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Rajoy’s Attitude Makes Catalan Secession More Likely

Saturday, 27 may 2017 | ATLANTIC SENTINEL
Belittling Catalan demands and denying their right to self-determination only hardens attitudes in the region.

Puigdemont asks Rajoy for "sincere" dialogue, but warns: "My government’s commitment to the Catalan people is inviolable"

Saturday, 27 may 2017 | ARA
Catalan president Puigdemont, vice-president Junqueras and Foreign Affairs minister, Raül Romeva, give a conference entitled ‘A referendum for Catalonia. An invitation to a democratic agreement’, in which they explain their proposal to negotiate terms for a referendum with the Spanish government.

La generosidad de Puigdemont

Saturday, 27 may 2017 | INCAT
INCAT Por GERMÁN CAPDEVILA   23-05-2017.-   Barcelona (INCAT-Nació.Digital).- Fin del trayecto. La conferencia de Puigdemont, Junqueras y Romeva en Madrid se puede leer como la culminación de un esfuerzo titánico para conseguir una solución pactada al conflicto político entre Cataluña y España. Una hazaña que incluye movilizaciones, iniciativas parlamentarias, demandas en el Congreso, consultas populares y pactos transversales por el derecho a decidir y el referéndum. [+]

Why Catalonia will take the future into its own hands

Saturday, 27 may 2017 | POLITICO
Politicians may be running out of options to break the stalemate, but the region won’t turn its back on voters.

Arthur C. Brooks: ‘An independent Catalonia could be an example of vitality and economic dynamism’

Friday, 26 may 2017 | VILAWEB
Interview with the North American economist and president of the Conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute

Independent Catalonia could have “resuscitation effect” on “struggling” Europe, says Arthur Brooks

Friday, 26 may 2017 | CNA
The president of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Arthur Brooks, explained in an interview with the CNA how the impact of an independent Catalonia in the European Union “could in a strange and paradoxical way have the greatest benefit that Europe could imagine”. The renowned American social scientist said that Catalonia, with its entrepreneurial culture, could become “an example” to other countries and have a “resuscitation effect” in a Europe that is “struggling”. Brooks also stated that “the Catalan independence movement is not populist”.

Arthur C. Brooks: ‘Una Catalunya independent podria ser un exemple de vitalitat i dinamisme econòmic’

Tuesday, 23 may 2017 | VILAWEB
Entrevista a l'economista nord-americà i president del 'think tank' conservador American Enterprise Institute

Stifling Debate on Catalonia

Thursday, 18 may 2017 | NEW YORK TIMES
Letter to the Editor by Mark Jeffery (Barcelona)

PHOTO: Lluís Gené / AFP /Getty Images


Forcadell: "We refuse to bow to the censorship of those who seek to curtail parliamentary debate"

Sunday, 14 may 2017 | ARA
ARA   NÚRIA ORRIOLS / GERARD PRUNA   09-05-2017 "With my head held high and with the peace of mind of knowing that the members of the Parliamentary Bureau acted correctly and in accordance with our duties". These were the words of the Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, in a public appearance following her statement before the High Court of Justice of Catalonia [TSJC in Catalan] on charges of disobedience. "We will accept neither censorship nor self-censorship," she declared, adding that if they have been indicted by the TSJC it is for having stood up for the MPs’ "freedom of expression". [+]


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