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»Referendum bomo izpeljali, četudi ne po dogovoru s špansko vlado«

Thursday, 6 april 2017
Katalonski zunanji minister Raül Romeva o krepenenju Kataloncev po neodvisni državi .

Foto: Uros Hocevar



Thursday, 6 april 2017
DOORBRAAK.BE   Door: Christophe Bostyn   28-03-2017.-   Oud-Volksuniër Staes staat achter Catalanen.   In de Catalaanse digitale krant El Món geeft Bart Staes (Groen) te kennen dat hij achter een Catalaans onafhankelijkheidsreferendum staat, zelfs indien het unilateraal – en dus tegen de wil in van Madrid – georganiseerd wordt. Daarmee gaat hij in tegen het standpunt van de Catalaanse groenen, die terugdeinzen voor zo'n unilateraal referendum. [+]

Catalonia and Scotland at core of Europe's geopolitical conundrum

Sunday, 2 april 2017 | EuOBSERVER
EuObserver   ADRIÀ SALVADOR PALAU & JON ROOZENBEEK   22-03-2017.-   In recent months, the Catalan autonomous government has taken unprecedented political steps towards independence from Spain, angering Madrid and putting EU leaders on edge. Meanwhile, the Scottish government has doubled down on its bet for independence by calling for a new referendum in 2018.   Together, Scotland and Catalonia have spun a complicated web of juxtaposed geopolitical interests, running in parallel to the already complex Brexit negotiations. [+]

Que gane el diálogo, que las urnas decidan

Sunday, 2 april 2017 | EL PAÍS
  • En democracia no existe el derecho a no dialogar.
  • Nosotros ya estamos sentados en la mesa. 
  • ¿Van a tardar mucho los demás invitados? Es más: ¿van a venir? 
  • Las diferencias solo separan y dividen si no se quiere acordar la forma de resolverlas

Un juicio político contra una votación democrática

Sunday, 2 april 2017 | ARA
El gobierno del PP se sintió humillado el 9-N y se ha vengado condenando a sus responsables políticos [+]

A political ruling against a democratic vote

Sunday, 2 april 2017 | ARA
The PP government should have thought better before letting itself get carried away by the desire to punish the government leaders of 9-N

Artur Mas verurteilt

Saturday, 25 march 2017 | JUNGE WELT
Spanische Justiz richtet über katalanischen Expremier wegen Referendums über Unabhängigkeit

Scozia e Catalogna? “Indipendenza non minaccia l’Ue”

Saturday, 25 march 2017 | WALL STREET Italia
WALL STREET Italia   ALBERTO BATTAGLIA   14-03-2017.-   Mentre ieri la primo ministro scozzese Nicola Sturgeon invocava un secondo referendum sull’indipendenza dal Regno Unito, dopo quello del 2014, il leader dei secessionisti catalani, l’ex presidente Artur Mas, è stato condannato a due anni di interdizione dai pubblici uffici per aver indetto una consultazione popolare non autorizzata dal Parlamento madrileno. Anche in questo caso l’oggetto della votazione era lo stesso: l’indipendenza dallo stato nazionale, così come medesimo era l’anno tale consultazione è avvenuta, il 2014. [+]

Catalan separatists to bring cause to 'heart of Europe'

Saturday, 25 march 2017 | EuObserver
EuObserver   By HELENA SPONGENBERG   14-03-2017.- Former Catalan leader Artur Mas was banned on Monday (13 March) from holding public office for two years and fined €36,500 after the Supreme Court of Catalonia found him guilty of disobeying the Spanish Constitutional Court by holding a non-binding referendum on independence in Catalonia in 2014. Two of his former ministers, Joana Ortega and Irene Rigau, were also found guilty and banned for 21 and 18 months, as well as fined €30,000 and €24,000, respectively. [+]

Catalogne: la condamnation d'Artur Mas ou les limites de la stratégie de Madrid

Saturday, 25 march 2017 | LA TRIBUNE
L'ancien président catalan a été condamné à deux ans d'inéligibilité pour l'organisation d'une consultation sur l'indépendance en 2014. Une décision qui montre les limites de la stratégie de Madrid.



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