks. Barcelona is one of the three strongest candidates, together with Milan and Munich. [+]

Lliçons al Financial Times?

Thursday, 10 february 2011 | Financial Times, Salvador Garcia
(article publicat al blog de Salvador Garcia, membre del Col·lectiu Emma) Fa uns dies el Financial Times va escriure un article sobre les finances de la Generalitat ("Catalonia seeks to raise €11bn in fresh debt") que vaig comentar al meu blog. Bàsicament escrivia que, tot i que hi havia una comparació que no m'agradava (la de Grècia amb Catalunya) l'article era prou objectiu: explicava les necessitats de finançament de la Generalitat, el seu dèficit i deute, i que paga amb retard als proveïdors. [+]

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