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O dia em que Espanha perdeu a Catalunha

Thursday, 5 october 2017 | PUBLICO
Puigdemont abre a porta à declaração unilateral de independência já nos próximos dias. “Votámos, votámos”, é o grito mais ouvido agora entre os catalães. “Independência, independência”, repetem. Rajoy não está a ouvir.

Catalogne: victoire du "oui" à l'indépendance au référendum interdit

Thursday, 5 october 2017
Le gouvernement catalan a annoncé que le "oui" l'avait emporté avec 90% des voix à l'issue de la consultation. Honnie par Madrid, elle s'est déroulée dans un climat de violences.

Catalonia referendum result plunges Spain into political crisis

Thursday, 5 october 2017 | CNN
CNN   October 2, 2017 By Isa Soares, Vasco Cotovio and Hilary Clarke,   Barcelona (CNN) Spain is facing a political and constitutional crisis after Catalans voted in favor of independence in a contested referendum that descended into chaos when police launched a widespread and violent crackdown. The Catalan government said it had earned the right to split from Spain after results showed 90% of those who voted were in favor of a split.          But amid an unexpectedly harsh response from Spanish police, turnout was only around 42%. [+]

Spain’s Rajoy sets the stage for a bigger battle over Catalonia

Thursday, 5 october 2017 | THE WASHINGTON POST
THE WASHINGTON POST     02-10-2017   By Ishaan Tharoor Ishaan Tharoor     On Sunday, Catalonia's controversial independence referendum was marred by violence as national police clashed with voters defending their polling stations. In Barcelona, security forces sent by Madrid fired rubber bullets and used truncheons to break up protesters blocking their path, the vast majority of whom did not fight back. The brutality on show, while somewhat effective in disrupting the referendum, turned into a public relations disaster for Madrid and may deepen Spain's own political polarization. [+]

The Guardian view on Catalonia’s referendum: the Spanish state has lost

Thursday, 5 october 2017 | THE GUARDIAN
IMAGE: Police move in to prevent Catalans voting in Sunday’s illegal independence referendum at a polling station in Sant Julià de Ramis. Photograph: David Ramos/Getty Images

OHCHR: Spain must respect fundamental rights in response to Catalan referendum, UN rights experts

Thursday, 28 september 2017 | OHCHR
Spain must respect fundamental rights in response to Catalan referendum, UN rights experts       GENEVA (28 September 2017) - UN experts* have called on the Spanish authorities to ensure that measures taken ahead of the Catalan referendum on 1 October do not interfere with the fundamental rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association, and public participation. The Catalan government has scheduled a referendum on independence for the autonomous region for 1 October. [+]

Warum Katalonien so vehement die Unabhängigkeit fordert

Saturday, 23 september 2017 | STERN
Die spanische Demokratie steckt in der Krise: Die Guardia Civil verhaftet katalanische Politiker. Nicht wegen Korruption, sondern wegen der Forderung nach einem Referendum. Dabei sitzt ein Motor der Unabhängigkeitsbewegung nicht in Barcelona, sondern 

Spain and the Catalan referendum

Saturday, 23 september 2017 | THE GUARDIAN
A group of MPs and peers writes to denounce Spain’s attempts to block the referendum in Catalonia. And more than a hundred academics put their names to a letter condemning Madrid’s crackdown

Spain’s attempt to block Catalonia’s referendum is a violation of our basic rights

Thursday, 21 september 2017 | THE GUARDIAN
The aggressive tactics of Mariano Rajoy’s government have caused this crisis.
All Catalan citizens want is to peacefully exercise our democratic right
Catalan leader accuses Spain of violating rights in referendum row

Image: A Catalonia independence flag flies during a protest in Barcelona after police arrested a top official in the region’s economic affairs office. Photograph: Emilio Morenatti/AP

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