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Trump has another shot to help Catalonia score independence

Wednesday, 3 january 2018 | THE HILL
THE HILL 30-12-2017     By EDWARD LYNCH   Two almost simultaneous but seemingly unrelated events provide President Trump and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley a rare opportunity to match words with actions and accomplish multiple foreign policy goals. In one case, the United States is getting a second chance at an important opportunity, which must not be missed again. The first event was the election for a new regional parliament in the rebellious Spanish region of Catalonia. [+]

Catalonia’s Crisis Is Just Getting Started

Tuesday, 2 january 2018 | FOREIGN POLICY
Spain's prime minister tried, and failed, to strong-arm Catalonia. The result is an enduring stalemate.

Catalan voters have spoken — again

Sunday, 31 december 2017 | POLITICO
POLITICO     By Liz Castro | 12/22/17     BARCELONA — The story goes that if you put a frog into lukewarm water and then turn up the heat, it won’t notice the gradually increasing temperature until it is too late. That would have been a good characterization of what was happening to Catalonia between the transition from the Franco dictatorship in the 1970s and the year 2000. From the outside, things might have looked rosy, but from the inside, people felt like they were gradually getting boiled. [+]

La Catalogna protesta nel cuore dell’Europa, che soffre delle sue stesse malattie

Sunday, 31 december 2017 | IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO
IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO   11-12-2017   FABIO MARCELLI Giurista intennazionale     La questione catalana presenta un forte interesse scientifico dal punto di vista del diritto internazionale, innescandosi nel solco formato da recenti manifestazioni di prassi internazionale, quali quelle per l’indipendenza del Quebec o del Kosovo. Preciso che non sono un sostenitore dell’indipendenza catalana a ogni costo e che ciò non avrebbe comunque molto senso, dato che non sono né cittadino spagnolo né tantomeno catalano. [+]

España tiene un problema

Thursday, 28 december 2017 | ARA
Es mérito de Rajoy y del centralismo que la sociedad catalana se hiciera más militante y decidida

Catalonia’s hopes for peace stall as further wave of arrests feared

Wednesday, 27 december 2017 | THE GUARDIAN
Tensions continue to rise as Catalans elect 19 jailed, exiled or bailed politicians, and separatists claim the judiciary is acting on Madrid’s orders

IMAGE: Carles Puigdemont, Catalonia’s exiled president, takes questions after the election results were declared. Photograph: Thierry Roge/AFP/Getty Images

A bofetada

Wednesday, 27 december 2017 | PUBLICO
As eleições catalãs são uma lição contundente sobre os limites da capacidade condicionadora do Estado.

Cracking down on independence movements is a bad idea

Saturday, 23 december 2017 | ALJAZEERA
ALJAZEERA 21-12-2017 By Jason Sorens  (Lecturer in the Department of Government at Dartmouth College)     When Catalonia declared independence from Spain in October, it was the first time an elected government in Western Europe had declared independence from an unwilling host state since Ireland's 1919 declaration of independence from Great Britain. Civil war did not follow Catalonia's declaration as it did Ireland's. Deposed Catalan President Carles Puigdemont says he backed down from making the declaration effective because he wanted to avoid violence. [+]

Letter from Estremera prison: “We can’t trust Madrid to oversee Catalonia’s election — the EU must step in”

Sunday, 3 december 2017
The people’s votes must not just be counted. They must count, argues Oriol Junqueras from Estremera prison, in Madrid.

"L'Espagne viole des droits humains, mais Juncker et le CD&V ferment les yeux"

Sunday, 3 december 2017 | LÉCHO
Paul Bekaert, l’avocat de Carles Puigdemont, plaidera le "procès politique"

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