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A Public Reply to the Financial Times (III) - long version

Friday, 21 august 2009 | Financial Times
Dear Sirs, Your latest report on Spain (Flimsier footings) offers a good account of the rumblings that are increasingly heard in Madrid about the need for the state to put an end to the devolution process. We shall venture to offer a few comments from the Catalan side. Spain’s problem with its regions, which you aptly describe as an “unintended consequence of democracy”, is entirely of its own making. After Franco’s death, it was acknowledged by all democratic forces that the “historic regions” had a very strong claim to a form of self-government on historic, economic, cultural and social grounds. [+]

A Public Reply to The Economist (III)

Sunday, 2 august 2009 | The Economist
Dear Sirs One perverse feature of Spain’s admittedly flawed devolution system is that it’s taken for granted that some constituents will keep feeding the state’s kitty while others are guaranteed an open-ended free ride. Mr. Zapatero’s latest fiscal sleight of hand (“All must have prizes”, July 30, 2009) doesn’t even pretend to change that. And yet, The Economist is quick to declare Catalonia –a net contributor to the tune of 10% of its GDP, 21 billion euros a year– a winner. [+]

Més difusió del Col·lectiu Emma

Thursday, 9 july 2009 | Premsa
Darrerament, i arran de la resposta pública al The Daily Telegraph, varis mitjans s'han fet difusió del Col·lectiu Emma, explicant el Col·lectiu (a Tribuna i a Racó Català) o explicant la notícia apareguda al The Daily Telegraph i la resposta del Col·lectiu Emma (Tribuna i Directe). Volem agrair als mitjans que es fan difusió de les nostres respostes, així com a les dues persones que ens van fer arribar la notícia del The Daily Telegraph. [+]

A Public Reply to The Daily Telegraph

Monday, 29 june 2009 | Daily Telegraph
Sirs, Your story "Catalonia pays homage to the EU, not Spain, as push for independence grows” does a good job of explaining the increasing support for independence in Catalonia. We feel, however, that the accompanying photo is somewhat misleading. Your picture shows three hooded individuals, faces covered, burning Spanish and French flags. For what it's worth, we would like to point out that burning a Spanish flag in Catalonia is a serious offence (interestingly, burning a Catalan flag is not). [+]

Més difusió del Col·lectiu Emma

Tuesday, 23 june 2009 | Premsa
Més difusió del Col·lectiu Emma: entrevista a la web d'El Debat i informació a la web de Reagrupament, del FOLC i de Catdem. Gràcies a tots els que donen suport al Col·lectiu Emma. Com a Col·lectiu estem interessats en compartir la visió i experiència de persones i entitats amb la mateixa preocupació de donar a conèixer Catalunya al món. [+]

Pere Punyetes també respon al Financial Times

Sunday, 21 june 2009 | Financial Times
El català Pere Punyetes, que sovint respon a notícies aparegudes en la premsa internacional, també va respondre a l'article del Financial Times Language policy: Linguistic diversity may be too much of a good thing.   El Financial Times va publicar la resposta en la seva edició de paper i per Internet.   **************   A scarce linguistic commodity is, of course, more valuable From Mr Pere Punyetes. Sir, In his article “Linguistic diversity may be too much of a good thing” (Wednesday, June 10), Victor Mallet states that “local language tests can discriminate against doctors who do not speak the local language”. [+]

A Public Reply to the Financial Times (II)

Friday, 19 june 2009 | Financial Times
We in the Col·lectiu Emma have previously voiced our concern over informations published in the Financial Times and elsewhere that we felt didn’t properly reflect the state of affairs in Spain, and more particularly in Catalonia. On this occasion, however, we would like to praise your Spanish correspondent for his more objective and thorough report of June 9 (Language policy: Linguistic diversity may be too much of a good thing). We especially welcome the appearance of new compelling voices from Catalonia countering the centralist notions that have tended to monopolize the floor so far. [+]

A Public Reply to "The Economist" (II)

Wednesday, 10 june 2009 | The Economist
Sirs, Your latest article on Spain (Zapped, June 6, 2009) is right to describe Ms. Rosa Diez as “militantly centralist”. We feel, however, that you’ve given her tiny single-issue party far too much credit. Only severely misinformed voters can “see Spain’s regions as a driver of inequality”, for instance. A mere look at the massive transfers of funds from the more productive regions to the endemically unproductive ones would be enough to convince anyone that just the opposite is true. [+]

A Public Reply to the New York Times

Sunday, 31 may 2009 | New York Times
  El diari New York Times ha publicat l’article Spain’s High-Speed Rail Offers Guideposts for U.S., on explica què ha funcionat i què no en els trens a alta velocitat a l’estat espanyol.  Des del Col·lectiu Emma volem completar aquesta informació amb lliçons addicionals que es poden extreure de l’experiència a l’estat espanyol.  Uns exemples són els riscos d’excedir els pressupostos inicials o les oportunitats de corrupció que es generen, com va succeir amb l’AVE inicial Madrid-Sevilla. [+]

Spain's Extraordinary Sports Ego

Friday, 29 may 2009 | Wall Street Jorunal
El mateix dia de la gran victòria del Barça el diari Wall Street Journal publicava l’article Spain's Extraordinary Sports Ego on esmentava els èxits esportius espanyols dels darrers anys. En l’article s’explica també el sentiment nacional català i basc, i la seva traducció a l’esport, com la manca de suport que rep la selecció espanyola a Catalunya i el País Basc o la xiulada al rei i a l’himne en la darrera final de la Copa. [+]

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We aim to be recognized as a trustworthy source of information and ideas about Catalonia from a Catalan point of view.
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