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Will Catalonia try to secede from Spain this year?

Sunday, 15 january 2017 | BBC News
If the stand-off between the Spanish state and the north-eastern region of Catalonia has been intense for the past five years, 2017 looks set to be explosive



Spanish Prosecutor demands 9-year ban from public office for Homs for allowing 9-N symbolic vote

Thursday, 12 january 2017 | CNA
The former Catalan Minister and Catalan European Democratic Party (PDCeCAT) spokesperson in the Spanish Parliament, Francesc Homs, may be banned from public office for 9 years; at least, this is what the Prosecutor of the Spanish Supreme Court has requested after summonsing Homs for disobedience and perversion of justice when co-organising the 9-N symbolic vote on independence in 2014. The Prosecutor’s temporary conclusions, which were published this Wednesday, stated that Homs “didn’t suspend any of the articles which allowed the consultation to take place and which were accountable to the Department of the Presidency” which Homs led at that time. The document emphasises that former Catalan President, Artur Mas’ right-hand man was “absolutely aware” that “by doing so he violated the mandatory compliance of the Spanish Constitutional Court’s decisions”.


'Ein starkes Comeback' von Michael Ebmeyer

Saturday, 7 january 2017 | ZEIT ONLINE
Der Schriftsteller Michael Ebmeyer ist seit langem Liebhaber und Kenner Kataloniens. Ob Funken sprühende Feste oder der unbeirrbare Wunsch nach Unabhängigkeit – ihn fasziniert dieses "kleine, wunderbar unübersichtliche Land", das sich gerade wieder durchboxt ins Bewusstsein der Welt.

Foto: Feuerwerk und Dämonen aus Pappmaschee: Die Katalanen brennen für den Correfoc, das Fest, bei dem der Teufel los ist. Nur ahnungslose Touristen verletzen sich dabei. © Tim Langlotz für MERIAN


'Democracia e inviolabilidad' por Javier Pérez Royo

Wednesday, 4 january 2017 | ctxt CONTEXTO Y ACCIÓN
La persecución penal del concejal de la CUP Joan Coma se basa en un artículo incompatible no solo con la Constitución, sino con la esencia de la democracia

Imagen: Pedripol


Catalonia will make unilateral declaration of independence from Spain in the event of “50 per cent plus one more vote” referendum result

Tuesday, 3 january 2017 | THE NATIONAL
THE NATIONAL   30-12-2016.-   Greg Russell   CATALONIA’S president is preparing for the next round in its battle for secession from Spain with a warning that he will make a unilateral declaration of independence if “50 per cent plus one more” of the electorate votes yes in the referendum planned for next year. He also warned that “Europe has no future” if it does not recognise “a reality like Catalonia”. Speaking during an interview with a Spanish radio station, Carles Puigdemont said independence would be declared before new elections were held in Catalonia, which is responsible for around a fifth of Spain’s economic output. [+]

Happy new year 2017

Saturday, 31 december 2016

Councilman’s arrest shows Francoism is alive and well in Spanish institutions

Thursday, 29 december 2016 | VILAWEB
«Call it what you may, but you would never witness this sequence of events in any other democracy in the world»

Editorial by Vicent Partal



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