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España se autodestruirá en 5, 4, 3,…

Sunday, 21 october 2018 | Diario16
Diario16 18-10-2018     XAVIER DÍEZ     Imagino que no soy el único que creció con la impagable ironía de las historias de Mortadelo y Filemón, Agentes de información. Para mi generación, ambos personajes eran los protagonistas de la mejor parodia que jamás se haya dibujado sobre los superhéroes y las historias de espías. La creación de Francisco Ibáñez describía el país de la chapuza, la chabacanería o la estupidez glorificada que caracterizaba, sin duda, a la España de los sesenta y los setenta. [+]

Catalan government will report to Brussels Madrid’s massive cash withdrawal from Catalan banks on October 2

Sunday, 14 october 2018 | ARA
The financial warfare waged against Catalonia’s independence bid is the subject of debate in the Catalan parliament

INTERVIEW CARLES PUIGDEMONT ‘De Catalaanse strijd is verloren, maar nog lang niet voorbij’

Tuesday, 9 october 2018
Bijna een jaar geleden vertrok Carles Puigdemont naar België om te ontkomen aan de Spaanse justitie. Hoe kijkt de Catalaanse oud-president terug op die roerige tijd? En hoe moet het nu verder met Catalonië?

Enttäuscht von Europa

Monday, 8 october 2018 | JungeWelt
Vor einem Jahr stimmten Millionen Katalanen für die Unabhängigkeit von Spanien. Madrid reagierte mit Repression, Brüssel schaute weg

Le fiasco catalan

Sunday, 7 october 2018 | LA PRESSE
Des politiciens catalans croupissent en prison. D'autres sont en exil. Des centaines de leurs concitoyens (plus d'un millier, rapporte-t-on) font aussi face à diverses accusations ou font toujours l'objet d'une enquête.

Spain yet to launch ‘systemic investigation’ into 'excessive police force' during referendum

Sunday, 30 september 2018 | ACN
Human Rights Watch regrets that one year after the vote, the Spanish government offers "no response" to calls for independent enquiry

Die Erfindung der katalanischen Rebellion durch die "unabhängige" spanische Justiz

Sunday, 23 september 2018 | TELEPOLIS
Vor einem Jahr fiel der Startschuss mit der Belagerung des katalanischen Wirtschaftsministeriums für das Märchen einer "gewaltsamen Erhebung" in Katalonien

(Demonstration am Donnerstag zum angeblichen Jahrestag der Rebellion in Barcelona. Bild: CDR)

Aamer Anwar: “Spain has set a trap for Catalonia”

Wednesday, 19 september 2018 | VILAWEB
An interview with the lawyer for Catalan minister Clara Ponsatí

‘You cannot solve a constitutional crisis with the penal code’

Tuesday, 18 september 2018 | EUROZINE
Spanish and Catalan nationalisms are to a large extent mirror images, argues historian Luka Lisjak Gabrijelčič; the clash between them represents a battle between competing ideas of sovereignty, and makes the Catalan dispute so important for wider European debates.


Monday, 10 september 2018
    A year ago, almost to the day, Col·lectiu Emma warned about an escalation of the conflict between Spain and Catalonia and argued for a negotiated solution involving at some point a referendum on independence. The same view was voiced by some of the better informed international observers. The Spanish government, however, remained inflexible in denying Catalans the right to express themselves through a vote. After all the efforts made to that end had failed, a referendum was called unilaterally by the Catalan government. [+]

Col·lectiu Emma - Explaining Catalonia

Col·lectiu Emma is a network of Catalans and non-Catalans living in different countries who have made it their job to track and review news reports about Catalonia in the international media. Our goal is to ensure that the world's public opinion gets a fair picture of the country's reality today and in history.

We aim to be recognized as a trustworthy source of information and ideas about Catalonia from a Catalan point of view.
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