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Katalonien: Sofortige Unabhängigkeit nach Referendum

Thursday, 6 july 2017 | TELEPOLIS
Gewinnen die Unabhängigkeitsbefürworter, wird spätestens am 3. Oktober die katalanische Republik ausgerufen, Spanien droht offen mit dem Militär

Puigdemont, il "Bolívar per caso" della Catalogna: "Madrid non ci fermi"

Tuesday, 4 july 2017 | REPUBBLICA.IT
Il capo della Generalitat: "Il referendum si farà, Rajoy non invierà la polizia. Se vincerà il Sì si inaugurerà una fase di transizione che ci porterà fino alla nuova Costituzione"

Foto: Concita de Gregorio

How Catalonia’s referendum exposes a divided Spain

Saturday, 1 july 2017 | FINANCIAL TIMES
With a vote later this year, the region’s independence movement is gaining ground. Tobias Buck on what happens next

Victoire du referendum d’autodétermination de la Catalogne

Saturday, 1 july 2017 | AGORAVOX
En amont d'une hypothétique victoire au referendum catalan, on peut déjà parler d'une victoire du referendum.

Мадрид и Каталуния отново на ръба

Saturday, 1 july 2017 | CAPITAL
Обявеният за октомври референдум за независимост на автономната област за пореден път изостри отношенията с централното испанско правителство

Catalonia: Could an independence referendum actually happen?

Saturday, 1 july 2017 | GREEN LEFT Weekly
GREEN LEFT Weekly   DICK NICHOLS   16-06-2017   Nothing alarms Spain’s establishment more than the prospect of the unity of the Spanish state being threatened by the desire for self-determination of the peoples that live within its borders. “Spain: One, Great and Free” — the catchcry of the Francisco Franco dictatorship — is still the guiding principle and core emotion of this elite, even under the regionalised “state of autonomies” created by the 1978 post-dictatorship constitution. [+]

Quan The New York Times t’esclata a la cara

Saturday, 1 july 2017 | VILAWEB
VILAWEB   ANDREU BARNILS   25-06-2017.-     El col·lectiu Emma és una de les coses més interessants que han passat en aquest país durant el procés polític. Aquesta gent, ciutadans anònims i poliglots, professionals preparats, s’han passat aquests últims vuit anys recollint les notícies i les opinions sobre Catalunya aparegudes a la premsa política d’arreu del món. Diuen que han llegit més de 12. [+]

Catalonia’s Challenge to Spain

Saturday, 24 june 2017 | NEW YORK TIMES
NEW YORK TIMES   By THE EDITORIAL BOARD   JUNE 23, 2017   Spain is determined to prevent a Catalonian referendum on independence, even though its tough attitude toward Catalan leaders has probably only increased enthusiasm for a measure with questionable support. A new round in a long game of chicken began earlier this month, after Catalonia’s president, Carles Puigdemont, announced an independence referendum on Oct. 1. Spain’s culture, sport and education minister, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, vowed: “What I can say is what will not happen on Oct. [+]

Midsummer's Eve in Catalonia: one of the most magical nights of the year

Friday, 23 june 2017
Firecrackers, bonfires, packed beaches, a torch relay from the mountains to the cities, and happy children. These are only some of the elements converging in one of the most magical and brightest nights of the year in Catalonia, Midsummer's Eve (also known as Saint John's Eve, June 23). Dating back some hundreds of years as part of the summer solstice celebration, tradition has it that fire purifies and dispels the imaginary beings that wander around the country during the night. And despite having entered into the 21st century and the information society, Catalonia still celebrates this ancient pagan belief. In style.

Referendum in Catalonia: sleepwalking into a crisis

Thursday, 22 june 2017 | THE IRISH TIMES
Image: Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy speaks about the recent unofficial Catalonian independence poll in Madrid yesterday. Photograph: Denis Doyle/Getty Images


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