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Catalonia seeks EU support for secession vote

Friday, 27 january 2017 | EuObserver
Puigdemont: "This is a European problem. And Europe cannot look the other way"

Wordt 2017 nu echt het jaar van de Catalaanse onafhankelijkheid?

Friday, 27 january 2017 |
2017 kondigt zich voor Catalonië aan als het jaar van de waarheid. De separatistische regering van de Spaanse regio hoopt in september een nieuw en definitief referendum te kunnen organiseren over onafhankelijkheid. Met het akkoord van Madrid als het kan, zonder als het moet. De Catalaanse premier licht het akkoord vanavond toe in het Europees parlement.

Spanish MEP calls for boycott of talk on Catalan independence

Friday, 27 january 2017 | THE NATIONAL
THE NATIONAL   24-01-2017.-   GREG RUSSELL   SPAIN’S conservative People’s Party (PP) has been ridiculed after the leader of its group in the European Parliament wrote to fellow MEPs urging them to boycott a talk there by the Catalan president on the state’s “illegal” independence referendum.   Esteban González Pons, the PP leader in Brussels, wrote to his party colleagues calling for them to ignore the Brussels event – at which Carles Puigdemont is expected to defend the Catalan indyref, despite Spain’s Supreme Court declaring it illegal. [+]


Sunday, 22 january 2017 | EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT
7pm January 24  
Room PHS 3C050 European Parliament


Sunday, 22 january 2017 | DOORBRAAK.BE
Er zijn verschillen tussen de onafhankelijkheidsbewegingen in Europa, maar rond zelfbeschikking vinden ze elkaar.
Foto © Reporters

Europe, Fracturing From Within

Thursday, 19 january 2017 | FOREIGN AFFAIRS
FOREIGN AFFAIRS   By Edoardo Campanella   17-01-2017.-     On top of the many economic and political challenges Europe will face in 2017 is secessionism. At present, there are about 100 active autonomist groups across Europe—although with varying degrees of popular support and commitment—and Catalonia and Scotland are once again at the epicenter. In a New Year’s speech, Catalonian President Carles Puigdemont promised to hold in September a “legal and binding” referendum on the territory’s secession from Spain. [+]

Will Catalonia try to secede from Spain this year?

Sunday, 15 january 2017 | BBC News
If the stand-off between the Spanish state and the north-eastern region of Catalonia has been intense for the past five years, 2017 looks set to be explosive




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