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'We dream' (Somniem)

Thursday, 8 july 2010 | Vídeo
      Nous rêvons (Somniem)       Soñamos (Somniem)   [+]

Col·lectiu Emma i la imatge de Catalunya al món

Tuesday, 6 july 2010 | Premsa
(Aquest article ha aparegut en el número 148 da revista Capçalera del Col·legi de Periodistes, pàgina 28)   “Un periodista vol fer bé la seva feina”: aquesta hipòtesi, simple i òbvia, és una premissa fonamental que mou al Col·lectiu Emma, un grup de catalans que volem que el món ens conegui com som i no com diuen que som, i que per això responem a informacions esbiaixades sobre Catalunya publicades a la premsa internacional. [+]

Sobre la nota enviada als mitjans internacionals referida a la sentència de l'Estatut i les seves conseqüències

Thursday, 1 july 2010
Després de la sentència del Tribunal Constitucional espanyol sobre l'Estatut del passat 28 de juny, el Col·lectiu Emma vol clarificar algunes afirmacions aparegudes en la premsa internacional. Per això s'ha fet la nota "The Spanish Constitutional Court ruling on the Catalan Statute and its political implications". En aquesta nota primer expliquem el procés d'el·laboració de l'Estatut i el procés escrupulosament democràtic que s'ha seguit: una àmplia majoria de diputats el van aprovar en el Parlament de Catalunya; després d'una significativa retallada a Madrid, el Parlament espanyol també el va aprovar; i finalment els catalans el van aprovar en referèndum. [+]

The Spanish Constitutional Court ruling on the Catalan Statute and its political implications

Thursday, 1 july 2010
On June 28th, the Constitutional Court in Madrid finally made its ruling on the charter defining the scope of self-government in Catalonia within the Spanish state, known as the Catalan Statute. With reference to several informations that have appeared in the international press on this issue, Col.lectiu Emma would like to clarify a few points, beginning with a short history of the process that has led to this outcome. Around 2005, in the context of Spain’s untidy system of regional devolution, some in Catalonia felt that it was necessary to sort out the ambiguities present in both the 1978 Spanish Constitution and the earlier Catalan Statute, dating from 1979, and set out to draft a new charter for Catalan self-rule. [+]

Edward Hugh at The New York Times

Wednesday, 9 june 2010 | New York Times
Col·lectiu Emma's great friend, Edward Hugh, has been profiled at The New York Times: "The Blog Prophet of Euro Zone Doom". We want to congratulate Edward and thank him again for everything he has done for Col·lectiu Emma and for Catalonia. P.S. CNN also writes about Edward: "Part-time blogger calls the euro crisis and becomes an unlikely sage" [+]

About AVE (Spanish High-Speed Trains)

Thursday, 3 june 2010 | General
We would like to bring to your attention the report on high-speed trains in Spain that was published by the Barcelona daily Avui on Sunday May 23.   Some time ago Col.lectiu Emma wrote about a New York Times article on the same topic. We feel that the whole AVE business is a good example of things that have been done wrong by both Spanish parties when they have been in power. When times were good, huge amounts were wasted on high-profile projects that made little economic sense. [+]

Picasso: “Catalan is a beautiful language. Learn it"

Wednesday, 26 may 2010 | The Times
"Pablo Picasso up close and personal" (John Richardson, May 23, 2010) at Times Online. "(...) Jacqueline, who discouraged communist bigwigs from coming to the house, became increasingly drawn to Spain. She not only learnt Spanish, she also learnt to play the guitar and sing some of Picasso’s favourite songs, including the Catalan anthem Els Segadors. She also did her best to entertain elderly Catalan friends from Picasso’s Els Quatre Gats days, to whom he was passionately loyal. [+]

Resposta a la BBC

Friday, 21 may 2010 | BBC
(Resposta enviada per Heather Hayes a la BBC sobre l'article "Children found dead in Spain - father on sex charges", americana de Tenessee, patriota catalana, i bona amiga del Col·lectiu Emma; volem clarificar però que la periodista, Sarah Rainsford, ha fet articles objectius i positius en el passat sobre Catalunya, i aquesta resposta s'hauria d'entendre una puntualització i no una crítica directa). Hi. First of all, I think the BBC News is a brilliant service. [+]

Eyeless in Fraga

Sunday, 16 may 2010 | Matthew Tree
(Article of Matthew Tree) Fraga is the capital of the Franja de Ponent: a strip of territory running along Aragon's border with Catalonia, in which Catalan is spoken by a higher percentage of the local population (a total of some 50,000 people) than anywhere inside Catalonia itself. Among these Aragonese Catalan-speakers is Joaquín, a Fraga-born friend of mine, who – when I visited his home town in March - told me about a new problem at work: he has a fixed stand at the ecological fruit and vegetable market held in Saragossa, the capital of Aragon, every second Saturday. [+]

Cava i Girona a la premsa nordamericana

Tuesday, 11 may 2010 | New York Times, Portland Press Herald
Des del Col·lectiu Emma responem a informacions esbiaxades publicades a la premsa internacional, però també volem fer difusió d'articles positius sobre Catalunya que apareixen en aquests mitjans. Els articles esbiaxats són els que provoquen majors reaccions, i per això tendim a oblidar o minusvalorar molts articles positius. I no ho oblidem: la imatge de Catalunya (i en especial la de Barcelona) és molt bona a tot el món, i és només quan es parla de Catalunya com a subjecte polític és que de vegades (i cada vegada menys?) apareixen articles inexactes. [+]

Col·lectiu Emma - Explaining Catalonia

Col·lectiu Emma is a network of Catalans and non-Catalans living in different countries who have made it their job to track and review news reports about Catalonia in the international media. Our goal is to ensure that the world's public opinion gets a fair picture of the country's reality today and in history.

We aim to be recognized as a trustworthy source of information and ideas about Catalonia from a Catalan point of view.
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