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Who we are

Col·lectiu Emma is a network of Catalans and non-Catalans living in different countries who have made it their job to track and review news reports about Catalonia in the international media. Our goal is to ensure that the world's public opinion gets a fair picture of the country's reality today and in history.

Starting in 2009, we have been selecting and publishing informations from various sources which to our mind provide an accurate description of the state of affairs in Catalonia. At the same time, we have pointed up factual errors, challenged unfounded assumptions or argued against biased judgments contained in other news items.

Our position on current issues in the economic, social, cultural and political fields is stated in opinion pieces which, along with our comments on the news, are regularly posted on our web site and circulated through our mailing list.

In presenting the case for Catalonia we make an effort to support our statements with relevant facts, figures and authoritative opinions, and we are always ready to backtrack on our assertions whenever we are proven wrong.

We are confident that the arguments we put forward will contribute to more rigorous and informative reports about Catalonia in the international media. To that end we often engage in a dialogue with correspondents and their editors, offering to supply background material and to facilitate contacts with knowledgeable individuals in a variety of areas.

We aim to be recognized as a trustworthy source of information and ideas about Catalonia from a Catalan point of view.

Emma is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit endeavor. Everyone involved contributes his or her time and expertise on a voluntary basis and without compensation. We neither seek nor receive any public subsidies and we do not take instructions or suggestions from any public or private institutions. Although Emma's operations are essentially self-financed, we may on occasion accept small donations from private individuals and entities, usually for specific projects. All such contributions and the use that is given to them can be disclosed in answer to justified requests.

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Col·lectiu Emma - Explaining Catalonia